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how google uses busine information

How Google Makes Use of Business Information

The business details that Google displays usually come from a wide range of sources. You need to be careful what you put online to be scraped by Google. This is something you need to keep in mind when doing any kind of SEO in Singapore or Marketing. They are meant to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information to customers. The details related to your enterprise are obtained from the info provided during the creation and updating of verified business listings and users’ reports, among other sources.

Information contained in Google My Business

If a potential customer looks for your restaurant, for instance, he/she will get to see information that you have added like location and business hours. Additionally, the customer will get to see information that you haven’t directly added, like photos uploaded by customers while enjoying meals and a link to your rich menu. By accessing information that you directly provided and info availed by other parties, the customer can easily get a full picture of what your business entails and even decide whether to visit or not.

How Google obtains business information

The sources of information displayed in your business listing can be broadly classified into four categories:

From yourself

This is information that you have expressly added regarding your enterprise. You have the liberty of adding on the info, editing or deleting it as changes occur to keep customers abreast of any developments. The info can also be used to advertise services and products.


This refers to information obtained from the official website of your business.


This is info sourced from users of Google services. You may not be aware that the leading internet search engine gets lots of information about enterprises from its users. Whenever someone leaves a review, reports a problem or uploads a photograph, your business listing automatically gets updated. The user generated info consists of reviews, photographs and popular times.

Third party sources

This refers to info sourced from other online sources. If the search engine comes across information   about your enterprise that it deems useful to customers, Google adds the information to your listing. Examples include social profiles, hotel facilities and restaurant menus, among others.

Info in local search results

Did you know that Google makes use of information about businesses to surface local search results, like in Google Search and Google Map?

If you run a hair salon, for instance, your business listing may materialize in local search results for those who look for “salons currently open” given that you have provided info consisting of opening & closing hours and address.

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