Amazing Selling Machine Review: THE SECRETS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY!

By Michael Pedrotti on December 18, 2019

We have been asked to do an Amazing Selling Machine Review for a while now. The Internet, as we know, is mammoth of information, but not all sources of information can be trusted. A single search on Google will give you hundreds if not thousands of blogs, sites promoting all sorts of courses, books, and whatnot on becoming successful as a seller on Amazon.

Amazing selling machine or ASM for short, is a step by step program to build your own successful brand that you own from scratch as well as how to sell on Amazon. With ASM you'll start margin scale your own real business selling your own branded products. achieve your financial goals. they created this program because they they're tired of seeing people struggling financially and not getting results with the misinformation and short-sighted business models people they're teaching. they knew the best way to achieve success is to build a fast-growing business based on sound fundamentals, selling high quality products with cutting edge marketing techniques.


ASM has over 30,000 members from 138 countries. they estimate members have sold over 8.69 billion with businesses they built. Because of the success of Amazing Selling Machine they've been featured on Forbes CNBC, Success Magazine, entrepreneur, and Business Insider. they've also been able to work with amazing entrepreneurs and business thought leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, John Lackey, Sara Blakely, and Dave Asprey,The most successful program ever created showing people how to build a successful brand leveraging the power of Amazon, nobody else even comes close to having the number of success stories of Amazing selling machine. So with a ASM you'll have a blueprint to follow to build your own successful business. they show you every single step of the way. 

But from my personal experience the only course that's genuinely up to date with Amazon's recent marketplace changes and that works is the “Amazing Selling Machine” and today I’m going to share my honest opinions on it.

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon really needs no introduction. A technology giant and an e-commerce mammoth with roots in seven countries is the “only” online shopping destination for 310 million peoples worldwide. As of March 30, 2019, Amazon's revenue for 2018 was staggering $241.545B, and a significant percentage of it can be credited to its vendors and marketers. 


Since the inception of Amazon's seller platform back on 5 July 1994 it has attracted millions of businesses, startups, marketers and even bloggers across the globe and is providing them with a time-proven platform to generate significant profits for their companies. 

Unfortunately, due to throat cut competition and Amazon's strict policies, most who join the seller platform isn't able to generate a single penny as "profit" in their whole career. Another significant reason for their failure can be blamed on a lack of proper training on knowledge. 

You need to understand that Amazon’s platform as a market is "seriously" competitive and is worth well over $797 billion. It commands 47% sales in the US e-commerce market (as of 2018) and 13.9% in EU (as of 2017).

Just like any other professional, competitive field, you need to invest your time in educating, training yourself with latest marketing techniques and promotional strategies if you really want to become a profitable seller on Amazon and always remember – the only mantra to success is dedication.

In-depth Amazing Selling Machine Review


I was introduced to this course from watching their Youtube videos. As an Internet marketer, I believe it's important to invest your time and money in accumulating more knowledge and building new connections with other entrepreneurs and professionals in your niche.

Unfortunately, at that time, I was too busy with my other projects and wanted to focus on building them first. So, after a year in 2017, I'm still amazed by the content quality and the strategies it has to offer you. Unlike most other courses which never gets updated by their Creator, Matt and Jason have done a fantastic job on keeping this course up to date with every update Amazon has made to their platform.

What Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine is a digital course on Amazon FBA that walks you through the steps to create a quality physical product business on Amazon seller marketplace. The course was first launched in 2016 by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback and primarily focused on leveraging the “undeniable” brand power of Amazon to sell your physical products to 310 million potential customers worldwide.

The course is taught by two instructors, Rich Henderson, and Mike McClary.

According to one survey conducted by ASM (amazing selling machine), their students have generated over $8.6 billion in revenue from Amazon FBA businesses.

Why Join ASM?


The path in life is to go to school, work for somebody else for 45 or more years, hopefully retire. And then finally get to relax and have fun. But it doesn't have to be this way.You do not need to wait until you're 65 or 70. To achieve the lifestyle that you dream of, you can travel now, you can live wherever you want. Now, you can do those hobbies that you've been putting off for years. And you can spend time with your loved ones today and every day that you can do it do the typical,You must create your own source of income that you control. If you're dependent on somebody else for a paycheck. Your financial livelihood and freedom are in their hands. Today, you'll see the blueprint to build your own successful business, leveraging the hundreds of millions of dollars in international power, the world's largest online retailer. No matter where you live in the world, or what your level of business is, you can build a successful brand that you own starting today.

Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, makes finding great product opportunities incredibly simple. If you know what you're looking for fuel and how to find high quality suppliers using Google and Alibaba. You learn how easy it is to build your own branded version of just about any product sold online. You learn how to make sales for a brand new product using prime discounts Facebook Messenger and Amazon's internal advertising system. Combining these tools and more in a systematic marketing promotion helps push your product high in the rankings for popular search terms on Amazon. They show you the blueprint to put all of this together to build a business to the level and meets your financial lifestyle dreams. No matter what your goals are, they always recommend staying focused with your business. And at first one single product allows you to produce the best results possible in the least amount of time. Sometimes a single product under a single brand can meet your financial goals.


