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Hey Guys, Michael Pedrotti, here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Commission Hero review.

I purchased the Commission Hero course, followed the videos and took action so that I could provide you a helpful review to see if Commission Hero is a good fit. 


An Inside Look At My Commission Hero Account

I’m not going to blow smoke at you, this course isn’t for everybody. Learn "why" in the How to Start Affiliate Marketing post. To be honest, there were times when I got really frustrated with this course and wanted to give up. And I’m an experienced Internet Marketer!

But, sometimes having 10 years of Internet Marketing experience is what gets me into trouble. 

For example, I’m always wanting to be clever and creative by putting my own spin on things instead of just following what others tell me.

That’s why I think this course is a better fit for beginners than for experienced Internet marketers.

When I would check Commission Hero’s private Facebook group for students every morning and every night before bed, I noticed a recurring pattern... Most of the students posting their high income screenshots were typically people with little marketing experience.

The people who were struggling the most in the group seemed to be those experience marketers who are impatient, trying to do things their own way, instead of following what Robby Blanchard (the Teacher) says.

No joke. There is someone posting screenshots to the private Facebook group almost every day where they are making $500 to $1000 per day.


Seeing those screenshots every day frustrated me, but at the same time motivated me to want to get the same results and keep moving forward.

With what I’ve learned and been able to figure out on my own, I’m actually hoping to put together a course of my own here someday soon and teach others similar methods. I’m currently making about $250 per day, but I hope to push it to $1,000 per day soon! 

If you join Commission Hero, Robby, the course creator is also active every single day inside the group. He’s super responsive.


  • Easy training 
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Gives you access to ads and images
  • 12-months success guarantee
  • Newbie friendly!


  • Have to keep creating ad accounts
  • Questionable longevity


A legit affiliate system made by one of the top Clickbank ad affiliates right now. The group is super helpful and Robby is always there to help the members with any questions.

Help where you can reach out to someone like that is worth more than the cost of the course alone. We are confident with this course, if you still have doubts, simply check the link above and check out the free Commission Hero training video. 

The only issue we have with the system is you must keep on creating ad accounts all the time and that can get tiring. Not to mention you can have your Facebook account banned from abusing the system too much. 

Because of this our final rating is only 3/5 stars. If it was more passive we would have rated it higher!

In the recent past, news about Commission Hero has been making headlines. Many people have always been asking, is the video-based affiliate marketing real or just another scam? As you are aware, the world’s economy is experiencing tremendous changes. The price of goods and services has continued to shoot upwards. Unfortunately, the same trend isn’t witnessed in people’s paychecks. 

Peoples’ bank accounts have remained the same for the past few years. As a result, many people, the middle-class, especially, have been left without an option but to take two jobs for the sake of trying to make ends meet. In the recent past, affiliate marketing has become the escape route for those looking forward to doubling their income. Therefore, Robby Blanchard’s affiliate marketing guide comes in a time when it’s needed. 

The big question remains, is the platform worth the attention? Or, are they another scam looking forward to stealing all your hard-earned money? These are some of the big questions you’re expected to ask yourself before trying any venture. If you’re reading this piece, the chances are that you’ve heard about Commission Hero and their $1000/day promises. 

But, you’re not sure whether to join the squad, as the figure sound crazy. Well, at the moment, I can’t tell you to register or not. The only thing that I can help you with is to provide you with a review of the video-based affiliate marketing guide. From there, you will make your decision. 

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What is Commission Hero?

The high chances are that you’ve come across adverts from ClickBank with a tag that you can earn up to $1000 a day through Commission Hero. Well, is that what grabbed your attention? Who doesn’t want to get some extra dollars after all? Everyone wants some extra cash, especially with this harsh economy.

Commission Hero Dashboard (1)

ClickBank goes ahead to tell their audience that Commission Hero can assist one earn a six-figure within the first month as a member. The funny bit is that they go ahead and insist that you can make all this money regardless of your experience in affiliate marketing. With all said and done, many interested parties are always thronging the platform asking to be taught how to make the figures posted on the adverts. 

