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Ebook Templates To Make You Look Like A Design Expert

The journey of creating a great eBook is not walk in the park. It is swimming with a shark with no protective gear. The process is long, and there are a couple of things on the to-do list that needs to be checked off. Any assistance that comes your way should be received with open arms. A template on an eBook makes the process a little bit of a rollercoaster. 

A template defines the layout, the color scheme, and typography of the eBook. The look of the eBook is mainly dictated by a template with not much hassle; you make a few changes here and there as you go on.

What informs the kind of template to use is the content of the book. A recipe book will have a different template than a motivation or fitness book. The best way of going about it is to check and search before deciding which id suitable. A little research won’t hurt.

It is possible to brand an eBook with a template. It allows you to choose your preferred colors and theme. The logo will also be selected by the owner.

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EBook Templates Platforms 

The three leading platforms that support eBooks are PDF or DOC/DOCX, EPUB, and MOBI (for Kindle).

When designing templates, they are a couple of online platforms that help in the designing process, and you customize for yourself. Images and text will add them yourself, and once done, you can export in PDF format and share with the rest of the people. These sites are not free; you have to part with cash — the work done need to be paid for. 

Design software

These softwares are available for both offline and online use.   Adobe InDesign stands out among many of them. It gives the best results, and your eBook will stand out among the rest. To learn how to use it takes time and effort, and any level of impatience will not be helpful. In terms of budgeting, you should not have a shoestring budget; good money will make work easier.

You can edit using Ms. Office, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and slides. The editing process is much more comfortable.

The layout of the templates is essential. Although most come with fixed design choosing a better one is good then add your texts and images as you edit and customize.Sites for

EBook Templates 

Adobe InDesign

It has a couple of designs for templates although it not free the best in the market. It has beautiful templates that are interactive and fixed. All types of topics and their templates are available. EBooks for several languages are available. Most templates and design work is done using Adobe InDesign. When it was first launched in 2000, it didn't gain much traction because of its predecessor QuarkXPress. Slowly it came to beat it.


Since it is the dominant software in the market most people favorite due to its excellent work, they are plenty of good tutorials in the market. If you prefer books or videos, they are all available.

User interface

It is a massive program that is hard to go through every feature exhaustively. The help section of the program will be helpful to those who have not interacted with it much. From the design phase to editing and publishing a few guidelines will be of help. 

It is made in a way that is easy to customize digital projects created by it. The user is king here; more freedom is given to him. Like other adobe programs the toolbox is on the left, customization options and navigations are on the left also and on the top are the tool options.

The workspace is the center. The background is dark but can be changed by the user. You can rearrange everything. Undocking the panels is easy whenever and wherever you want.


  • InDesign full set layout is perfect for print designs and complex interactive documents
  • New users and professionals will find what they want to create their designs with much more freedom. 
  • Typography, imagery, and layout are all at their disposal.
  • The work flow is effortless due to the integration of creative cloud application with libraries when creating a complete document
  • It is easier to master the basics of using Adobe InDesign, which allows a new user to start interacting and experimenting creating designs and materials.
  • Excellent support system on its online platform and help materials available.


  • The subscription cost put off several users in the beginning. Paying a monthly fee for constant updates annoyed a lot of users.


Used mainly by small and large corporations, non-profit entities, schools and of great learning and individuals. It is available on a free trial that expires after some time and a monthly subscription fee kicks in.

Its tutorials are available on live online, documentation and webinars. Customer support is always online. Can be deployed on the cloud, SaaS and the web. The vendor is the company that is found online.

Visme has made boring data come to life by creating engaging visuals that are meaningful. Infographics and visuals formats have been transformed by Visme into engaging presentations.

These engaging stories can be worked on as an individual or a group. These presentations can be in the form of 3D objects, animations, audios, and videos.  


  • It is easy to do most of the things, be it website graphics, print, and emails. Most design work can be done with it.
  • Everyone can use with no prior knowledge in the design and look like a professional.
  • The template library is vast, and their rate of updating is persistent. Creating a new project is very convenient.
  • A lot of customizable templates.
  • It is affordable, and the premium version offers many options and features with great colors and fonts and also a unified theme.
  • Has high-quality infographics and templates.


  • Stores a few projects. Fifteen are very few.
  • Too few fonts. You should be allowed to download your fonts and allowing more than five fonts for the standard package.
  • There is no tablets and smartphone version available.
  • It does not allow copy and paste option from another document and tool. Labeling of the toolbar and tools will be helpful.