 There are thousands of products on Amazon that sell $100,000 a month or more, some even selling to the millions of dollars per month. You might be wondering, yeah, revenue and sales are good. And what about profit? How much profit Can I make in this business is a good question. A typical bottom line profit margin in this business after all product costs, shipping costs, advertising and even Amazon fees is 20 to 40%. This means for every $10,000 you sell, you can potentially put 2000 to 4000 dollars into your pocket, you might decide to reinvest in your business to grow faster or hire staff to give you more freedom, which might affect your profit from time to time. Once you have a product like one of these established, business takes very little time, because Amazon is taking care of most of the customer service and all the shipping and process, your only jobs are to make sure you have the inventory that stays in stock. Keep marketing your products to stay ahead of the competitors, and respond to a few remaining customer service emails that come through.Once established, it's possible manager entire business using this model an hour to a day later, you can hire a staff member to take over some of the tasks so your time requires even less and you can truly live the four hour workweek lifestyle. With enough time and effort and the right strategies. You can grow your business as big as you want. to scale your sales bigger and bigger. You only need to do more marketing add more products to Your bread or selling more places.Any one of these can increase your sales significantly. If you combine all three over enough time with enough effort, you can literally achieve any financial goal that you want. The most efficient and easiest way to increase sales is to just do more marketing of your existing products, because it takes the least amount of time and effort.However, you'll eventually want to expand your brand. We recommend staying with products in the same market that can be sold under the same brand because each new product you sell can be sold to all the people who have already bought from you. This makes growing sales even easier and faster. Lastly, when you're ready, you can increase sales by selling on Amazon marketplaces in other countries, or sell the same products outside of Amazon completely on your own online store. The goal is to build a successful brand, not an Amazon business. Amazon is a great place to start and produce sales. But your ultimate goal is to build multiple profitable sales chance. 

You can keep expanding for as long as no Because you want until you achieve your goals, I've recently started growing a new brand using this formula. In the past seven months, we've grown 10 times from about $17,000 a month to over $180,000 a month. And we're just getting started. Anything is possible if you take it one step at a time, and keep moving forward with the right training.

What Makes This Course So Different From Others?

Updated content and live coaching calls are the most significant factors that make ASM different from all other courses available in the market. ASM 9, which was announced on October 2, 2018, brings almost 40% new content. 

What’s new in ASM 11

Review Whats New In Amazing Selling Machine Course

1. 8 modules of web class with freshly new content. These eight modules consist of 120+ videos to help you understand the ins and outs of creating a successful Amazon FBA business from scratch.

2. Brand-new private resource board that gives you access to the best resources and tools that you will ever need to build a profitable Amazon FBA business.

3. Updated eight weekly live coaching calls hosted by Mike McClary and Rich Henderson. These eight life coaching calls are your go-to resources in case you have any questions related to Amazon's seller marketplace; it's guidelines, its approval process, etc. You are also free to discuss any marketing topic that comes to your mind. 

Moreover, you get access to automation tools, which is a brand-new addition to the ASM X. It gives you access to various marketing tools that you will need in your journey to becoming a successful online marketer.

1. First, you get six months access to brand launch pad and continual sales system which is a platform developed for ASM users by a team of professionals to help you understand what it takes to successfully launch your products, get it noticed and start generating sales. You also learn some methods to generate targeted traffic to your product listings.

2. Helium 10 is a platform that empowers you various tools and applications targeted towards Amazon marketplace. You can use this platform to improve your product listing; it's views as well as its position on category and search result pages. With ASM X, you get 90 days free access to this platform.

3. 12 months of free access to ManageByStats. Those who aren't familiar with this tool, it's an application that helps you to send automated reminder emails to your customers to improve your listings' reviews. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated feature that helps you to track your listings traffic, ranking for a specific search term, inventory, and profits.

4. Access to a brand-new ASM business dashboard. You can access this updated dashboard from your membership area, and here you can find all statistics related to your business. Not only this new dashboard helps you save your precious time which you would rather spend logging in and checking out different statistics on individual products, but it also helps to streamline your workflow as it even shows you your current inventory.

As of now, this course consists of eight distinct modules, and each of them is divided into various lessons (132 to be exact). Overall, with this course will get access to almost 10 hours of 100% quality, informative, implementable, and easy to understand contents.

At the end of every module, you get to learn new strategies and tricks from weekly coaching calls. If you can manage your time correctly and get in front of the queue, you might be able to participate in this live coaching call. If in case you aren’t able to, you can listen to the recorded audio in your membership area.

What I really like about the video lessons is that most of them are a combination of both PowerPoint presentation and live demos via screen sharing. I know it's a common way to present any topic to the audience, but the fact that makes it easier for the audience to get hold of the topic is a bonus point. 

Apart from these lessons and call recordings, you get access to an informative, helpful, and very active ASM community forum. Now, this community is available, or should I say accessible both via both the official website and Facebook group. 