Well, that’s when you need to ask, what is Commission Hero? Commission Hero is usually a digital platform or a video-based affiliate marketing platform. It contains tutorials from ClickBank’s number one affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard. It’s the tutorial you need to guide you through your way into richness. The marketing guide contains every bit of info you may require to earn money through ClickBank and Facebook. 

Who is Robby Blanchard?

​If you’re a keen follower of the marketing world, you have probably heard the name Robby Blanchard mentioned on one occasion or another. If you are yet to hear this name, then you must know that he is a guy worth your attention. If you’re in the online world, especially, Richard is the real deal.


Robby, the number one affiliate on ClickBank is a respectable individual based on his contributions and success from affiliate marketing. Often, the renowned affiliate has confessed to making between $30k and $50k within a day. With such a record, Robby might be the key to your success. He is known for his unique tutorials.

As opposed to many tutors, Robby tends to focus more on the mistakes he has ever made. In his tutorials, you will find him explaining various errors and why you should avoid them. With such vital info, provided by the marketer himself, you are well-placed to avoid the loopholes in the game. You never know, in affiliate marketing, a slight error can cost you all your savings. Therefore, getting hints and directions from a pro is the last thing you can ask.

Who should enroll for the program? 

​When it comes to online marketing and stuff, information is everything. The sector is prone to changes. By saying this, it means that you will find new products being launched from every corner of the world. With the launch of new products, it means competition. It’s from these competitions that the need for new marketing tricks arises. Thanks to the likes of Robby, you can always find the info you need.

Robby’s Commission Hero, is, therefore, a platform for every individual out there. When you say every individual, it means that it doesn’t select if you’re an old folk in the game or a newbie. As long as you’re willing to learn the tricks, Commission Hero is there for you. The video-based guides are easy to understand for every individual out there with a basic English understanding. 

One more thing, and that many affiliates find scary is the $997 price tag. Well, $997 is a massive sum of money to part with anyhow. Therefore, when thinking about the program, you must consider the cost. As long as you can afford the price, you’re set to go. However, the guide, as well, needs one to acquire ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels alone can cost you up to $97. On top of that, you’re required to cater to Facebook advertising, which never comes cheap. Therefore, you must know that Commission Hero is an expensive platform, and that calls for an investment. 

Hence, you must be willing and ready to part with all these expenses to walk through the whole investment stuff without failure. Another thing that you must note is that affiliate marketing isn’t for the faint-hearted. As usual, affiliate marketing is often a risky undertaking. A simple trick may bear results for someone and bring you losses on your end. Therefore, if you can’t handle losing all the investment, it’s recommended that you seek a different alternative to affiliate marketing. 

One fantastic thing about Commission Hero is that it’s not restricted to any country. You can sign up for the program regardless of your geographic location and start experiencing the precious info that Robby has in there for you. 

Why shouldn’t you hesitate to join Commission Hero?

By now, especially after noting the program’s cost, you must be asking yourself, is it worth the chase? The ball is all in your court. You might, as well, have come across stories about individuals making incredible sums of money from this platform. The first-hand accounts, especially, are essential when it comes to making a significant move, which is betting your hard-earned cash through Robby’s platform. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider Robby’s program.

Robby is the guy behind the tutorials

Often, many people find the $1000/day impossible to achieve. Well, it’s ok to doubt based on the fact that the figure is big. But, did you know how much Robby makes through affiliate marketing in a day? Most likely, you have no idea. Robby is a distinguished affiliate marketer. He is ranked number one in the list of affiliates on ClickBank. Now and then, the distinguished fellow has confessed to making no less than $30k and even more than $50k in a single day. 

Such a vast portfolio should tell you that it’s much easy to achieve $1000 in a single day. Therefore, you shouldn’t find the six-figure monthly earnings a fairy tale. Another thing that makes the program a must-have is Robby’s way of teaching. In his video-based tutorials, the talented chap tends to enlighten the audience on the various mistakes that he has ever made during his journey as a marketer.

Such teachings are essential as they can help you detect and even avoid slight mistakes before they come your way. This mode of education can help you save huge sums of money that could be lost through errors and mistakes. Also, Robby’s personality is one that you will find interesting. As said earlier, he is a successful and renowned affiliate marketer. However, despite all that, Robby is one cool guy that you will enjoy listening to his videos. He is not the kind of coach to start yelling on your screen, the moment you click on the play button. No, Robby is the calm type that walks you through the entire process calmly. 

