By Michael Pedrotti on February 3, 2020

Hey what's up guys, Michael here to talk to you about a new way to make money online, called Drop Servicing

But actually this isn't really a new way of making money online it's just an old way of making money online that has a fancy new term.

What Is Drop Servicing?

Honestly, I like this coined term called Drop Servicing because it's very easy to understand when compared to something like Drop Shipping. If you know what Drop Shipping is, then you can probably guess what Drop Servicing is. 

Just as a refresher.....

Drop Shipping is finding a product that somebody else makes and reselling it for a markup on your own store. 

Drop Servicing is finding a service somebody else provides and selling it to a customer for a large markup. 

The only difference is that you're working with a service versus a product.

One of the lowest barriers to entry to making money online is providing a service to somebody else.

The reason being is because customers value their time more than money and are willing to hire people to do things like create logos, think up business names, write content, install SSL certificates, create videos, create packaging and all other kinds of things.

The issue is, most people starting to make money online don't have the skill necessary in order to provide those services. That's where Drop Servicing comes in. 

You don't do any of the work. You find somebody else to do the work and simply pass the communication on to the customer and to the service provider and collect the money.

Essentially becoming the middle man!

My Personal Experience Drop Servicing

About a year ago SSL certificates became mandatory by Google Chrome browsers if you didn't want to see a warning in your website browser when people visited your website. 

I knew a lot of customers would freak out about this warning that people would see on their websites.

So I went to Fiverr and found somebody who would install SSL certificates for $5. 

SSL Cert Drop Servicing

I then went and sold the SSL certificates for $99 to website owners who had the Google Chrome browser warning and they didn't have an SSL certificate installed. 

All I had to do was drive traffic to my sales page using a landing page builder like Clickfunnels and then pass the communication back and forth between the provider and the customer.

Super simple right?

Honestly guys I know you are reading this and thinking this is just too complicated and just don't know if it will work etc but honestly guys, I need you to really listen here.

The easiest way to start making money is providing a service to people. It literally is the fastest way to start making money within the next 24 hours.  Side note: We cover the second fasted way to start making money online in our How To Start Affiliate Marketing guide.

So for example with look at this chart I provided that shows you some of the pros and cons as far as time frame goes for the different ways to make money online and why drop servicing is simply the easiest and fastest way to get started.


Literally guys with very little investment you can be making money with drop servicing within the next 24 to 48 hours I know it sounds like an exaggeration but it really isn't. I'll show you why.

I have a challenge for you. Give yourself a $50 budget and I want you to turn that into $500 in profit in the next 14 days.

I think that is an insanely reasonable goal.

How To Get Started


Here's all you need to do.  I'll dive into more detail in each of these so that you have a step-by-step action plan further down the post. Plus at the very end of the post I'm going to give you a super cool unknown hack that not many people know about when it comes to drop Servicing.

Our 14 Day Challenge

Here's your checklist to turn $50 into $500 in the next 14 days

FREE Import our exclusive done for you sales page so that you don't have to create one. Don't worry we're going to show you how to build your web page without actually writing any of your own content or creating any of your own videos later in the post.

Pick out an awesome domain name for your new business. I have a list of recommendations on how to name your business so that you don't pigeonhole yourself when you're trying out different services.

Pick the service you're going to drop service. And reprice it for a healthy markup. We'll talk more about what services you should drop service and the kind of markup you should use further down the post. We'll also have some Pro tips included like having a backup service provider for those situations where one guy flakes out on you.

$50… Drive traffic to your landing page using one of our three methods. Two of the methods are free and one is paid. All three of them will work, it's just a matter of picking the one that you feel most drawn to.

Here if were you get the our full Drop Servicing System. It includes

  • The system you will use to run your business
  • The template I have created for you
  • The 14 day challenge checklist
  • Access to my group
  • Drop servicing ideas you can use to get started

Oh and did I mention its free?

Step Two: Pick Your Drop Service Provider

Pick Your Drop Service Marketplace

Finding the best drop service starts with using the right marketplace! There are only two market places that I trust: Legiit and Fiverr. Here's a list of other Fiverr alternatives if you want even more options. In my opinion, Legiit is better when it comes to technical tasks like SEO, writers, keyword research, social signals, generating reviews, generating YouTube views, Facebook likes, website speed optimization etc… Fiverr seems to have an edge over Legitt on creative tasks like video editing, book cover design, packaging design etc… Although Legiit does have a couple of great logo providers as well.You can expect around 24 hour delivery times on Fiverr and 72 hour delivery times on Legiit. It’s a bit longer on Legiit for the quality.