What really makes the ASM community stand above the crowd is its community members. When you ask the question in this group, you get the opportunity to receive quality feedback from both normal, day to day marketers, ASM mentors, and individuals who have made more than $1 million in FBA and other marketing channels.

ASM makes sure that you get into the course from the very beginning that means you will be introduced to the basics of Amazon marketplace from the very first lesson. So, if you are just getting into FBA business eventually, you will get to learn everything about starting, nurturing, and being successful in your business. Unlike other courses available on the Internet, you don't have to sign up to other platforms or services to grow your business or create a product. There are no up sales inside ASM course and its something that makes it distinct from other mediocre courses from the "so-called" professionals.

Whats Inside The Course?

What's Inside Amazing Selling Machine Course

Now would you like to spend even more time together going even deeper and further on how to start and scale your own physical products business as valuable as everything they've given you so far as I'm sure you'd agree, it's only a few basic ingredients of the whole recipe for a fast growing profitable business on Amazon.

They couldn't fit in everything they have to offer and just four videos. So to create the transformation in your life that you deserve, you need more than that. And if you've liked what they've shared with you so far, you're gonna love what they've got for you next.After a decade of selling online in many years of helping thousands of people build their own businesses, there's so much more they've learned. they want to show you and help you create a life you want. You've committed to taking action to improve your life.

Are you ready to go even further than our brief encounter in this video series, they've decided to take an active role and responsibility for your success. they want to help you grow and build a successful business following this model to an ongoing growing and mutually beneficial, rewarding relationship. 

So when you see what they had in store for you, you'll be glad they decided to go down this path. Years ago, they knew there had to be a better way to build a successful business fast. And after all the failures and successes in our own businesses. They discovered the way they thought too many people struggling to achieve their financial goals, living lives of restriction. So they decided to do something about it. they created a step by step program showing you the exact steps to build a brand and profit from it, leveraging the power of Amazon. The results so far have exceeded our wildest dreams. they have 10s of thousands of members, and so many successes its nothing short of incredible.

The Welcome Module

Welcome Module Amazing Selling Machine Course Review

In a the welcome module, you start building your business from Day one. In it, you will learn what to expect over the next eight weeks, so you can see exactly when and how your business will come to life, how to navigate the ASM platform and community to get the most out of it. How to gain access to the ASM mentor so you're never left waiting on an answer the best options for structuring a new business to make sure your business is built the right way. And finally, in depth critical information for setting up your Amazon seller central account, based on our years of experience working with sellers all around the world, this is completely updated to take into account the many changes Amazon have recently implemented, and making it more difficult to successfully create so essential accounts. they have you covered.

The first module is “obviously” the introduction module where you will be introduced to the whole content structure. Later you will be given few motivational phrases, will be introduced to the features and benefits you get from this course and finally you will be requested to have a specific mindset - that you want to succeed in your business or you want to create a successful FBA business.

Module One 


Module one is all about how to find the perfect product opportunity. And it will teach you the seven elements of a read on product opportunity to make sure you find a product that will be profitable from the moment you launch the only Amazon categories to focus on so you don't waste their time starting with a product that would sell.Their in depth ASM product criteria which goes way beyond what you've already seen, including market and category specific bestseller rank requirements, which are continually evaluated and updated, where necessary. How to use specific tools to speed up the product selection process, including the brand new updated product selection tool, and how to build a list of hot product opportunities and narrow down to the final product that you will build their business with.

This module has a bunch of videos to give you a basic idea of what Amazon seller account is and will also walk you through the steps to create one verified account. Then you will be introduced to the requirements and features that you must look for when searching for quality products that you can later sell on Amazon without any hiccups. Obviously, it’s not necessary to always outsource your products because you can always create one yourself. So, there’s an in-depth video which teaches you what it takes to create a product that your customers will love.

Module Two


Module two will teach you how to create a professional online presence to build immediate trust with their suppliers. Their own special product improvement process they call product tuning to make sure their product stands out from the others. How to build a relationship with your supplier to make sure you always get the best prices and lowest minimum order quantities, how to find suppliers for any product you wish to sell, including Their own pre written contract templates to make you sound professional from day one, and how to calculate the true cost of your product to make sure your product delivers plenty of profit. 

As a seller, there are two ways to harness the brand power of Amazon. The first one is to create a quality, lovable product by yourself. Second is to source your product from the different marketplace or maybe the distributor or the company itself.

This module gives you a great insight into how a businessperson can source a product from either China or the US itself. You will also learn the exact process to get samples from the company for evaluation purpose so that you can make the right decision and then take your next step. 

Outsourcing to China mainly involves using Alibaba marketplace to search the right seller/company with highest rating, best possible product and reasonably good return policy because the last thing you would like to do is handling the “product return requests” yourself.

Outsourcing to the US involves some manual work because you will have to for local businesses that don’t have any online presence. You will have to understand their product, make an agreement, decide the profit percentage share, etc.