You plan on the budget

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the secret to effective results is spending a coin to chase after another. When it comes to Robby, the case is no way different. After spending your cash on his program, you still need to invest in traffic. At the end of it all, it can’t work magic when it comes to bringing in traffic. His work is to give you tips on how to fetch the traffic while you invest in the rest.

One thing about this specific program is that you can choose to chase after the organic traffic. In other words, you can choose to drive visitors to your site for free. The trick is recommended for first-time affiliates, and who are looking forward to understanding much about the industry. The good thing about the open plan is that it allows you to learn about the sector without having to worry about losing any cash. 

Whenever you decide to use the free trick, you are needed to study about SEO before joining the program. SEO is an essential component when it comes to promoting your brand and even posts on social media. It’s a broad area, and that requires much attention. If you’re keen and smart, you can utilize SEO to the maximum benefit. One disadvantage is that it’s broad and keeps on changing. Therefore, if you are new into the world of online marketing, you may find it hard to make use of this powerful tool, SEO. 

Besides, you must understand that free things don’t bring instant results, especially in the online world. If you’re looking forward to earning the six figures promised in the adverts, you must be willing to spend some extra cash on paid advertisements. You can choose to utilize the marketing options suggested by Robby in the tutorials. A $1000 a day promise should motivate you to spend on adverts. As many affiliates would suggest, stop focusing on how much you might lose, but rather, how much you may pocket when the deal goes well. 

You learn at your pace

Robby’s program is an attractive deal that is hard to resist. Any focused individual is willing to throw in the $997 fee to access the product. But then again, you’re reminded of your confusing schedule. As stated earlier, many people are forced to work even three shifts to make ends meet. It’s at this point that you find yourself asking if you can manage to go through the video-based tutorials under such a schedule. 

The fantastic thing is that with Robby’s tutorials, you don’t have to worry about your occupied lifestyle. As long you can find some minutes within your busy day, you’re set to learn everything that the guru has to offer. Robby’s videos are live, and that means that you don’t have to worry about missing a specific video during the training. His videos are organized in steps, and that means you can go through them according to your schedule. 

Also, after joining the affiliate program, you will be encouraged to join the program’s members-only Facebook group. The good thing that comes with joining the group is that you can find Robby over there. With the help of the group, you can quickly get in touch with the brain behind this amazing program. The fact that you can reach Robby any time means that you can get assisted whenever you find yourself stuck along the way. 

Also, the group has members from all over the world. One advantage that comes with having such a broad audience is that you can find one-on-one help when it comes to selecting products, for example. Remember, products and markets depend on the region. Therefore, if you find members from your neighborhood, they can help you in selecting an item that delivers results based on the locality. Also, the broad audience can equip with tips and even motivate you. Having someone out there telling you that you can make it in the field is fantastic. The words act as fuel to this fantastic journey. 

The $1000 a day deal

Many people find the $1000 a day deal as impossible. You may find even most individuals arguing that Commission Hero is only a scam. The funny part is that they never take even their time to study the program or also figure out the brains behind the entire thing. Yes, the figure may sound hyped. But, it’s possible because people are earning more than that $1000 a day. 

With the help of Robby, you can quickly fatten your wallet, and that means hitting the next level, the millionaire’s club. Robby is a successful online marketer. His profile is enough evidence that you shouldn’t undermine every bit of info that he has to share on the videos. For Christ’s sake, the guy is ranked the best at ClickBank. Besides, he has often confessed to making no less than $30k within a given day. Therefore, $1000/ day is just a cheap change for Robby. If you’re smart, you’re likely to make even more from affiliate marketing. The funny bit is that even with zero-online marketing skills, you’re likely to earn the same figures. All that is needed of you is to follow the instructions provided on Robby’s videos.

You will find the critical affiliate marketing techniques

As stated earlier, affiliate marketing is a ruthless world. Often, many innocent marketers join the bandwagon intending to make a fortune out of the platform. Well, you may be lucky enough and earn at least a share of the market. Unfortunately, a high number of people end up disappointed. Affiliate marketing is a field that requires a lot of learning and skills to overcome every obstacle. As stated earlier, it’s a platform that is prone to changes. Therefore, before starting your journey as a marketer, you need a platform where you can access every knowledge or technique that you may need to win in this harsh industry. 

