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Creating Your SEO Content

Creating SEO content is a daunting task for many. The end goal is you want something that is easy to read, but you also want to make sure Google will reward you for that content.

This is where content marketing comes in to play. In this guide we will show you how to structure your content so you can kill two birds with one stone!

1. The information and descriptions about products that you come up with should consist of content that is rich and descriptive. Avoid using descriptions that are provided by product manufacturers because the content is already widely available across the web.

Unique content offers useful information to potential customers and can significantly enhance the visibility of your site in Google search results. You can add video product demonstrations, user reviews and other forms of rich content to your site. The performance of content in search results depends on how compelling and original the content is.

2. Navigate to the Google Product Search section and submit your business’ product catalogue.

3. Make use of as many product images as possible. The images should consist of alt text and captivating captions.

4. Do not publish stubs. Users hate seeing pages that contain no content. For this reason, you should avoid placeholders. Avoid publishing empty pages. For instance, if you own a real estate website in Washington that has no listing for Everytown, WA, do not publish a web page such as http// containing the message “Unfortunately, we have no listing for Everytown at the moment”. Since visitors hate coming across pages such as this, avoid them.

Providing information to Google

Navigate to Google My Business and then add your company or other form of business to it. The information you provide can help the search engine provide the best and most relevant results to people looking for businesses on Google maps and in web search as well. In some countries, it’s possible for you to offer coupons that will be displayed to potential customers who come across your site on the Google Maps.

Your business shouldn’t be added to many categories. Just add it to at most two representative and carefully picked categories. If the current appearance of your business is incorrect, update it using Google My Business.

Your address information should be available in plain and clear text on your site’s home page or one of the important pages. It’s very useful to visitors. In addition to that, it can help Google to list your business site more effectively to local users. The About Us page should contain relevant information such as a map and address. You can also consider using Google Maps to insert a map, personalized maps, driving directions or a local search.

Make use of top level domains to take care of country-specific content. For instance, Google can know that .ie refers to content focused on Ireland, rather than using HYPERLINK “” and http// If you own a top level domain that isn’t geographically biased (for example .com, .net and .org), consider using Google Search Console to relate your business site to a preferred geographical location.

In case you create relevant mashups for Maps, you can incorporate KML files in a good Sitemap to make sure that users find the mashup site without difficulty. KML is the exceptional file format for Google Earth that is ideal for modeling and storage of Geographical data.

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