Module Three


Module Three will show you how to use the rest revolutionary amazing branding bonus to make selling as easy as sending an email, how to evaluate your product samples to make sure your product creates happy customers excited to review it on Amazon, how to create your new brand that will become the primary assets of your new business.

How does it get your product packaging made and what to include in it so you're building a list of buyers that you control from day one. And finally, the critical information you need to place your first inventory order with your chosen supplier. 

Module Four

In module four, they will focus on making sure that your product listing is perfectly optimized to get as many sales as possible on Amazon. In this module, you'll learn how to perform in depth keyword research to make sure you're targeting the right keywords. Other sellers are focusing on how to create a traffic revenue title that you use many visitors as possible. How to create bullet points that will sell your product apart from the competition. How to get perfect product images made your protocols stand out and how to set up a fully automated email sequence to engage your customers and help drive more reviews. 

It might not sound too important, but this module is probably the most important one in this whole course. Brand presence is of utmost importance in online marketing (it really doesn't matter where you market your product).

There are a bunch of in-depth videos to give you a basic understanding of why investing time and money on building a "brand" is important and how it can help in gaining customers faith and building up your business. You will learn to create an official website for your business name, and you even get a detailed walk-through guide to help you set up your social media profiles.

Module Five 


In module five, they will show you all of the brand building assets you can create while your product is being manufactured. In this module, you will learn how to create a brand site that's fast, easy, and practically free to set up. Which social media sites you should focus on to maximize your brand visibility. How to build an audience, they'll be ready to buy your product, the moment it goes live on Amazon. This hugely successful strategy has never been shared in ASM before. How to create your brand email address that will become a primary point of contact for your new business and how to easily create content for your brand will engage and attract more customers.

If you have ever promoted any product or service, you already know the importance of a sales page. The main objective of creating conversion optimized, easy to understand and attractive sales page is to grab your visitors' attention and make them understand how your product can bring significant change in their life; personal or professional. Only when your visitors feel that they are standing with a bigger chunk of profit, they will invest in your product and then will become your customers. That's exactly how an Amazon product page works.

This module has a video that will introduce you to eight essential components of creating a well-optimized product page to get you highest conversion and sales rate.

Module Six 


Once your product is live and ready to sell on Amazon, module six will show you exactly how to launch it for immediate sales and rankings. This is another brand new strategy for ASM and the results they have seen man they simply just had to include it. In this module you'll learn how to drive traffic using Amazon's internal advertising platform for early and sustained sales, which keywords Focus your launch on for easy sales and quick ranking increases. How to get your first product reviews that will help increase your products conversion rate, how to track and analyze your product launch for continual improvement, and how to maintain your sales and rankings once your launches over.

Once you have created a well-optimized product page and have launched your product on Amazon marketplace, your next important task is to drive as much traffic as possible to. There are various ways of driving traffic to any webpage, but they all can be divided into two groups; paid and free. In this module, you are introduced to both groups of traffic generation techniques. Furthermore, you will also be introduced to some unique ranking strategies that you will find only in the ASM course. Hopefully, by implementing these discussed strategies, you will be able to make some initial sales and gather some positive reviews on your listing.

The free methods of generating traffic discussed in this module are mainly social media, related community forums, Facebook groups, YouTube, etc.

The Paid method of traffic generation includes targeted advertisement on Facebook ads platform, Google, YouTube, etc. Remember that if you choose to go with the paid method, you will definitely save your precious time, but then you will have to increase your initial investment budget. 

Module Seven 


After your product is launched, it's time to start growing your sales the right way. In Module seven, you will learn Their own performance checklist they use to make sure Their businesses operating at peak efficiency, how to analyze and optimize your Amazon ads for maximum profit, how to split test various features of your listing for constant and continual improvement. How to utilize all of Amazon's new marketing features that few sellers know about and how to build a following of raving fan customers that will help sell your products to you and make launching new products a breeze. 

One of the best ways to generate targeted traffic to your listing pages is to leverage Amazon's sponsored ads. By advertising on Amazon's platform, you will be able to show your listing when individuals search for a specific keyword or try to find products in a particular category. Because you know your customers are looking for a product in your category, you will have a better chance of making sales and revenue. In this module, you will also learn the importance of customer service and how it can help you get better reviews.

Module Eight


After first products have been launched, and it's now selling consistently and profitably, it's time to start thinking bigger in module eight will show you the easiest ways to expand your brand to gain more sales and Customers how managing your cash flow the right way will help determine when to launch your next product. Multiple ways to choose your second product to make expanding faster and easier, when is the right time to move into other markets to reach more customers and double your sales, how to build your team that will run your business for you and let you enjoy your newfound freedom. And lastly, how to prepare your business for continual cash flow or to sell and cash out. 

Last but not least, in this module, you will learn some essential strategies and tricks that you can implement in your workflow to grow your business and generate more significant revenue. These strategies include the importance of building up a team of dedicated professionals who will help you nurture and grow your business.

Apart from these eight modules, there are nine supplementary videos related to interviews with some successful ASM members, coaching calls, and discussions on some other miscellaneous topics.

