CPAGrip Review


Finally an honest CPAGrip Review! Back in the early days, one of the ways I used to make money online was by locking content. First, let's start with what is CPAGrip, we are going to go ahead and assume you know what CPA is, since your here.  CPAGrip is an affiliate network that offers some of the best PPD and CPA offers out on the market today. Basically, it has these various offers that you can advertise and make money from.  

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Is CPAGrip A Scam?

One of the most common questions I get asked is CPAGrip a scam? No its not! As you can see below a payment proof. We are one of the few CPAgrip Review that has actually used the software! Their payouts were always on time or early. And if you are making lots for them, you can manually request a payout. The support is GREAT! I wouldn't write this CPAGrip Review if I didn't think so.

cpagrip payment proof

What Type Of Lockers Does CPAGrip Offer?

There are two styles of ads it offers as well, locker ads and affiliate links. These offer great flexibility when trying to get your links in front of your clients. The backend has all the stats that any professional affiliate marketer could ever want.  Getting the most out of your marketing efforts has never been easier than having real time stats on how things are going and what the horizon looks like. Do some tweaking to your advertisements and see what is getting more traction, in real time!

Some of the components of the backend end tracking include:

  • Top Country
  • Yesterday's Earnings
  • Monthly Earnings
  • Chat
  • Your Account Manager contact Info.
  • Top Performing Offers
  • Recently Added Offers
  • Commissions
  • Revenue
  • Clicks
  • View and more!


Why Would You Use CPAGrip?

cpa grip review

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, CPAGrip is definitely worth checking out. There are many things offered by CPAGrip's publishers as well. And, things such as high paying offers are certainly in abundance here. We honestly wouldn't we writing this CPAGrip Review if we didn't like the platform. There are so many CPA locking softwares out there!

They have over 2000 active campaigns with multiple payment methods and quick payments. They have a great referral program that lends itself well to the industry and market of affiliate marketing.  

It has a quick and easy sign-up option that doesn't take forever or is so overly complicated your referral decides to give up either. If you ask the staff they will generally push through an application too. 

Monetization Tools

It offers 5 different monetization tools as well.  These tools are Virtual Currency, Offer Walls, Video Lockers, Content Lockers and URL and Download Lockers.  

Virtual Currency is available for the publishers to set up on their own terms.  

Offer Walls will show the latest offers from the providers and what the payouts are for that offer.  Anytime someone completes an action within the offer you get paid.

Video Lockers are videos that are locked up until your client completes whatever task it is they need to complete to see the video and information.

Content Lockers is content locked, just like Video Lockers, your client would need to complete the task to see the content that is useful to them.

URL and Download Lockers, this allows you to lock a file or download until you complete the offer in the order.  Once your client completes the needed information your download will become unlocked.

How To Get Paid With CPAGrip

There are three ways to get paid with CPAGrip, however, they do have a $50 minimum. The three ways are Paypal, Payoneer, and ACH and it uses CPL, CPS, and CPA as revenue models to pay all its users.

CPAGrip offers referral programs, as most affiliate offer programs do, and that is 5% for life.

Is CPAGrip Worth Signing Up To?

Sites that promote CPAGrip should not be built strictly for advertising and should have other content than advertising on it. When signing up, your website should not say under construction and do not sign up for more than one account.  

And, do not complete your own offers, they must be completed by your visitors. As with any other affiliate program, there are rules to follow and doing so keeps the community a better place.

CPAGrip Review: Final Verdict

If you are interested in the great CPA marketing, then CPAGrip is certainly worth looking into.  CPAGrip has 1000's of offers, so there is surely something you can find that would work with your current sites, or start up a new site. 

Like our CPAGrip Review or want us to check out other CPA locker software? Then leave a comment below and let us know!

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  • Hi,
    I have checked out your review of CPA Grip, it’s very helpful and informative.
    I’m interested in CPA marketing, but i don’t have website, without website can i do this business?

    • Hi Jayaram,

      Yes, you can, however, it is a lot harder and you need to be more creative. Once you get enough money you need to look into building your own assets asap (Websites, Youtube etc)

  • Hello,
    I have a situation and can’t find the solution. Maybe hou can help me, I will appreciate.
    I am from an European country and I want to preview the cpagrip usa cpa offers page, but I can’t, and I try with some hidemyass free websites but it gives me an error. How I can preview the usa cpa offer page? Can you recommend me some solutions?
    With respect,

    • Hi Relu,

      You would have to use a VPN to check from that country. Things like hide my ass don’t work too well anymore. You can try Hola if you’re after something free but it may be slow!

    • Once you make more sales and prove yourself on the platform, you can request to move to a Net 14 or Net 7 payout threshold.

  • I am Nigerian. Signed up but could only get a monthly payment offer. Is this good? Or is there something I can fo about it?.

  • >