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Based in Singapore and Australia, Revolist specialises in creating a marketing strategy that adapts and pushes your business forward. As digital marketing and SEO is always evolving, keeping up to date is a must.
Revolist always stay on top of digital marketing trends, ensuring your brand doesn’t fall behind. We work with you, giving you constant updates on our digital marketing strategy. We will create, curate and personalise content for your social media pages and keep you updated on the latest changed we have made.

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Unlike other SEOs in Singapore who rely heavily
on spam to get your website ranked, Revolist only uses a
quality, high performing, modern strategy to get your
business seen. We have some of the most trusted
strategies you can use today.

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Social Media

Social media is a changing landscape. Did you know
only 8% of businesses are using Social Media Marketing
for their business? Put yourself ahead of the competition
and start getting noticed on social platforms today.

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Paid Ads

Facebook and Instagram are the
Ad platforms you want to be on. Hyper target your
customers, find new customers like your old customers
and much more. Revolist can run ads to suit your
business or latest marketing campaign.

We really want to work with you

Revolist is committed to working with with our clients and we love doing it. No question is too big or too small for our team. From how we are going to rank your your website, to what colours we will use on an advertisement, we want to make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

We are very transparent about our work and we only do things that will help your business in the long term; not just provide short term SEO and Marketing work. We want to set the standard for Singapore SEO. If you have any questions, feel free to message us at anytime.

Design 99%
Content 99%
Social Media 99%
Strategy 99%
Usability 99%

Meet our specialists

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Cheryl Ong Project Manager
Cheryl takes care of the day to day
runnings of Revolist. She is our
experienced social media guru.
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Michael Pedrotti SEO Specialist

Our resident SEO Specialist.
He has a keen eye for quality
SEO and Marketing in General

Marketing Skills

With a large skillset, Revolist has expertise in all areas of Marketing. Have a look at the list of services we offer below. If what you need isn’t listed, contact us as we should be able to cater to all your marketing needs. 

Singapore SEO

Being in the number 1 spot has a massive affect on your business in Singapore. With our case studies, Over half of a local business customers come from Google. The other half is made up of Social, Word of mouth and Shopfront etc. SEO can take your business to new heights as we target keywords that drive traffic and valuable leads to your business. Revolist only offers quality services and products to our customers. Most other SEO's in Singapore use poor quality link spamming software to build links. These will work short term but you are at risk of google punishing your website. Make sure you only trust your website to quality of Revolist.

Social Media

We don't just post content to get likes, We create content that will drive customers and sales for your brand. Revolist ties this into our marketing action to keep you ahead of the competition. Revolist can help you stand out from the competition. Did you know that only 6% of business's with a Facebook page advertise? Its costing you money NOT to have a good social marketing strategy.


Branding is huge, Its how people see your company and how people perceive value. Gone are the days or having AAArdvark as your name to show up at the start of the phonebook, Its time to get creative. In a digital landscape where it is harder and harder to set yourself apart from the rest, We can help you set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. We also work with startups!


Everyone knows, To start a great business you need to have a great website. With how many people are online these days, You need to have your business every where they look. Combine your Revolist website with our marketing campaign, And your business will be reaching levels you didn't know were possible. We are all about quality at Revolist. From beginning to end, we make sure your site is up to the quality you want it to be. With many options, No two websites are the same. Revolist custom designs a website to suit your needs.


A big part of social media marketing is brand-ability and videos help drive that. We can create a range of videos from simple text over video, all the way to custom 3D intros and explainers. Don't have any footage of your business to use? We can create explainer videos or even have our Videographer go onsite and film you at work. Let Revolist create an entire brand out of your business.



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