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How to be safe from impacts of a Google Algorithm update

Google makes various updates to its algorithm including Pigeon, Mobile-friendly upgrades, Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin, etc. The search engine keeps pumping out their algorithm updates with the aim to provide online users best result for their queries. Content marketers, digital marketers or SEO practitioners cannot predict accurately what will be another future update. But, it is necessary for them to know what the latest round of updates are and how could they affect their site. The 2018 google algorithm update leave SEO professionals moving quickly to adapt new updates, especially when it leads to a sudden drop down in the ranking of search engines.

Before understanding the impact of an individual algorithm update, online marketers need to have a complete working knowledge what a specific algorithm is all about. Google is the biggest search engine on the internet because it gives the best and relevant results for all search queries. All of the algorithms updates are made to allow online users get the accurate and relevant answer they are searching for.

There are so many things a webmaster or online marketer can do to make their website less vulnerable to 2018 google algorithm update. Here are some best tips for the interviews with experts that helps to prioritize SEO efforts and protect the site from various penalties.

Keep Site Updated with Clear, Concise and Unique Content

During a discussion with experienced SEO experts, it is found that online marketers should provide the accurate and correct answers to searcher’s queries. Regular content updates on blog, article, homepage, service page or testimonials help search engine ranking algorithm index your site quickly and send ranking signals.

Tried-and-true Basics

Google uses many ranking signals to find the website content that answers the user’s questions. Quality links, keywords, domain and page authority, link source diversity and semantic search are the main ranking factors that have to exist since past few years and believed not to change much in the upcoming days.

Develop a User-Friendly and Quality Site

Go for earning the higher ranking, don’t try to buy it because Google will get penalised the site if it tries to buy ranking. Hence, build a site with easy-to-understand design, unique content, and useful information for the customer who wants to buy your product or service.

Become Active on Social Media Channels

Create social media presence by sharing content and building a connection between the site and social profile on Google+, Facebook, and etc to increase ranking and showing your authority.

Remove Unnecessary Ads

Get in-depth insight at a site to find obtrusive ads. Use only one ad within content and don’t try to exceed the numbers.

Get Good Backlinks from Popular Sites

Get quality and genuine backlinks by writing articles, blog, and guest posts from high-ranking sites. Take SEO Services in Oklahoma if you don’t know how to avoid links from irrelevant sites.

Taking advantage of the 2018 Google algorithm update, for example as the Google Panda update, it is all up to the SEO marketer optimising the website or the webmaster. To give a practical example, a person who owns a relatively new blog fulfilled only with high-quality content should’ve focused on promoting his blog right after the update, when the competition might have been weakened. As you can see, taking the chance and noticing the benefits from what might seem to be a disastrous update for other marketers, is part of the job of a webmaster.

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