Picture this, you just started building out your new sales funnel, you’re exited, but then you hit a brick wall of ideas.

Or maybe you simply don’t have the time or know how to build your website from scratch?

Never fear, we have a bunch of ClickFunnels Templates in this guide to help you get leads and get sales. Best of all these templates are FREE and you can download and use them as much as you want. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress and you need ClickFunnels to get these ClickFunnels templates to work. Get Clickfunnels free trial here!

Agency/Freelancer Website Template

This is a great clickfunnels template and place to start if you are looking to make an agency or freelancer style website.  Having a professional and great looking website is important when trying to get more clients. They will look at your website as a reflection of you and as a freelancer or agency.  

The expectations of you are higher than that of other businesses. After all, this is what you do and it should look great. That’s why our Agency/Freelancer Website Template is the perfect place to start!  Our clickfunnel templates for Agency/Freelancers will certainly impress your next clients and it’s easy to customize to your needs.

E-commerce Single Item Template

Make all your clickfunnels E-commerce single items look similar in style and design with our E-commerce Single Item Template.  This template will allow you to fill in the blanks and not forget important information that your customers might need to know.

Having a clean, sleek and easy to read product page is important for your customers. And, that’s why having a clickfunnels template can really make a big difference.  Make all the product pages similar and not distracting with our easy to use and install ClickFunnels Templates e-commerce single item template. 

Membership Website Clickfunnels Template

Are you looking to offer memberships on your website?  Look no further, we have one of the best clickfunnels membership website templates available.  Our sleek, easy to use design has taken out all the roadblocks that could confuse your new members at sign up.  

With this clickfunnels template, having a professional design for your membership website has never been easier. And, it is super simple to customize and install.  Membership websites have a few of their own special considerations and don’t worry, we understand that and have all that built right into this perfectly designed template.  Save time by using a clickfunnels template for your website today.

Local Small Business Template

If you run a small business you know that having a perfectly designed website geared towards your business can get costly.  However, with our local small business template, a business owner with little knowledge can have their website up and going with ease.  

We want your site to be a reflection of your business. Local small business websites are geared toward finding local clients in your industry.  We want you to be successful in what you do and we understand it is not website design. That’s why we offer this unique to local businesses template to get you started.  

Clickfunnels Blog Template

Interested in blogging?  Blogging has become very popular over the years from talking about food to how to lose weight and everything in between.  There are many blogging platforms out there.

However, if you really want to get serious with your blog, a stand-alone URL and this blogging clickfunnels template are what you need to get started.  Blogging can be used for a variety of things such as affiliate marketing to selling your own products with e-commerce and it’s not hard to get started. Check out our perfectly designed blogging template and customize it to have that perfect look.

Personal Coach Template

As a personal coach you may be interested in showing your clients before and after photos of previous clients, offer recipes or give general advice.  That is why we have geared a template just for you.

Showing your clients what you have to offer and your approach to training is important. This is why we have made a perfect personal coach template that will fit the needs of your personal coach business.  We wanted something that was designed with your type of client in mind and easy to use for everyone.

Webinar Template

Webinar’s have gotten really popular in recent years and for good reason, they work.  Speaking directly to your audience and showing them value is important to gain their trust and improve your credibility.  

This is why we offer a special webinar template as this industry is a bit different than say your E-commerce site. Here you are trying to get people to sign up and join you for your next exciting webinar and that’s why we offer a webinar template.  Getting signs up and an audience should be your focus not the structure of your website. That’s where we come in. We can help you have your site up in no time.

Clickfunnels Fitness Template

A fitness template is geared toward the fitness groups.  These groups are focused on the various exercise, latest diet trends, and gadgets that are used.  People have become more health conscious than ever before.

And, that is a perfect sector to dive into.  However, you don’t need to waste a ton of time building your site, when you can use a template. We provide the latest design concepts in the form of a template that will allow you to get your site up and running in no time.  

Real Estate Template

If you are in the Real Estate market, you know you need a website.  But, designing one seems a bit of a challenge. No worries, that’s where we can help.  Our real estate template is perfect for the real estate industry.

If you are looking for something that will give your real estate company a bit of an edge, look no further.  We provide you with a nice, easy to navigate and follow website template. Our clickfunnels templates are designed with your clients in mind. We want them to enjoy their experience on your site and allow you to capture their information for follow up.