Pick Your Drop Service Niche/Industry

I outlined my best drop service niches in the graphic below. I underlined the ones I would focus on first. Pick one of the following:


If you’re going after Amazon Sellers, Authors, and Realtors… I would recommend using Fiverr. Fiverr even sees these as big opportunities as they mention them in their main navigation under INDUSTRIES. For example:


If you want to go after Local Businesses, I would suggest going with Legitt and focusing on helping local businesses with their social signals, Google reviews, writing, local SEO, Google map packs, press releases etc.

Press releases sound boring and "corporate", but entrepreneurs use this service for SEO and so they can legitimately say, "As seen on Fox, CBS etc..." because providers syndicate the press releases to those big sites.

Pick Your Drop Service Provider

Now that you have your drop service niche, finding your drop service provider is really easy.Just type in a “one word” keyword related to that niche on Fiverr or Legiit and then sort by the most popular.For example, search one of the following words on Fiverr: book, realtor, amazon:


On Legiit, it’s even easier. You don’t have to even enter a keyword. All you have to do is hit the search button without entering a keyword. Then, sort by MOST POPULAR. This will give you a list of the most popular service providers on the entire site.


Don’t overthink it, just pick one of the best providers for your niche on either Fiverr or Legiit. Now that you have your provider, it’s time to update your sales page and start driving traffic to it to make money online with drop servicing!

Step Three: Send Traffic To Your Drop Service Sales Page

You’ve got your sales page up and your service provider all picked out. The final piece is to start driving traffic to your landing page. Since we only have $50 to spend with the 14-Day, you’ll want to sharpen up your training

  • Google Ads ($50)
  • Local Business Email Outreach (FREE)

Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords)

I love starting with Google text ads before I try anything else. Google Ads are so easy to learn and setup compared to Facebook ads. Also, when people are searching on Google for a service, they have HIGH intent to purchase.

You’ll use up your $50 budget quickly if you don’t know what you are doing, so make sure and watch the FREE Ad Skills course that’s included with your 14-ClickFunnels free trial, which you are already using for your sales page. 

When you are watching the Ad Skills course, jump right to Module 4, which is titled “Bulletproof Adwords Ads”.


Action Items

  1. Watch the Adwords module (4 hours)
  2. Research Your Keywords (20 minutes)
  3. Create Your Google Ads (30 minutes)

Facebook Group Posting

There is a non-spammy way to post inside of Facebook group promoting your service, which I’ll show you in a bit. 

There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

  1. Find FREE Facebook groups
  2. Find PAID facebook group (under $50 since you’re on a budget)

What do I mean by paid Facebook groups, and why would you want to pay for a group when you can join a free one?

Paid Facebook groups are membership communities typically led by gurus in their given niche. 

For example, have you ever heard of the best selling author, Michael Hyatt? He runs a membership community called Platform University. High achieving solopreneurs pay him $30 per month for access to his videos and more importantly, their active Facebook group.

But, why would you want to pay? 

Well, think of it like buying ads for one month for access to entrepreneurs actively trying to grow their online businesses. They will have a much higher intent to buy a website business-related service than people in free Facebook group. 

Think about it, they have already pulled out their wallets and paid Platform University money to grow their business. 

That means they are highly invested in their business and much more likely to buy than people who are in Free Facebook groups who won’t spend a penny. 

One of the hardest things to do in marketing is to get people to pull out their wallets the first time. But once they start investing in their business with one provider, they are much more likely to spend money with your service as well.

How do you find the right Facebook group?

Search Facebook groups using the same keyword you used to find your service provider on Fiverr and Legiit. For example “book”, “amazon”, “realtor”.

How do you find customers in the Facebook group?

A private message, or heartfelt post to the entire group (if it’s allowed).

Facebook Private Message Example:

Hello, I’m a writer here in {{City}} that has recently got into the business of SEO and SMO work. I live in {{City}} and am a big fan of {{Connect with something they are into here, be genuine}}I noticed you haven't written any content for your website recently and I think it may be hurting your ability to rank in Google and create new leads/customers. I feel like I could help you in this area. Let me know what you think 🙂

Heartfelt Facebook Post Example:

Hey, guys, my name is {{{Name}} and I’ve just started doing {{service}} for local businesses. If there is anyone out there who is looking for {{service}} let me know. I can do a good rate as I'm trying to gather testimonials right now! If you have any questions just ask below!