Luckily, with Robby’s program, you will be provided with almost every bit of info that you may require during your new journey as an affiliate. Talk of the winning number, customer’s psychology, for example. Robby has everything you should know in there. Therefore, it’s upon you to access the materials and stay informed like the rest of the successful people. The good thing about Robby’s tutorials is that they are organized strategically. Therefore, you can head straight into the areas you find yourself to be weak and start the learning while taking notes. 

One year success policy

Almost everyone wishes to witness results, days after an investment, or something of the sought. When it comes to Commission Hero, that’s one thing that gets many people asking, what if the program doesn’t deliver results? Well, it’s ok to question your senses. The experience helps you prepare you for what’s next if the unexpected happens. For Robby and his team, there is a money-back guarantee policy. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t find it interesting as it’s a 12 months success policy. In other words, you have to use the program for over a year before concluding that it’s a waste. From a broader perspective, the 12 months success policy is meant for the impatient fellows. The world of affiliate marketing is unpredictable and hence, requires plenty of patience. If you give up early, you may end up missing a considerable fortune that was just a few steps ahead. 

What’s to expect from Commission Hero?

Often, you will come across many platforms telling you to join Commission Hero. Most of these blogs, especially, focus on the name. But, they forget the most important part, which is the many things you should expect to find on Robby’s program. The truth is that the program holds more content that you may require to take your affiliate marketing game to the next higher level. Without saying much, here are the top and useful secrets you should expect to access after purchasing the one-time plan. 

Getting Started

Getting started in the world of affiliate marketing may seem like a straightforward task for everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. For the newbies, especially, beginning affiliate marketing can be a pain in the neck. Robby understands the struggle that one has to encounter, and that’s why his guide has you covered from the point start. In the first videos, you will be introduced into affiliate marketing, accounts, and affiliate networks. With Robby’s experience in the sector, he can walk you through the intro bit and ensure that you understand the field well. 

Tips on how to choose the perfect offers

What’s affiliate marketing? You may ask. It’s a form of marketing where you, the affiliate, sell products on behalf of a company or business. In return, you earn a commission from the goods sold. Currently, companies are always looking for affiliate marketers to help boost their sales. That’s where you come in, and with Commission Hero by your side. Robby doesn’t only help you know what affiliate marketing is but also assists you when it comes to choosing the selling products or offers. With such info, it’s easy to succeed in the platform because affiliate marketing is all about making sales, and hence, the commissions. 

Image selection

Online selling is a bit complicated as compared to physical stores. When starting your journey as an affiliate, you have to understand that the image you use is essential. The program contains tips on how to pick the right image for your marketing. Under the image section, you will come across various images that the guru believes can deliver results. Also, Robby goes ahead to recommend distinguished designers who can help you come up with quality images that guarantee good results. 

Effective landing pages

When it comes to affiliate marketing, landing pages are essential. Landing pages are what your customers-to-be land on before they start a transaction. Robby’s guide goes ahead to give you tips on how to come up with working landing pages. He provides ClickFunnel’s templates and ideas on how you can use these tools to your advantage. 

Creating a Facebook page

Today, social media is the biggest thing for online entrepreneurs, especially. Robby’s guide contains every bit of info that you should know when it comes to setting up a social media page to drive your affiliate job. With his guide, you will be able to come up with a Business Manager and a fan page. The successful affiliate then goes ahead to guide you on how you can utilize your fan page daily. Creating and launching ads on your fan page is another thing that many people find complicated. Without a proper strategy, you may end creating worthless campaigns. Thankfully, with Robby’s guide, you will have tactics on how and when to publish a campaign. 

Guide on how to install Facebook Pixel

With the Facebook ads, you need to track your progress. You need to understand the performance of each ad. Performance is necessary as it helps one strategize the next move. That’s where Facebook Pixel comes in place to help track the conversions from Facebook. It’s usually a code that you place in your ClickBank account. With Robby’s guide, you will understand how to go about installing the code and analyzing the results. 

