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How to Rank Your Local Business in Google

Local results usually appear for users who look for places and businesses in their neighbourhood. The results are displayed in several places across Google Search and Maps. For instance, if you use a mobile device to search for a “Chinese restaurant”, you will see several local results. Google will present a list of Chinese restaurants that you may want to visit.

If you want to improve the local ranking of your business, then you should make use of Google My Business.

What should I do if I cannot find my business?

Your business may fail to materialize for relevant searches in your location. To make it more visible in local search engine results, you should fill out every field in Google My Business. If you provide and update relevant information about your enterprise in Google My Business, the powerful tool can enhance its local rankings on the giant search engine and also improve the presence of your business in Google Maps and Google Search.

Here are the following steps that you should take if you cannot find your business:

1. Submit complete and accurate data

Are you aware that local results are usually in favor of the most relevant Google results for every search, and the search engine finds it easier to match complete and correct information with right searches?

Ensure that all the relevant information about your enterprise is entered in Google My Business.  Doing this will enable prospective customers know what goods or services your business provides, your physical location and when they can come over to buy goods or services. Provide information such as physical address, category, web address and mobile number, among other pieces of information. Updates should be made when any changes in the business occur.

2. Verify your location

If you confirm the physical location of your enterprise, you’ll be giving it an excellent chance to appear for people across products such as Google Search and Google Maps.

3. Keep the hours accurate

When you avail and update information regarding opening hours, closing hours and special hours for special events, prospective customers will get to know the time that they can purchase products and services. The customers will also be confident that your business will be open when they make visits. Nobody likes to make a long trip to a store, only to find it closed.

4. Proper management of reviews

You can have excellent interactions with customers by filing responses to any reviews that they leave.  When you respond to reviews, customers get the impression that you not only value them, but you also appreciate their feedback.

If your customers leave high quality and positive reviews, your business becomes more visible. The more visible an enterprise is on Google, the greater the number of potential customers. Consider creating a link that users can use to express their sentiments. This will encourage them to give feedback.

5. Add beautiful photos

The addition of photos to your business listing enables potential customers know exactly what you are offering. Pictures can help tell stories about your business. If they are attractive and accurate, customers will get convinced that you are selling exactly what need.  A picture is undoubtedly worth a thousand words.

Determination of local ranking by Google

Local results in Google are primarily based on three major factors:

i. Relevance

ii. Prominence

iii. Distance


i. Relevance

It refers to how ably a listing matches what a customer is looking for. Addition of detailed and accurate info about your enterprise enables the giant internet search engine to better understand it and match the business listing to applicable searches.

ii. Prominence

Prominence is a term that refers to how widely known your business is. There are places that have great prominence offline, and Google search results usually make efforts to reflect this phenomenon in local ranking. Famous museums, widely known store brands and renowned hotels that many people are familiar with usually have greater prominence in local search results.

Prominence also depends on info that Google already possesses about an enterprise from across the worldwide web, such as links, directories or articles.

Other aspects that are considered in local search ranking are Google review count and Google review score. If your enterprise gets positive ratings and numerous reviews, its local ranking will substantially improve. Given that the position of a business in web results is an important factor, best practices in search engine optimization are also applicable in local search optimization.

iii. Distance

Distance refers to how far each prospective search result is from the location term utilized in a search. In case a user fails to give a specific location in their search, the giant search engine automatically calculates the distance depending on what is widely known about the user’s location.

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