Private Resource Vault

This is where you can download PDF files related to every video that you watch in this course. It is advisable that you download the document after you have completed a lesson on a specific topic as it will make it easy for you to remember the strategies and the methods that your coach taught you in the video lessons. 

To give you every advantage possible, they're opening up Their black book of resources for you to use on your journey to business success. Private resources vault includes over $10,000. In savings on special tools and resources, you get access to the same service providers they use in Their own businesses, including frayed foreigners, talented photographers, product, Video Creators, and more. Most of these resources include ASM only discounts they've negotiated to get you incredible deals you can't find anywhere else. This means you'll save time, save money and get the best results possible, faster.When you find your first product and are ready to sell it. You'll need product photos, your photos are one of the most important aspects of your product listing, get them right and you'll make sales, get them wrong and your product may suffer. Instead of hunting around for a good photographer, paying them a bunch of money and putting the success of your business lands on this random person you found online. You jump into the privateresources vault, you open up the list of proven photographers and pick one up.It's an incredible deal not available to the public, special ASM member treatment, a quick turnaround time, and incredible product photos that blow away the competition. This helps your product stop producing sales immediately and as profits to your bottom line to the entire future of your business.This is just one example demonstrating the power of getting access to the private resTheirce vault again and again you tap into the Vault for the best resources available for this business. The value of this component is incredible and you get it included with ASM.

Apart from the PDF documents, there are few other relevant downloads related to the course itself, and that has been discussed in the lessons. For example, you get access to various templates that your coach has discussed in one of the lessons.

Apart from the downloads, the vault has some important resource links to third-party services and application that professionals at ASM (including your coach) believe are useful for you to build a better and bigger brand.

Though this section seems to be filled with too many resources, unfortunately, I don't find most of the links and the available template to be that important or useful. Most of the third-party services mentioned as the resource links are listed here only because of their special offer for the ASM members. Actually, you can easily find much better applications and services with a single Google search.

ASM Mentor Program

The second component of ASM is the Mentor Program. When you're building your business, you will have questions you might face a situation which is outside the scope of the online theyb class. No problem. they build a team of experts ready to help you. The mentors are E-commerce entrepreneurs will build their own successful businesses following this model. On average, they've sold over $1.8 million on Amazon each and all started right in your same shoes as new ASM members. They know the journey you're on under available to make sure you succeed. Anytime you have a question or need help you simply jump into the private member's community and post a question. One of the ASM mentors will respond to you within 24 hrs or less. Usually within a few hrs.You'll save a ton of time by tapping into this wealth of knowledge, you'll know you're getting the best of the best advice to grow your business. No hiding around forums or looking for advice from people who may not know what they're talking about, or may have never really achieved success in this business. You'll never feel lost and will never have to wonder what you should do. You'll be able to get a personal response with the correct answer anytime you need.When you're building your business starting soon you'll have questions. You wonder if you should do this or you should do that. Don't let a fork in the road and will nervously wonder which path to follow.With ASM mentor program you'll know the right path. This team of experts has been there before and it helps thousands of people in the same journey.

Amazing Alliance Private Community

The third component of ASM is the Amazing Alliance private community. As an ASM member, you get lifetime access to the most exclusive private community of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, building businesses with Amazon available anywhere. This community includes many multimillion dollar Amazon sellers, some of which have been doing this business for over seven years now. You can access this community online anytime you want or need, feel meet network and build relations with other like minded entrepreneurs. You'll hear about new strategies and new opportunities, and you'll never feel alone building your business.Right now imagine most of the people you know, are employees you don't want to be a slave to a job for another 20 years. You don’t want to go to work at 9-5 everyday. You want freedom.they found Their tribe, your tribe is waiting for you. Imagine people just like you, people wants freedom, people want to do what it takes to get it. This is a powerful community called the amazing Alliance. You get to tap into this community, start building your new tribe now and never look back.

Amazing Selling Maching Pricing

So to join the ASM 11 class get access to all four components and access all seven bonuses. Your investment is only $4,997. It's a one time fee, there are no recurring charges. With this single investment. You get free access to all future updates of Amazing Selling Machine. If you want to get in with a smaller upfront commitment. You can join for only six monthly payments of $997. For less than $1,000 up front, you get the same complete access.You might think this is expensive. they understand this isn't cheap. This is a serious investment for a serious person, because they have a serious offer here that can change your life. Years ago, they discovered they had two options. they could offer a basic video series, maybe update every few years with no support, no resources, and just the bare minimum to give you some information and hope you succeed. This would allow us to sell you a course for a much cheaper price. Because there's very little work required of us. This is basically what everyone else does.Or they could put together a package of everything someone needs to succeed in this business including up to the training that includes the latest and best strategies, a team of multimillion dollar sellers to support members, a custom build platform to go through the program and every tool and resource that they have access to ones they use in our own multimillion dollar ecommerce businesses. This will give someone even brand new to business the best advantage possible to build a successful business and change their life. This is around the they decided to take.

