Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Blueprint: Exactly How I Won The Dream Car!

By Michael Pedrotti on July 9, 2019

For roughly the past 10 months, I have been actively promoting this little software called Clickfunnels using affiliate marketing. In that time I have seen lots of ups and downs, but for the most part, I have been really consistent in my method. In this post, I will reveal EVERYTHING I have done to become a Clickfunnels Dream Car winner. No secrets. 

What Is The Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest?

The Clickfunnels dream car content is a milestone from becoming a normal Clickfunnels Affiliate, to a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate. What this means is you have referred at least 100 active users to Clickfunnels.

Once you hit 100 active affiliates, Clickfunnels pays you $500 USD to go towards your car loan payments. This also applies once you hit 200 active users, then they pay you $1000 USD per month. Pretty sweet!

Who Is Michael Pedrotti?

Well, that's me! I have been doing SEO and marketing for roughly 10 years now. I started SEO because I wanted to promote my gaming community to get new members. I used to rank gaming websites and make an affiliate commission from them. It was all small time stuff though and I never really treated it as a proper business at the start. 

In 2017, I started my marketing agency in Singapore with my business partner who is a social media expert and during that time I spent pretty much every hour I wasn't working on Client sites on my personal websites. 

I now have over 50 websites and promote well over 100 products as an affiliate. I no longer accept client work and spend my time building my own portfolio or helping people out (I like to see others gets results, but it's hard nowadays 1 on 1)

How I Became A Dream Car Winner 

The first thing people ask me is what my method was and how what traffic did I use. Well to the surprise of absolutely nobody, my main source was SEO.

clickfunnels dream car program winner

While many people think that most my sales came from this website, the high-quality leads (that stuck) actually came from a few different sources

Niche Blog Website

One of my sources was a niche website that was specific to people who were Apple users. Generally speaking, lots of freelancers etc are Apple users and are doing some form marketing, design etc etc. I have a link to the Dotcom Secrets book on that website in a side banner advert and also a pop up on scroll. This was done with WordPress and Thrive Themes. 

SaaS Website

This source was actually, my URL shortener. You can go there now and to signup, you actually need to purchase the One Funnel Away challenge. That is only recently however and before that, there was a Marketing Secrets Black Book advertisement on the dashboard for users. At that stage, people were signing up for free. As soon as they signed up to Snapt, they were automatically added to my email list on Active Campaign.

Who users marketing tools that will use other marketing tools, MARKETERS! 😛

Email Marketing

Another way I got leads were from people who signed up to my email lists via my facebook group Passive Living Mastermind, Snapt and random landing pages. 

What To Do

If I Started Again Would I Do It Differently?

Yes without a doubt. 

The very first thing I would do is get some things in place (bonuses etc). To do this I would take the One Funnel Away challenge to get myself started. This wasn’t around when I started promoting CF. I would also pickup the cheaper stuff too such as Lead Funnels to compliment it.

I would also only listen to people that have the results I wanted and listen/surround myself with them. There is a lot of noise around and its best just to follow people who have proven themselves, not people who “could do it if they wanted to”

If there is someone with the results you want (proven results), then start to follow them, practice what they preach. Don’t just hop around with different methods, this won't get you anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, follow different people, but don’t think one method is better than another if you haven’t given the first method a red hot go.

What Not To Do

This is going to sound harsh, but you need to hear this. 

Every time someone asks a question in the Clickfunnels Avengers group on facebook on how to get leads, there are always people that chime in saying vague things like “provide insane value, create amazing content etc”. 

While they are just trying to help (nothing wrong with trying to help people), the reality is that 99% of people don’t have the result you want and they are just rehashing things other people have told them (things that don’t work)

Also, watch out for bullshit artists. There are TONS of people who have their Facebook profile dolled up with claims like “I help business owners reach 7 figures” when they can't even reach 6 figures themselves and are still working 9 - 5. You can usually spot these people easily if you check out their wall. If they are jumping up and down about $10 commission from something, there is a good chance they aren’t do anything 7 figure related. 

Who Do I Suggest You Follow To Be Successful As An Affiliate

Here is a list of who I suggest you follow and listen to if you want to make it as an affiliate. 

Michael Pedrotti

Yeah, I’m putting myself on this list. I will tell you the nuggets that other people won't tell you and share high-quality content. My content mostly revolves around SEO and ranking things in Google for the long term. I will tell you exactly how it is and exactly what I think of something (this is both good and bad), no beating around the bush. 

I also will be covering exactly what you should be focusing on in the future and beyond affiliate marketing.

Spencer Mecham

Spencer is one of the top affiliates for Clickfunnels so it's hard not to mention him. He has some good advice and guides for you to follow (not to mention an all round good guy). He isn’t shy to tell you about his data, what works and what doesn't.

John Koch

Another Clickfunnels dream car winner, John has given me some great advice and marketing tips that have helped with conversions. You can read his blog post on how to start affiliate marketing here.

Have Any Questions?

Got any questions about being a Clickfunnels Affiliate? Then simply leave a comment below. I will be happy to help you out!

Article written by Michael Pedrotti
Michael Pedrotti has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals. Having been in the Marketing and SEO industry for 10 years, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.

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