It is among the newest designing tools in the market. Depositphotos launched it. It was mainly made for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers. EBooks, videos, and advertisements are created well using Crello. For to customers are coming to your website you need attractive visuals for product and service description. Images and graphics give a better picture and seem to excite more people. The templates that can be used for EBooks are many, and more are being added frequently by a team of web designers. Your work will be to select the template and walk your way to a lucrative business. 


  • Has a collection of 60 million free photos, 11000 templates, and a video library.
  • Inbuilt photo editor with design tools.
  • Animated design and Maker
  • Marketing blogs.
  • It gives an option of having you on files and fonts that are customized to its platform with no cost at all.

Cello is easy to learn and gives you the freedom to manipulate and customize your work for your preference. There are more varieties of options to choose from. Its pricing is fair for different plans and has the option of upgrading. 

Before you start using it, you need to sign up and save your projects for future edits. The length of your template needs to be customized to the preferred size. There are many templates to choose from. 

Background images, texts, and objects are incorporated at this stage and more tools to do all that is on the left. You are allowed to upload photos from your gallery and edit them using the tools and filters available or downloaded.

Texts fonts and their sizes can be aligned, styled, spaced, and added more color the amount you want and like. Icon and shapes can join in as you save your work. You can then download your design for offline business or task purposes.


  • It is easy to use with thousands of good template for business flyers and business cards.
  • There are no any fees, unlike other graphic software that charges more.
  • Has a myriad of elements in its library in its advanced and pro plan.
  • Useful resources in the video designs and images sections.


  • It does not give the options of customizing animation colors and is cumbersome to align objects using guidelines and rulers.
  •  There no as at now the standalone Android or mac Application. This makes you all use the browser, which is cumbersome.
  • The clunky interface should be looked into; it should be flawless. Navigation should be seamless.
  • Typography and colors brand assets are not manageable on this application.


It is a design platform that is simple and enables organizations and businesses or even individuals to amazing quality designs. In the case of eBooks, their templates can be created very well. Its online presence gives a wide variety of tools and options to manipulate photo, graphics, and fonts.

It is reliable and user-friendly. An idea in mind could be a stunning design on paper. Canva got you covered on your graphic design solutions.

Amateur and professional designers can do their work correctly and come up with great products. The search function allows you to check a library of images and background built the stylized text. The photos available are premium, and you will be charged as low as $1 per copy if you choose to download them. It is affordable to almost everyone. 

Too many options spoil the broth. Canva gives you a handful of picks, and its palette is 5-8 colors for your color scheme. Designs made by Canva are sophisticated. 

Its main features are; photo frames, web wireframe, stickers, badges, 8000 templates, image cropper, and many more.


  • Easy to use and learn for beginners
  • It is free to use if you have your photos.
  • Has integration with stock photo image bank and is very consistent.
  • Has millions of fonts at users' disposal.
  • Encourages collaborative work by allowing users to leave comments for further discussion.


  • Does not have page grids or alignment tools.
  • Few for designs and palette.


It is the best design software to handle eBooks services. Whatever direction the nature of the eBook wants to take Lucidpress will offer excellent and polished work. It is used in any format of the book.

There is a free trial version and an upgraded membership version. Educators and students can receive a level of service of your choice for free. After signing up a well laid out interface and functions will be all yours.

Each user must have a password for your work protection, and you can style and design your eBooks and also have the advantage of translating to other languages. Apart from creating eBooks, you can sell them. 

It is also suitable in creating digital magazines family photo albums and pictures. The templates are mainly for education and business purpose. Many writing formats are allowed. You can import documents and photographs from Dropbox. 

Its features include drag and drop text boxes, recrop of images, fonts and allow the upload of others and many more


  • Sound and video can be added to your project even with minimal space on the site.
  • All eBooks formats like PDF, HTML, and MOBI are accepted.
  • EBook makers software encompassing options are echoed by lucidpress
  • Has an email service for questions.


  • Lacks downloading capability
  • Cannot operate where there is no internet because you need to log in to your account.
  • No manual instruction available on its site although tutorials on its features are available.


It is downloadable at a free cost. You can create a wide variety of documents using Scribus. You can create your template from scratch, or you can choose one from already available ones and use it for your own business.