Unfortunately, you will not find any discount or any type of coupon code on the Internet or any community forum. But they do show some kindness by offering member-only discounts for services like jungle scout and managed by stats. Both of these two tools are an important component of building a successful FBA business, and so having a discount on them can be considered as a bonus. 

If you want to invest in this course, then you should do so as soon as possible so you can lock on the current price. Remember that a one-time fee and so whenever this course gets updated you get free access to the new contents as well as to the updated tools.

I believe creators of ASM 11 understands that $5000 is a hefty amount for almost anyone and so they are offering 30 days money back guarantee. I think it's sufficient time for anyone to check out a few modules and its content quality. After that, if you feel that this course will be helpful to you, you can keep your subscription otherwise create a request for money back, and you will have it within 24 working hours.

One another great advantage of investing in ASM X is it six months buyback promise. So, what is this buyback promise?

Well, it means that you are free to implement the strategies and tricks discussed in this course to set up your FBA business. If you feel that you cannot continue with this business model, ASM will purchase your business for $4997 and will even purchase your inventory worth $5000.

Refund Policy (Must See!) ASM Success Promise

You have three options today, option one. Is to do nothing. Option number two, is to do something else to improve your financial life.What's right in front of you is the best option out there.So that leaves us with options to take a step towards your new future and secure your spot is broken. Yes, it might be tight. Yes, this might be a stretch. Yes, you're gonna have to get out of your comfort zone. Where do you think all the growth will come from? To make this decision a no brainer. You don't even know Have to fully commit to it. You see sitting here on the outside, you only can tell so much. It's only once you get inside the program, poke around the members area, watch some videos, check out the community and check out the private resources that you can really tell if this is something for you or not.they are not asking you to make a firm decision here they only asking you to make a fully informed decision. they are giving you 30 days to check out risk free until November 24th. You can try the full program out experience what’s it like inside the ASM without risking a penny.

If you decide it’s not right for you. In this evaluation period , just let them know and they’ll give you 100% refund.But 30 days is not enough to try to build an entire business right? What if I do everything you say and my business fails? Great question. Most people would chalk it up to the normal risks of business. However they know you'll love this program, they know you'll be blown away with the progress you make in the business you build. So they're going even further than anyone else. Everything on our own dime, even building your entire business. guarantee you will even pay you for the inventory you buy and give us a try.For here's what they'll do when you join ASM they walk you through every step of building your business. Each major step of the business leads up milestone represented by badges you earn inside the custom building membership platform. Once you complete the step you claim the badge and keep moving forward, the major badges you'll earn included Seller Central setup, my first inventory order and inventory arrived at FBA.These let us know you're following the training and making progress. they know if you do these steps you will be happy with your results. they're so confident, they're willing to guarantee it. they call this ASM success promise, as long as you are in the major badges by the specified dates, participate in the community and complete all the marketing steps they walk you through in the web class, they will fully cover you for the next six months. If in this period, you haven't built the business you want, they failed you and you deserve your money back. Let us know by May 1st 2020, that you will verify you gave the business to try and earn the badges, then they'll give you a 100% refund. And what you invested in the ASM programWill also reimburse you for up to $7500 of any unsold inventory. This includes the product cost and the shipping cost per unit to get the inventory to Amazon. To see the full straightforward terms of the ASM success promise. Check them out on the secure registration form will show you shortly.For six full months you can build your business with all the risk of This is likely the only time you'll ever be able to tap into such a huge opportunity to change your life and not have to risk anything.You might think this sounds too good to be true, I probably wouldn't do if I was in your shoes. they can offer this because they've looked at the numbers. they know that if a member does all the major steps of the business, and get some product live follows the marketing steps in the program, they will succeed. You're sitting on the outside wondering if you'll be successful, wondering if this will work for you, and wondering if you have what it takes. Even if you fail at this business, you have zero financial risk, you will gain priceless experience and knowledge, you have an entire lifetime of freedom to gain and nothing to lose.

Sourcing Bonuses

You have access to the best training the best coaches best community and best resources to build your business. As fast as possible, these four components are easily worth 10s of thousands of dollars. However, you're in a very lucky spot right now because this marks the 11th version of amazing selling machine. The online web class you gave with ASM is completely new. You were the first to access the most powerful version yet.Plus when you join ASM now you're an official member of the ASM 11 class. This means you're starting on this journey with a group of like minded people from all over the world. Over the next few weeks and beyond will help you and the other members of the ASM 11 class start, grow and scale your business so you can achieve freedom. Joining now you'll feel a sense of community and camaraderie that comes from participating in a life changing experience with people like you who have the drive to live a different life. To make sure you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. they're going even further than the four primary components. they've designed a special collection of bonuses to stack the odds in your favor and make It's the best time in history to join ASM and start your business. The first bonus is one of the most powerful, you likely have never sourced a product before much less created your own brand or product. You feel uncertain about the process. No wonder if you're doing it right and getting the best deal. How'd you like to have someone take care of finding suppliers negotiating pricing, securing a lower minimum order quantity and making sure you get the highest quality product available for your first product. Well, for the first time as a free bonus with ASM, you'll be getting our Personal Sourcing Team. Will find you the best suppliers for you negotiate prices and make sure you even get a great deal even better than if you were to go to the suppliers yourself. Our team of sourcing agents across the world including in China will find your first supplier and any of these suppliers can't be found online, even using sites like Alibaba, but they have access to them because our agents are on the ground every day working with the best manufacturers available.Will email your report with what they found including information to contact the supplier who they've pre negotiated with to get you the best price and lowest minimum order quantity. You'll save time, save money and make more profit. And you get this 100% included with ASM for free.