Lead Generation/Opt-in Template

As a lead gen site, you are looking for something that can capture the leads quickly and swiftly and that’s what this template is for.  We want your clients to be able to fill out the information easily.

And, we know how important getting those leads is to your business.  Making the perfect lead generation website can take a lot of time, however, with the use of our template, that time is minimal. We want you to focus on what your business is about and less on building the website to do it.  

1 Page Sales Funnel

The 1 page Sales Funnel template is a template is designed to show your clients that they need your product or service in a quick and sleek fashion.  We want your clients to have all the information in one spot. This template is perfect for that.

Everything is condensed from a regular website into quick facts.  And, our template offers a great flow and easy to read option. All the components for a 1-page sales funnel are designed in this template. If you have a great idea for a funnel and don’t want to mess with building the landing page, this template is perfect for you!

Event Template

Have an upcoming event that needs a great looking landing page?  We can help with the design of that as well. Our event clickfunnels template is perfect for a quick website landing page for an upcoming event.  Let your event goers follow your page and see what your event is all about.

Spreading the word about the event with an event website is important for people to remember.  After all, you put all that time it planning an event, ensure people know where and when it is with ease. And, if you need to update event details, it will be quick and simple with an Event website built from an Event template.

Upside Down Homepage

An upside down homepage places the navigation at the bottom of the page and call to action up front and center.  This can be a powerful way to capture leads and bring people to events. And, we offer a template for it as well. We believe you should focus on your offer and less on the design of your site.  

This is why we offer unique, easy to navigate templates for all situations. Take a look around we offer templates for all kinds of various situations. We are happy to discuss any issues or concerns you might have with our templates as well.  We want to provide our clients with the very best template solutions for their needs.

Podcast Landing Page

Do you offer a podcast and are looking for a good landing page for your podcast?  We can help with this simple and easy to navigate template. You need to focus on your Podcast and less on the structure of your site.  

That’s why we offer the perfect Podcast Landing page template that fits your industries needs. Our templates are set up and ready for your customization, which means you can be up and running in  no time. Get your podcast landing page template today!

Video Sales Page

Are you interested in having a high converting video sales page?  Video sales can be a very lucrative business but having a good website to show off your talent is important.  That’s where making a video sales page will help. 

But, you don’t want to waste time building the entire thing from scratch?  That’s why we offer the perfect video sales page template that is ready for your customizations. If you need something that will show off your talents and not take away from your video’s, this is the template for you.  

Hybrid Sales Page

Hybrid Sales page is a unique approach to sales and we have you covered with our hybrid sales page template.  Never waste time laying out that perfect structure, let us do the heavy lifting for you. You just need to focus on what is important and that’s the content of your site, the offers, and getting leads and sales.  

We will provide you with an excellent template that is easy to work with and use. Our team of experts has designed this template as a hybrid sales page and all you need to do is customize it to your needs. It is as simple as that.

Ebook Opt-In Page

Offering an ebook is a great way to get people’s contact information.  But, designing your ebook opt-in page shouldn’t be the focus of your efforts.  You have more important things to do, such as write the e-book.

We offer a complete template that is designed around your e-book offering. This template is a customizable but great place to start building that perfect offer.  Don’t waste time worrying about the structure and set up of your website, we have that done for you!

Squeeze Page

Need a squeeze page made?  Are you great at copy but not so great at the structure of a squeeze page?  That’s where we come in, we are the perfect short cut to getting the squeeze page done quickly and with ease.  

Our templates are super simple to use and designed with your clients in mind. Getting the perfect squeeze page up in running in no time has never been so simple.  Building a squeeze page could take hours if done from scratch, however, we have this template designed and ready to go, saving you valuable time.

Urgency Opt-In Template

Do you have a great product or service that you want to offer with an Urgency opt-in page?  We can help! We offer a great urgency opt-in template that will certainly fill your needs. Getting your great service or product out there to the market has never been easier.  

We are happy to assist you with making your dreams come true with a professionally designed urgency opt-in template. Our templates are designed with convertion in mind. We offer the perfect templates for all kind of various needs. 

Quiz Funnel Template

A Quiz funnel template is designed to keep your audience engaged as well as help you to get a better understanding of your audience.  Our quiz funnel template is simple to use and will have your funnel up in no time.

This quick and simple solution will allow you to worry more about the important things such as what the quiz is going to be about and less about structure.  We work with all kinds of different clients and needs. And, we are dedicated to building only the best templates in the industry.