Action Items

  1. Find Ten Relevant Facebook Groups (30 minutes)
  2. Join and Introduce Yourself (5 minutes)
  3. Post to the group (5 minutes)
  4. Alternatively, search for each specific group for your keyword to see if anyone has been looking for help. If they have, private message them. (15 minutes)

Local Business Email Outreach

This traffic method is completely free, But It will just take some persistence on your part. You are going to search Google for local businesses that have 3 stars or less. Then you will send them an email via whatever method is available on their website.

If they share their email address, then you will use that. If not, you will submit your information to them using their contact form.

This method works because business owners with 3 stars or less are highly motivated to improve their star reviews. 3 stars and below is literally costing them money because most people trust businesses with 3.5 stars our higher.

This method can also work with people who don’t have any reviews when their competitors do have reviews.

For example, if I search Google for “contractors near me”, I can quickly find some leads to contact:


I bet that Twin Cities Masonry and Big-D Construction would love to improve their reviews because they are losing money to their competitors who have much better ratings.  Edd (show above), might even be willing to get some help because he has zero reviews. 

Just visit Big-D’s website and grab his email address on the contact page, or use the free Email Hunter chrome extension to grab it automatically. If you can’t find the email address, then just send your message through the contact form.

Local Business Outreach Message Example

Subject: Review about Big-D ConstructionMessage:Hey! Michael, here. I see that John Doe left you a really negative 1-star review. It’s SO unfair that one poor review like that has such a negative impact on your business! Grrrrr...I think it’s so unfair because only mad customers tend to leave reviews, even though 99% of the work you do is quality. One bad apple spoils the whole batch. Sometimes, it’s even the competition leaving these reviews!Let me know if you want help burying those bad reviews. I know a few tricks that have helped hundreds of small businesses boost their ratings back over 4 stars. I’m in your corner.Cheers,Michael

Important: Don’t sell too hard or provide any links in your message. Wait for them to email you back before you give them the link to your sales page. Your goal of the first email is to get them to reply back to you.

Action Items

  1. Find 15 businesses with bad ratings (20 minutes)
  2. Find their email addresses (20 minutes)
  3. Email them (30 minutes)

Bonus: Scale Up With A New Drop Service

That's it! If you take Massive Action and don't make any excuses you should be able to knock this out in about 72 hours to test it and see if it works. Once you discover that it works it's time to add another service to your tool belt and make even more money.

Conclusion: Is Drop Servicing Worth It?

Drop servicing is literally one of the most legit ways to get started making money online. There is very little upfront time and very little upfront money required to start up.

Overall, I give drop servicing a rating of 8 out of 10.

Who knows, you might even love it so much that you turn into a full-service agency someday!

Article written by Michael Pedrotti
Michael Pedrotti has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals. Having been in the Marketing and SEO industry for 10 years, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.

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  1. I think there is content missing guys? E.g. there is no content under each step: "Step One: Import our drop service sales page template & Set up your domain name"...

    1. Hey mate!

      Yes, that is correct I'm still working on the post and videos to go with it! I'll have it all up soon!

      Thanks for letting us know 😀

  2. An expert in the industry who gives free advice...not just advice, mind you, but valuable advice that isn’t followed by a link to purchase his course. You’re awesome, I really appreciate the time you took to write this article. It’s brutal out there for newbies who are looking for real direction and getting jaded advice from gurus. Thank you again and I look forward to following your lead!

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I'm glad you liked the article. I will have some more stuff (content, templates, and videos) later that will make this the best resource for drop servicing online!

      - Michael

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your article. It sounds too good to be true, while it worth evaluating. When do you provide step one: Drop Service Sales Page Template & Setup Your Domain?!

  4. Nice content, and very on point... Thanks man will try this out, been researching about it, but it just has been better explained...Thank You

    1. Of course, it will work just fine!. Not everyone in developing countries is strapped for cash. However, the beauty of a drop servicing business is you can generally provide that service to anyone, anywhere!

  5. Hi! Stumbled upon this page and article one night while I was deeply into researching and learning. This definitely helped out... was wondering if the step 1 template is available? Thanks!

        1. Hi Ron,

          I'm glad it was able to help get you started! Make sure you join the group and let me know how you are doing!

  6. Hello Micheal,

    first of all, thank you for your great post about drop-servicing. To tell you some facts about me, I'm only 17 and new in the online-business market but this always been a huge interest of mine. My life goal is to be a successful entrepreneur so I thought I should start with something small and grow from there. I've been looking for opportunities to built some passive income for months now and I think Drop-servicing/Service Arbitrage is finally the thing I will go for. Right now I'm researching the heck out this theme and your blog really was a big help for me. I think my first step is to find a good service/niche. After I will build a website with the help of *link removed* and try to get some traffic going.

