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Builderall Affiliate, Why You Should Join Today!

While Builderall is a great software and its easy to use, One of the things that is quite difficult to work out is how to become a Builderall Affiliate. In this guide I’m going to show you exactly how to sign up as a Builderall Affiliate step by step. 

In my opinion becoming a Builderall Affiliate is great because not only do you earn Tier 1 commission, but also Tier 2!

How To Signup As A Builderall Affiliate

One of the things with Builderall is you are only able to promote the software if you are a “Builderall Business” user. But Michael, how do I sign up as a Builderall Business? Well It’s simple!

Step 1: Signup here (and get a 7 day trial in the process)

Step 2: Select the Builderall Business Plan

Step 3: That’s IT!

That is how you unlock your account for Builderall to promote as an affiliate. Now yes I know, It costs $49 per month, But honestly. Either way it is WORTH IT. Because you can use everything Builderall offers to BUILD YOUR AFFILIATES AND EMAIL LISTS!. No 3rd party tools required. You can build landing pages, your email list and EMAIL directly from the software. Your perfect affiliate toolkit on a budget!

There is a free way to promote but we don’t suggest it. More below!

How To Get Your Builderall Affiliate Links

Firstly after you have activated your account. Simply goto Builderall Business in the left hand side and then select Affiliate Funnels. Here it will give you a list of the different niche and trial offers Builderall offers out of the box. 

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Builderall Affiliate Program Review

My experience so far with the Builderall Affiliate program has been mostly great. I say mostly because there was a small period of a few days where the landing pages were not working correctly. I didn’t get my leads for this and I have no idea how much money I lost as a result. However this is just one of those things as an affiliate.

I know they are doing updates to their software and they generally do their best to ensure everything is working as it should. Honestly Erick Salgado and the team really care and are SUPER responsive on the facebook groups. You can tell they all have a passion for the company. That is why I can stand behind them as a Builderall Affiliate. If the developers care, are transparent and are open, It’s a huge WIN for everyone. You can read our full Builderall Review or get a Builderall Free trial at these pages. 

What Commission Do You Earn As A Builderall Affiliate?

Pay 100% commissions on first purchase, then + 30% residual income of the sales price which is $29.90 (for a regular account) or $49 (for the affiliate plan). You also have tier 2 Comission too.

Another thing to mention is Builderall also has a Dreamcar program. So if you refer 100 people to Builderall as an Affiliate, Builderall will pay you $500 USD per month towards your car lease. If you refer 200 people, They give you $1000 USD, ever, single month!

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Is There A Way To Become A Builderall Affiliate For Free?

Yes there is, Builderall's Leveraged Affiliate Program, however I don’t suggest doing it unless you can generate A TON of leads. And here is why. It’s based on a points system.

There are two types of scoring in the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate Program:

     A- Self-consumption points = Each dollar generated by an Affiliate’s own consumption of one of the platform plans equals 3 points.

     B- Direct sale points = Each dollar generated by the direct sales of the platform plans equals 1 point.

For an Affiliate to qualify to receive commissions on recurring sales and first-level sales with Builderall, the Affiliate must achieve and maintain a minimum score of 140 points.

Confused yet? Basically you need to earn 147 points each month to make commission. However if you sign up for $49 per month you get 147 automatically so you don’t really need to worry about the points (Plus you get all the tools you need to grow) 

To become a free builderall affiliate. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Signup for the 7 day trial here, no credit card or anything required.

Step 2: Once you have signed up and logged in, click this link to unlock the affiliate module:

How Can I Promote Builderall As An Affiliate?

One of the great thing about Builderall is their niche specific funnels. Let’s say for example you have a local lawyer business with the world's worst website. Well builderall actually has niche specific funnels where most of them can copy and paste the funnel and have a brand new website in a matter of hours. They literally have thousands of themes to choose from.

What I would do is find a target audience and focus on them. Don’t focus “small business”, that’s too broad. Focus on a specific type. I have made it easier for you with a sub niche list you can download. You can get it from my Facebook group here. It’s in the files section.

Builderall Affiliate, Why You Should Join Today! - Revolist
While Builderall is a great software and its easy to use, One of the things that is quite difficult to work out is how to become a Builderall Affiliate. In
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