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Why Snapt Is The Best Bitly Alternative: Review

What on earth is Snapt? is a link url shortener service that has just been released to compete with Bitly, Sniply and more, but all link url shortener services are the same right? WRONG! While the main premise of these tools is to shorten a super long url or cloak an affiliate link, you are actually wasting traffic, data and money by using a service other than Snapt.

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Why Use A Bitly Alternative?

When it comes to link management, it's no longer just having a dashboard with all your links there, you need more power and tools to help you as a marketer. It's no longer 2008 anymore for a basic url shortener and its no longer 2010 where you should pay for tools a marketer needs, you need more data and control over your customers!


Another issue is Bitly has been HEAVILY used for spam and links have actually been getting flagged. What this means is you could go days or even weeks without noticing your link is broken. This is a major reason on why you should use a Bitly Alternative!

Top Features Of Snapt

Before we go over the features, it's worth noting that Snapt is a FREE service and always will be. As we run the service we aren't interested in selling your data or making a ton of money. We get our hosting extremely cheap. Once the service grows so big that its starting to cost us money, we will only be running a banner ad on the site of other marketing tools that we suggest to use and use ourselves to help offset the running costs.


Since this review, Snapt has added a TON more features. So these images below are a little out of date, however for the most part, things are in the same location!

Geo Target And Pixel Convert Traffic You Send To Snapt

One of the great features of Snapt is the ability to set different links for different locations (and yes, this is allowed to be used with Amazon Affiliate links so you can get commission from each country!). This is great for social media or affiliate marketers. I know some companies that have one Facebook page for their worldwide brand but they have local websites. With Snapt you are able to send each of those people to their nearest websites with ease. 

new snapt dashboard

Not only are you able to easily Geo target your links, but you can also add other features such as Device Targeting for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry (yeah some people still use it). On top of that you can also add in Targeting Pixels from Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Linkedin and Adroll

Add a Call To Action Overlays

Call to action button overlays are another great addition that you normally have to pay to use with other services. With a CTA button link shortener you can actually earn directed traffic for links you share to other quality articles. For example you are a member of a forum and you want to share a great article someone else has written, but you also want to send that person to a related group, well you can do that with a CTA button!

call to action snapt

The only downside to these is that some sensitive sites do not work. So you can put an overlay over Youtube, Google, BBC etc. This is the same for any overlay service! But the good with with Snapt is that it doesn't cost you any money to find out! 

PS: Use a url as the button link so you can retarget the traffic and count your link clicks 😉

Add Your Own Custom Domain

Say you don't want to use Snapt as the domain name? You can easily use your own domain by setting the CNAME to This is all explained in the custom domain section. This way instead of having, you would have This is AMAZING for branding and you are still able to use our dashboard and analytics. 

snapt custom url

Indepth Analytics

With the analytics section, you can track clicks per day/month or year, referrers, social shares, device, browser, operating system and country. This is great if you have send your link for a Solo ad or some form of paid traffic so you can see exactly where they are coming from. Bitly does this but really, Snapt is the better Bitly Alternative as it has many extra features. 

snapt analytics page

Ability To Edit Existing Short URL's

Something that makes this the best Bitly Alternative is the ability to edit existing links directly from within Snapt. One of the reasons for that is this is apart of the $499 plan for Bitly. Yes, a simple feature costs that much! 

What this means is when you post a link you no longer need to worry about going to each site to update it, you can do it from our simple dashboard. This is perfect for keeping affiliate links updated!

Conclusion: Is Snapt The Best Free URL Shortener?

So that is just a sample of the features of Snapt. There are also some other smart things you can do such as a developer API, bundle links and private, password protected links. 

This is a service we believe you shouldn't have to pay for and while there may be others that offer 1 or 2 features more today, we know that there isn't anyone else who offers as many features or is as stable as Snapt as a free service. 

As always we are open to suggestions so leave a comment below if there is a feature you would like to see.

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