At the end of June 2018, Facebook released a small update, and they did it rather quietly.

How many times have you wished you could see the ads your competition is running, perhaps to get an idea on what they are promoting. Well now you can.

Facebook has actually made this easier than ever (super convenient for us marketers!)

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Yes, really!

Finding your competitors facebook ads is as easy as going to their page and looking in their sidebar, clicking “Info and Ads” and away you go. I know we are normally about SEO but this was too handy not to share. You can also do this on mobile too however you need to click the “i” in the cover photo. Really, they have made finding your competitors ads on Facebook sooo easy. It’s great!

But how can I use this information to my advantage?

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So this is all great but how exactly can I use this information. Well let me give you a crash course in the wonderful world of advertisement.

Advertisement is not rocket science, however there is lots of data and research that goes into Facebook ads. One area where most people fail is they try and reinvent the wheel. While this is great when you have million and millions of dollars to spend, test and design, its not so great for the people who are up and coming in their business. One of the biggest internet marketers in the world John Reese says that you should look at what your competition is doing and see what is working for them.

Discover, Validate and Leverage

You can do this by studying their ad and seeing what they are using.

Check the ad, check the website/landing page, what does it say, what does it ask you to do, how much are they selling their product for, what graphics are they using, what words do they use and something most people forget, WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU BUY!

If you check an ad and come back 2 or 3 months later and its exactly the same, chances are that ad is converting (Unless of course they like running ads and wasting money)

One thing you don’t want to do is go head to head and create a rivalry, however create a Facebook ad that perhaps complements their ads.

Creating the ad itself isn’t going to get you sales, its the entire sales experience.

So now you know how to find competitors Facebook ads, how to use them, whats next.

Well really thats up to you. There is no real answer to this . What we can suggest is find what ads are working, making a good return and then you can scale up from there. If you need help with it then leave a comment below and we will try our best to help you!