Weekly Coaching Calls

In addition to the sourcing bonus each week over the next eight weeks, you'll join the creators of ASM and your fellow ASM 11 members for brand new weekly group coaching calls. With these live group calls, you get direct access to the creators of ASM, you can ask questions live and get immediate answers. You can join the coaching calls live from within the private member's area. Or if you miss one or make them live interest of your current schedule. You can watch the recordings anytime you want.

ASM Only Amazon Tools

With ASM they're also including access to software tools for free to launch your business. they spent over a million dollars in three years developing the software tools. Originally they created them to help grow our own Ecommerce businesses, but they've decided to make to available to you to grow your business faster and easier.

Email Automation Tool

First automated email tool for Amazon buyers. When you start reducing sales on Amazon, this tool will automatically send follow up emails to your buyers to ask for feedback. You'll get more product reviews, which will help your sales grow even faster. You set this up once following our step by step instructions, and the tool automatically runs 24 seven growing your business for you. Fill in the blanks templates and pre loaded them into the software for you to use following the guidelines. You just launched your first product and you start seeing sales rolling on the perfect schedule targeted emails going to your Amazon buyers creating a great buyer experience for them and asking for reviews. You start seeing five star reviews rolling on Amazon for your new product. Real people are writing reviews about your product. This creates a sales snowball because the other people start seeing those two in your product. This is possible because of this special 100% automated email follow up to a weave custom designed brands on selves.

Product Research Tools

Next, you get the product research. With this powerful tool quickly sort through Amazon's massive collection of products to find the hottest opportunities with high sales volume and low competition, you'll find thousands of products you can sell that non members don't even know exists because they're looking for the manually. Getting started with the right product opportunity means you'll be making sales easier and faster and your new business. they've even pre loaded the ASM product selection criteria exclusively for ASM 11 members. When you join ASM, one of the first steps is to find and choose a product opportunity that meets our criteria. With this powerful software tool, and you couldn't be easier. You load it up. Let us find the products that meet our proven criteria and pick which one you want to build your business with. From the start, you'll be selling products with high sales volumes and low competition. You're certain about the product and about the future of your business.

Amazon Product Rank Tracking Tool

In addition to the sourcing bonus, weekly group coaching calls, automated email tool and product research tool, they're giving you access to another essential tool to grow your business, a keyword tracker. On Amazon, most of your sales will come through keyword rankings. Knowing where you rank at all times, especially before and after targeted promotions is critical. With ASM 11. The ability to track an unlimited number of keywords for your product saves you time trying to hunt around for your product, refreshing pages, and digging through search results so you can spend more time growing your business.Each day you log into the tool to see how your product is moving up in the rankings for keywords. You run the promotion strategies, you learn the ASM web class and watch your rankings climb and climb, getting you more traffic and sales. You then expand the number of keywords to rank for track them in the tool and keep producing more and more sales. All the data you need is available in real time 24 seven for as many keywords as you want exclusively for him 11 members.

Amazon Product Optimizer

Next to rank higher for keywords, you need a well optimized Amazon product listing. To help make creating the perfect listing even easier, you get access to the listing optimization tool. With this powerful tool you're guided through using the right keywords in the right parts of your listing, so you maximize visibility and rankings on Amazon. You'll know exactly what keywords you've already used and how much room you have left in each of the available fields. So you can create a powerful product listing on Amazon for the greatest traffic and highest conversions. After analyzing thousands of product listings. they've designed the perfect product listing template and you get it free with ASM 11. With this special template and the listing optimization tool, creating a great product listing that attracts and converts buyers on Amazon into money in your pocket is simpler than ever. Just fill in the blanks specific to your product and push it live on Amazon.Once your perfect product listing is ready, you need to know which search terms to target on Amazon to produce the most sales with the least effort. You want keywords with high sales volume and low competition. they discovered a little known Amazon data set that provides high level sellers, and tells you exactly which keywords get the most searches, and which products get the most sales using those keywords. And what does this mean to you? It means you can know which keywords are driving the most sales for your competitors, and target those keywords in your listings for bigger sales.