    Thank you again and have a nice day!


    1. Hey Marius,

      I'm glad my post was able to help you.

      It looks like you're starting at the right age. I truly believe Drop Servicing to be one of the fastest ways you can make money online these days. It sounds like you're on the right track but if I can offer some advice.

      Passive income doesn't come easy, its actually pretty hard to generate something that is truly passive. That's why at your age, put in the hard work, get a nice buffer of cash and then focus more on building the passive/semi-passive methods. You will find is much easier when you have some money to play with.

      Start small, think big!

      Just keep at it every single day and you will become successful!


      1. Hay Micheal

        Damn, thank you for the quick response! I just signed up for your Facebook group, where I introduced myself, and it feels good that you actually actively responding to your fans.
        Yes, that's what I call my biggest advantage. Only being 17 leaves me with so much time to built my destiny. Yes, I totally agree with you there. So my plan is to stack some cash now and then start a startup and evolve it into a tec-unicorn.
        Another big factor is that I have a likeminded friend who will join my one my journey to success! Believe me, I'm 101 per cent dedicated to putting all the work into building up my future, starting out with building up passive income. Idc about the time it takes all I care about is when I go to sleep and I can say to myself I'm one step further to reaching my goal

        Thank you for your overwhelming support and I hope we can help each other in the future!

        If you want to know any more details about me feel free to ask me anything.

        Have a nice day

  7. Hey Michael, thank you for this article, very interesting!
    Do you know if I need to open a real company with a vat number (here in Italy we call it "partita IVA") for start dropservice?

    1. Hi Igor,

      Yes, you will need to set yourself up as a business and claim the income you make to the taxman. That being said, at the start you should focus on just getting business and worry about that after you're starting to make some money. It's added stress when you're just starting out.

  8. Hi Michael, thanks for this great article! So much value in it. I'd like to start my own Dropservicing business. My concern is setting up a company - I'm from Poland, I had my own business there few years ago, but I don't want to do it again. Now, I actually live in Asia. Any advice for me? Where to set up a company? If I'd like to target US market - shall I open an LLC in US then? (I found a way how to make it remotely). Any idea how to provide phone service, if a customer want to call, and not spend all money for it (since I live in Asia). Looking forward your ideas 🙂 Cheers

    1. Hey Jasmine,

      Thats a tough one! I'm actually in the same position as you. When I was getting started I ran everything through my Australian business. That way I had some where for mail to get posted etc. It just made it easier dealing with my own people. It is possible to setup an LLC in the USA, however you don't need to do that to target those customers. You can run the company from anywhere, as long as you have a stripe account where they can pay you using a credit card its all the same to them.

      That said, if you do start a business in the USA and things take off there, you would have an oppertunity to migrate there if that was your plan.

      I'm not sure if that answered your question but i guess it comes down to 1, what is easiest for you to get paid and pay taxes, and 2, is it easy for your customer to pay you using their native payment methods.

      You are on the right track targeting USA though. Lot's of people there need help with stuff.

      As for the phone number you can use Skype for this. You can have up to 10 phone numbers for different countries for your account. Another benefit of this is people are able to SMS your numbers too and it will go directly to your Skype account. Here is the link - https://secure.skype.com/my/skype-number

      If you need anymore help just reach out


      1. Hi Michael,
        Thanks for quick reply. You're awesome! I really appreciate that you are willing to share your experience. I need few more clues to start this business in a right way. May I ask you to reach me via email, please. I'd like to start my 15-day challenge, but still struggling with few things (e.g. I'm in Thailand now -no Stripe in this country. How to overcome this?). Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you:)

        1. No worries at all! The best thing to do would be to jump into our Facebook group here and you will be able to connect with not just me, but a bunch of freelance marketers and entrepreneurs.

          As for Thailand, you would have to look into something else like Alipay or PayPal express. Anything that can process a business credit card would do. I know we have a few people from Thailand in the group but as far as I know, they run their business from the UK

  9. Hey there. Just read your article and hope you respond. I have a very specific question regarding starting a dropservice website. "What about the website?" As in, i followed your link to clickfunnel and they offer a free trial, yes. But i question if we'll be able to get clients in that short period of time. So, i wanna ask, are there any other platforms, wordpress for example, where you can make a dropservicing website that'll cost cheaper in the long run?

    1. You can do a WordPress website if you want to use something like Elementor, but there are a few reasons why we don't offer that.

