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Ghostcap Gaming

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Now THIS was a fun project to work on for us. The guys over at the gaming group Ghostcap Gaming wanted an overhaul of their website, logos and intros. We ended up going with something different than the usual badge logo that most gaming communities have and decided on the 2 letter design.

“We were so happy with the design that was chosen and the response from our community was amazing.”

As for the website they wanted something simple so they can post news, events and promote their sponsors. Revolist picked the right style and implemented all the options they asked for. SEO was targeted for Australia and they only wanted to rank for the keyword “Ghostcap Gaming”.

The biggest feat was that they wanted a viral video. After countless hours of going through footage we had found the right video for the job. We ended up going with a fun caption edit and left it mostly raw. We had a press release strategy for this and a few days later their video had been picked up by some of the biggest pages on Facebook.

“I couldn’t believe waking up and seeing the video had generated over 1 million views and the countless requests to join our community”

So far the video has generated over 2.5 million views. The goal for this video wasn’t to generate sales or drive people to the community, They just wanted to express the fun they have playing games. You can check out the video here

Make sure you check out their website at