Keyword Research Tool

With ASM11 they're giving you free access to our proprietary keyword research tool for Amazon. It automatically pulls data from the special Amazon database for you to mind for your products. they show you exactly how to use it to find the best keywords to target. Assuming you have a perfectly optimized product listing page on Amazon targeting keywords most sellers don't even know exists, because they're less will know and your product will rank higher and faster for these keywords, driving sales sooner for your new product.As an ASM 11 member you get access to all of these tools for free for a full year until October 26, 2020 because these tools cost us a lot of money to maintain, they can get them for free forever. But as an ASM 11 member after the year is up, you can choose to continue using all the tools if you wish for a low monthly fee, most members will pay less than 100 bucks a month to keep using these tools to grow their businesses. It's completely optional at that point, but well worth a tiny amount of money if you decide to keep using them.


If you're still here reading this, that means you haven't clicked the button below to grab your spot in ASM yet you likely have a few questions you want to answer. And so let's try to address them.

Can you join outside the USA?

First, you might be wondering if you can do this from a country outside the US maybe you're from another country or live in another country? The answer is yes. This is how they have members from all over the world, in the welcome module of ASM will guide you to choosing the appropriate Amazon Marketplace to sell in which no matter where you live will either be, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or Amazon Japan. So don't worry. No matter where you live, they'll help you get set up to sell on Amazon.

I work full time, will I have time?

You wondering how much time this business will take for you to build. You likely have a job to work out to pay the bills and have a family to take care of or other obligations in your life. Your concern you won't have enough time. Time is one thing and it's given out equally to all of us. The results they achieve in life are in direct relationship to how effectively they use our time. If they can show you how to build this business and save time, they actually have more free time and you do now, once you sign up, then?Here's what they want you to do. Begin by making a list of the five things you do consistently to try to make more money. You probably work a job to get a paycheck. You look for deals and discounts to save money. Maybe you drive around looking for deals, maybe you follow business gurus on social media, conferences, or watch shows like Shark Tank.You can improve your likelihood of more income and wealth in the future, would you wake up 30 minutes earlier and go to bed 30 minutes later. You see in the early stages, you don't need much more than an hour per day to get this business off the ground. If you dedicate that amount of time, you can do this business. Later, once your business is launched, you can decide how much time to put in an hour a day is likely to grow regardless of any other obligations you have in your life, or too young to do this business. Whether you're in college trying to figure out what career to pursue. This is a great honor to try your hand at entrepreneurship with little risk.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth It?

What most people don't understand is the fact that courses can only help you understand the process, but it's you who will have to take actions. If you want to succeed in any business, it really doesn't matter in what niche it is; you will have to understand the market scenario, customers' needs, upfront cost, and profit potential. Once you have all these statistics, you will need to act. Only once you get into the business, you will be able to implement the knowledge you have gained from the course.

Courses are no magic. They aren't going to make your business successful or make you rich magically, and it stands true with ASM.

Creating a successful and sustainable Amazon FBA business is not easy but is also not impossible. If you can succeed in it, it will without a doubt, change your lifestyle, both personal and professional.

If you are deciding to get into this competitive yet lucrative world of FBA, then you must give ASM 11 a try. 

The world of E-commerce is constantly changing. they're always looking for and testing the latest strategies to grow brands online. Throughout the year, they're updating ASM training and at least once a year, they do a complete overhaul of the full ASM program to make it brand new and better than ever. As a member you get free lifetime updates to each new version of ASM that they release. This means you'll always have access to the latest and best training. So you stay ahead of all other sellers.

Overall, I feel it’s a detailed course and has got tons of informative content for both newbies and professionals with years of experience under their belt. If you think we missed anything in our Amazing Selling Machine Review, then leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

To summarize when you join ASM11 first, you get the four primary components, which include the online web class, ASM mentor program, Amazing Alliance Private Community and Private Resourceful Vault. You also get seven powerful bonuses which include the sourcing bonus, a group coaching calls, automatic email tool, product research tool, keyword tracker, listing optimization tool, and keyword research tool. If you consider the money they've spent their own e commerce businesses, testing what works and what doesn't over the past 10 years to fix all this out. The investment to create all of this is easily in the multiple millions of dollars. In fact, to work directly with a large Ecommerce business, one would say $50 million or more per year in sales. they charge a minimum fee of $250,000 a year, they apply these same strategies to help them scale their sales on Amazon. However, our mission is to help people achieve financial and lifestyle freedom through business ownership. they've seen many lives change because of this. And that's why they're still here today refining and proving and doing everything they can help people build successful businesses.So they figured out a way to give all of our best strategies, even the ones they use to help large Ecommerce companies for a much more affordable investment. Just about any business, it is a hope a success, you have to invest some money. they discussed earlier that a franchise will cost 20,000 to $50,000 or more just for the licence fee. Likely more for inventory and build out, a restaurant can set you back $275,000 or more just to get started. This business doesn't cost near that much to build and reap the full future rewards when you achieve huge success and even better, you own the brand and products unlike multi level marketing, affiliate marketing and drop shipping, where you trade your time for money working to build someone else's brand.

Article written by Michael Pedrotti
Michael Pedrotti has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals. Having been in the Marketing and SEO industry for 10 years, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.

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