      1. It's wayyyyy to slow to get something up and running. You are comparing 15 mins to get Clickfunnels up and running with our template compared to about 5 - 10 hours with WordPress.
      2. You need to manage the backend of WordPress, which means your focus is taken away from setting up the business itself.
      3. WordPress isn't really built to sell like Clickfunnels, you will need to connect all your payment processors manually.

      The $97 really isn't that much to pay per month considering everything is managed for you. You simply have to focus on your business. Getting clients in that time frame depends 100% on you putting yourself out there to make the sale but it is more than possible.

  10. Hi Michael

    Thanks for this article on Drop Servicing - I really enjoyed reading it.

    You mentioned that you were giving your readers a super cool unknown hack but I don't know if I missed it or was it to "SCALE UP WITH A NEW DROP SERVICE"?

    I'm not sure if it was that?....
    But I would really like to know. Otherwise an awesome read. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Mo, It's coming soon in the final version of the Drop Servicing course 😀

      Something that literally NO ONE is talking about! Stay tuned.

  11. Hi. I really happy to read your writing about dropship which are so simple and clear. However, may I ask one technical questions? Actually how to setup a dropservice website that enable we the provider to communicate with the client? Using livechat? Hope you may advise me. Thanks

    1. Hey, thanks for reaching out. For live chat, you would need something like Help Scout to do that. However, it's better to either collect their email address or get them to your Facebook page for something more personal in my opinion.

  12. Hey Michael! Thanks for this great article.
    I've chosen my niche and am going to get started on my website, and I'm really excited to get going, but I'm only 18 and quite worried how I will handle the communication with the corporate companies. Let's say they want a phone call to clear things up, I'm not that technical so what do I say? Is it possible to just sell the service without experience?
    Thank you!

    1. This is where you get better by having more phone calls. There is no real way around that one. However in saying that, I generally try and stick to emails as then everything is on record and it can save your butt later down the road.

      For Drop servicing, I wouldn't really offer a phone number to be honest.

  13. Hello,
    Great article!

    I was wondering how I could see the ad training, because when I'm clicking the link it is taking me to click funnels...

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Gio,

      The Ad Skills training is inside Clickfunnels under FunnelFlix. You can find it by going to the right-hand side of your Clickfunnels dashboard and finding it there. This is why we suggest using Clickfunnels as it gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started 🙂


  14. Hi Michael, thank's for this awesome article full of value. How can I handle phone calls as a none english native? Can you suggest any good service taking over this part as well? Will you make a list with more high ticket biz ideas?


    1. Hey mate, Its possible to just give them a number with a voice mail only. And then just reply via email if needed. Generally, try to keep it all online if possible.

      I will add some more ideas to the list in the next week so make sure you go back and check it then 🙂


  15. Hey Michael,

    Great post man!

    I've seen you in one of the SEO groups on Facebook previously and only just found your site.

    I'm kind of interested in/new to SEO and was thinking of getting into that market.

    So, my idea is to start with basic SEO (outsource it to Legiit basically) then offer more digital marketing services like PPC and lead gen.

    Do you find this method viable for someone relatively new to SEO, especially outsourcing it to Legiit part?

    Plus is it manageable to pack it up and offer as a complete service since we are using multiple vendors?

    Initially, I was considering white label providers but I feel more drawn to legiit and its community.

    Thank you! Hopefully, I wasn't bombarding you with a ton of questions.

    1. Hey Brock,

      Thanks for the kind words and glad to hear you're interested in Drop Servicing.

      Yes its totally possible to outsource all your SEO to Legiit.

      However if you are going to drop service SEO, it will be harder to get started with getting clients on autopilot.

      You will be doing more manual work but the retention of clients is worth the payoff.

      Starting an agency is a GREAT way to build capital fast. Especially if you're selling services at $1000 per month on a retainer.

      This will allow you to fund other income streams faster.

      You will actually find there are lots of providers on Legiit who will do white label full service SEO too.

      I hope this helps. Reach out if you have more questions mate.


  16. Great article!
    I see you are full of knowledge & I really wanted to ask you this.
    I'm 17 year old and live in Lithuania (EU) and my question would be:
    - How should I setup this business, would sole proprietorship work?
    Huge thanks for any answer!

    1. A sole proprietorship will work, but I suggest you see if you can make sales first before getting held up by that aspect.

  17. Hey I'm 16 years old and is looking into making some money, because of Covid-19 I can't work in stores, I was wondering if it was possible for me to get into drop service. If I can get into drop servicing, what advice or help can you provide me?

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