Scaling up results

As stated earlier, analytics are essential when it comes to planning the next move. From Robby’s guide, you can learn tricks on how to analyze results and scale them up. The guru talks about how you can deal with any situation that comes during the affiliate journey. 

The secret package

With Robby’s affiliate program, you’re guaranteed access to the ‘Ninja Tactics.’ This package usually contains Robby’s hidden secrets that he only shares with the members. Robby is a successful affiliate. Therefore, gaining direct access to his ‘Ninja Tactics’ means much for any affiliate marketer out there looking forward to hitting the $1000/ day target.


Apart from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat is also a perfect medium to carry on with your affiliate marketing career. The platform is well-known for the sharing of live stories and news from all over the world. Robby’s guide shows you can use this platform for business instead of fun. Snapchat can be complicated for first-timers. However, Robby makes the entire process easy to understand. His guide can assist you in creating, launching, and even monitoring the ads on this platform. 

Email campaigns

Often, many people argue that email marketing is a thing of the past. Well, Robby believes otherwise. The successful affiliate affirms that there is much you can do with the emails for the sake of your affiliate journey. From his guide, you will learn how to use AWeber from the point start. Robby’s explains to his audience how they can integrate the tool with ClickFunnels. The story doesn’t end with setting up the tool. The successful affiliate goes ahead to guide you on how you can come up with your first email campaign. The idea here isn’t only to come with an email campaign, but a campaign that will grab the recipient’s attention.  

Extra coaching

You may find Robby’s guide unfulfilling. Maybe, you may find it difficult to comprehend what the guru has to share. Well, that’s not the end of the road for you. Robby offers private coaching to his clients. With this option, you can pay an extra fee and access one-on-one teaching with the big man himself. You can as well sign for this extra coaching if you’re looking to broaden your skills in the sector. 

Comparison between Commission Hero and other affiliate programs

Four Percent Group

​In the recent past, Four Percent Group has been making news headlines in the world of affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing program by Vick Strizheus is famous for its low monthly subscription, $49. With Vick’s plan, you are in a position to learn how to create sales funnels using a specific method, which is different from what you find at Robby’s guide. However, the platform needs one to join various marketing services. With the manual, you need to cater for extra services such as ClickFunnels and auto responders.

The $49 price tag may be tempting. But, you must know that you’re likely to spend more than that to witness better results. One downside that comes with using Vick’s program over Robby’s is that you will have to rely on a solo ad service. This tactic can be useful if only it brings quality traffic. 

Super Affiliate System

​Super Affiliate System is also another affiliate marketing program that you can’t avoid when the affiliate marketing debate arises. It’s a system by John Crestani and requires six weeks of your precious time. John’s program will cost you $997, as it’s with Commission Hero. Another that makes John’s program interesting is the organized state. Like it’s with Robby’s video-based tutorials, John’s guide starts with introducing you, the learner, into the world of affiliate marketing.

The first three weeks inform you of the basics. That’s how to set up goals, researching, and tricks on how to find a profitable field to pursue. With the basics, John is also able to prepare one’s mindset to that of an entrepreneur. After the third week, you will learn the real stuff, and that’s the marketing techniques such as YouTube ads and Facebook ads and how to manage the traffic. 

In comparison to Commission Hero, Super Affiliate has plenty of info that you may require to enhance your game. Unfortunately, to learn all the tricks, you will need time. It’s for this reason that most affiliate opts for Robby’s platform as it’s straight to the point. John’s program gives various marketing methods. Therefore, picking a technique or niche that you think will work for you can be a hell of a task. 

Wealthy Affiliate

​Wealthy affiliate is also regarded as one of the best ways to study affiliate marketing, as it’s quite affordable. The program requires a $49/month fee, and which is way much low as compared to Commission Hero. With the subscription, you are guaranteed a WordPress Web hosting and a keyword research tool. Wealthy affiliate is suitable for individuals who are into blogging and stuff. It focuses on content marketing. 

The platform helps one understand everything related to organic traffic that isn’t dependent on traffic services or paid ads. The program may work, but if you aren’t willing to post content often, this isn’t the platform for you. As compared to Commission Hero, Wealthy Affiliate may take time before bringing results. Remember, with the program, you have to depend on organic traffic, which is slow as compared to the one initiated by paid services. 