It is open-source software that works with all operating systems starting from Windows, Linux and Mac OS.  It is friendly to use and can perform the following tasks creating PDFs, color separations, spot color support, and versatile options.

Key features

  • Works well with CYMYK and ICC profiles.
  • Editing documents within different layers is possible and easy.
  • You can import and image and create a multi-page document containing texts, vector graphics, and the image.
  • A pre-flight check before producing PDF files enhances perfectionism.
  • Its drawing tools are more versatile than the usual.
  • Texts are subjected to its node editing tools for refined editing and styling.
  • Presence of flowing texts inside the frame, creating a multipage document.


  • It is compatible with all file formats.no hazardous procedures on working on existing documents, no need of making new documents.
  • This program has numerous beautiful templates that one can customize and use them.
  • The program gives a lot of freedom to achieve your intended output. Scaling a document down into a smaller size will not in any way affect its quality.
  • Its user interface is well designed and intuitive and easy to interact with it.
  • A lightweight program but it can do much with a faster speed.


  • It lacks spellcheck options which its major drawback.
  • Photos need to be kept in the same location consistently, or the program will lose track of them.
  • When working with large files, it needs more memory.
  • Switching fonts does not look elegant and takes a lot of time.
  • Its open-source nature makes it documentation and help resource a little bit disorganized.

Xara Designer Pro

It is the fastest and the most versatile when designing, and it is developed for ambitious professional users. This software works seamlessly with quick results work environment with its excellent user interface. It is an all-round performer.

Its features include color mask, great widgets, improved gallery and templates, shape builder, and color picker. Xara gives you the freedom, and in no time, your ideas come into fruition. There is is a wide range of plugins that are free and commercial. You can download them and upload or export them to the software.

More than live40 in-built live effects are available. Spot colors and color support are also available.


  • Suitable for those who want an easy way with web design with minimal customization and changes brought by editing.
  • Have many templates that can be purchased and are easily customizable.
  • The user has the ultimate control of the program since it is locally installed on your machine.
  • It is easy to learn to use, and there are so many resources for both and online use and easy to design a website from scratch.
  • The software can optimize on your tablet and mobile phone.
  • The software autosaves your work, and once you leave, you can come where you left your work still intact.


  • You need to keep track where you save your files lest the program loses them.
  • Sometimes some design elements are hidden on the back page, and you can miss from using them.
  • If you don’t have access to the computer you installed the software to it hard working remotely because of missing files and some design elements, but you can make a portable version of the software with some little know-how.
  • It emails support system is a bit low and down some of the time. Users are complaining.
  • It is 365 days updates if you don't pay the fee and uninstall and reinstall your software you lose all the updates of the previous year.


It is the friendly and robust online platform for professionals to use good looking visual content in a matter of very few minutes. Anyone with no prior design knowledge can use it to create stunning documents and images with little expertise.

Design bold has numerous templates that are customizable and tailor for various needs. It is easy to customize with drag and drop interface. A model can be created from scratch.  It has millions of images, thousands of font types, high-resolution download, saves directly to Dropbox and you also upload images. 

This software works best with marketers for their brochures, flyers, and posters. It is for business people and entrepreneurs because hiring a designer requires money; it saves the cost.


  • Produces high-quality work with minimal cost.
  • You can make a great product without knowing the ins and outs of the software created for an amateur designer with no design knowledge. 
  • You can create designs not for online-only, but those that are printable and resizing your documents can be done by just one click.
  • There a variety of templates for every niche the number is infinite.
  • Small magazines, blog spots, and little book, especially eBooks, can be made with great features.


  • There is no mobile version for this program the web version rules.
  • More icons and photos need to be added.
  • No grid and rulers.
  • Small bugs here and there make annoying when making small changes.

What Next?

Designing for digital multimedia can be an easy and hard task depending on the software you decide to use and the work you want to do. Companies, individuals, and organization should have a strategy on how to tack their design work.

Some softwares are complicated, while others are easy to use. Some you need an online presence to use some you can download and install them. It is good to try a couple before settling on the favorite one.

Your choice should have a friendly interface with a wide variety of materials to manipulate to come up with the final result. As at know, designing is not cumbersome and takes a few minutes. Free software which can be used with minimal expertise. Making eBooks and other digital media is now a walk in the back, unlike back in the day where it was a significant hassle over to the user and designer for your choice.

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