Commission Hero Cost

​By now, you are already almost everything about Commission Hero. Now, money must be the only thing blocking you from accessing this massive platform and leap rewards like every other successful affiliate marketer. At Commission, there are various payment plans. You can choose to start with the $997 plan. With Robby’s $997 plan, you will have access to all his landing pages that he has personally built and used to earn millions of money through Facebook. Robby’s strategy is quick as you don’t waste any time; you only plug and push forward.

However, you can still go ahead and pay for the complete Commission Hero package, which goes for around $3997. With the full package, you will have access to everything that Roby has to offer in one roof. Apart from the total package, you can pay for Robby’s million-dollar images. With $1997, you can access the guru’s million-dollar ad images. In this package, the talented affiliate shares some of his favorite photos, which have earned huge returns. 

Also, one can pay and $497 on top of the $997 package and have access to Facebook’s super profit system. With the amount, Robby gives you the scaling tricks and hacks that you require a lot when it comes to achieving in Facebook marketing. You can as well opt for Robby’s live training and ad account training. Whatever plan you intend to use, you can be sure that you will leap results. Therefore, you have to pick a payment plan that matches your budget. 

Pros and Cons of Using Commission Hero


Easy training 

Robby is well-known for his calm personality. Many individuals refer to his tutorials as those that you can’t expect to hear any yelling. Instead, the marketing guru drives all his energy towards walking you through the new journey. The fact that his tutorials aren’t live means that you can follow up on them during your free time and based on the schedule. With the training, you will live a stress-free life without the fear of missing tutorials. 

One-on-one assistance

On one occasion or another, you may find it hard to comprehend a part or two within the videos. What happens from there, onwards? Do you stop and forget about the tutorials? The answer is no, as Robby is there whenever you need him. After signing up for the program, you get an invite to a members-only Facebook group. Robby is usually active in the group, and that means you can chat with him one on one whenever you find yourself stuck. 

Besides, the members of the group are from all over the world. They can help you with any problem you might be experiencing as a newbie, especially. Besides, you can schedule a one on one call with the big man himself and share your challenges. 

Gives you access to ads and images

When it comes to affiliate marketing, images and landing pages are an integral part of the activity. As an affiliate, you have got to ensure that there are all on point. Thankfully, with Robby’s guide, you don’t have to worry about all that. He has almost everything done for you. The guru provides you with images that have earned him millions of money. Having access to such high-end images and sales funnels mean instant results. 

12-months success guarantee

When buying Robby’s tutorial, you are guaranteed fulfilling results. If it takes more than a year before you witness any excellent results. 


Is it the first time you’re trying your luck in affiliate marketing. Well, that must be a challenging undertaking. Affiliate marketing is a broad field and requires time to understand everything. The likes of Robby were once in the position you are right now. The good thing that comes with accessing his guide is that you start everything from scratch. The successful affiliate begins by introducing you to the new world. Once you’re in, he provides you with the crucial info you require, as well as resources. By doing so, the guide saves one from having to go through thousands of tutorials looking for the hacks. 

Allows you to earn $1000 a day

Robby’s guide provides one with the skills and knowledge to conquer the world of affiliate marketing, and that means making over $1000 a day. Many people doubt the figure, but it’s possible. As long as Robby is the brain behind the tutorials, the number is easy to achieve. Robby himself is known to make between $30k and $50 a day. Therefore, $1000 a day is just a cheap change for him.



You are expected to part with a vast sum of money to access everything That Robby has to give. The subscription isn’t cheaper as compared to other affiliate guides available in the market. On top of the subscription fee, you require to have got to pay for the advertising campaign methods and sale funnels. 

Longevity Is Questionable

Alot of the method revolves around creating multiple ad accounts. This leads me to believe that it might not be a sustainable method. That being said, there is lots of money to be made so this heavily out weighs the cost of the course. 

Final Verdict Commission Hero Review

Often, many people prefer written guides over video-based. You ask the reason why, and they will tell you that text documents are best to use for the sake of references.

Well, for Commission Hero, the case is somewhat different. The videos there are easy to play. Therefore, you should check them out and see what they have in store for you.

There is much about the program that you may not find in this article. It’s upon you to head in there and figure out the rest. 

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