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4 Ways To Rank Your Youtube Video With SEO (Fast)

In this article I’m going to show you 4 ways you rank your Youtube video with SEO… FAST!

I have used this exact same process to rank even the strongest keywords. This method allowed us to rank page #1 for “SEO Singapore” in just a matter of weeks.


syndrank proof

We will even show you a bonus way to help rank them that is EXCLUSIVE to Syndrank.


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Tip 1: Keyword Research

A strong part of Youtube SEO is finding the right keyword. You want to optimize your entire on-video SEO around this word.

Here is the way you find a keyword.

What is your video about? Are your videos about cats? To often we see people start their channels with names like “Mikes Vlog #1” for example. While this is fine for people with established audiences, Youtube isn’t going to know what your content is about.

Lets say this video is about “Cat Scratchers”, We type that into the search bar and we get these results:

cat scratcher results

So, why do these results matter over a keyword planner?

Well these results are what Youtube is actually looking for. You can really narrow it down here. Just like google, Keyword optimization plays a huge part in showing relevance  to your content.

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From here, Write down the Top 4 keywords related to your video.

For this example, Lets say our video is reviewing some cat scratcher poles. Im going to pick these keywords

Cat Scratcher Pole
Cat Scratcher Review
Cat Scratcher Post
Cat Scratcher Toy

After we have chosen our keyword, We need a MAIN KEYWORD. Already I am planning the title of my video. This has to contain your keyword. Since my video is about reviews, My title will be “5 Cat Scratcher Poles Reviewed”.

If we break this down, You can see the main keyword is  at the start of the title!

This is important as both Google and Youtube prefer front loading of keywords. I have also incorporated the amount of items I’ll be reviewing. Why? because people LOVE NUMBERS.

Another way to get LSI keywords is to simply type your search into google, then scroll all the way down to the bottom.

Have you ever seen those top 10 channels and how they all have hundreds of thousands of views? now you know why!


Tip 2: On-Video Optimizations

This is where it gets interesting,

After you decide what your video is about, we need to do some on page optimizations. This is one of the biggest places people get it wrong.

The voice content of your Video ACTUALLY MATTERS!

A factor that has recently become more and more relevant is voice search so we need to incorporate that into our video.

A recent study has shown that using your keyword in the audio of your video helps gives your video an SEO boost. This may have something to do with the automatic closed captions. So for your review video, What this means is your shouldn’t just have a video with a silent or music audio track, you should actually be talking in the video.

Keywords, Keywords and more keywords

Youtube’s ranking algorithm is much more dated than google, Thats why some old principles apply here. Here is a quick list on where you should have your keywords for your video

  • Place your keyword in the file name before upload (eg. keyword here.avi).
  • If you can, change the properties of the video to contain your keyword.
  • In the video description 2 or 3 times (make sure your main keyword is right at the start of the description).
  • MAKE SURE you fill out your tags, Put your main keyword at the front and the rest afterwards.

This may seem a little black hat, but you can actually put

Advanced Youtube options – The best part?

This section is great for updating options such as captions. One of the major things you want to set here is the RECORDING DATE

Now why does that matter?

Well it tells both Youtube AND google that it is a new video. This is GREAT for showing a client how fast you can rank their video. Even if your video has no views or authority, There is a chance it will still show up in google as it was uploaded TODAY.

BONUS: You can actually go back to your video at a later date and change the recording date to “TODAY” and it will have the same effect.

That’s not all…

If this is a local video, You can also set a location for your video and it will have a much higher chance to show in the local results.

Tip 3: Looks MATTER!

Now we have our text SEO setup, Its time to focus on CTR (Click Through Rate). This isn’t so much going to help your rank, however it will increase the chance of getting shared getting embeds and social signals (We will talk about that later)

Catch someones eye

When you scroll down Youtube, are you looking at the text or is the image the thing thats capturing your attention?

If you said the image, Then you would be in the majority of people who browse youtube. What I like to do, is look at the competition and see what colour would stand out when put next to their video. I would pick a colour that is the opposite of what they are using. Notice that Revolist video has a blue Thumbnail?

While its not the greatest example, it does stand out compared to the other videos.

What is a search excerpt and why does it matter?

A search excerpt is the text you see when scrolling down the Youtube search results. It looks like this….


The BIGGEST mistake we see people doing is putting their Keyword followed by their URL straight away.

This is a HUGE NO NO

What you want to do is to make a twist on your keyword, make it someone people want to read on with. Lets take our cat examples from earlier. Instead of having

Cat Scratcher Toy – www.catscratchertoy.com

You would have

6 AMAZING Cat Scratcher Toy’s That My Cats ABSOLOUTLY LOVE to play with. 

or even simply

Cat Scratcher Toy’s That My Cats ABSOLOUTLY LOVE to play with.

Of course you can have your URL down in your description further, but this will help people when they initially see your video in the results.

Tip 4: The hard work starts… or is it?

This is where the hard work starts.

Well not so hard, more….. creative.

While i’m not going to go super in depth here. This is the OFF PAGE section of SEO for our Youtube Video. There are 3 major things we need to think of when doing off page Youtube Video SEO.

  • Embeds
  • Social Signals
  • Syndrank Video Ranker

Embeds is fairly easy to do, however finding places to place the embed is a pain. You can get the embed code by clicking SHARE on your Youtube Video. It looks like this.


Pretty much anywhere you can post HTML, you can post your embed. Web 2.0’s, PBNs, Bookmark sites, anything you can think of you want the video. Depending on the competition, Around 100 embeds usually do the trick.

Social signals are much harder to get. For those who don’t know what social signals are, it is every time someone likes your URL on social networks. While this may seem simple, It sends a strong message to Google.

Now this is great, but whats the catch?


This is why we created our Syndrank Video Ranker. Its super simple to use. All you need to do is add your Youtube link, and it will auto embed to Web 2.0, PBN, Social Bookmarks, Social signals and more. You can read more about there here.

Of course you can do it all manually, but for this its best simply to automate the process.

Do you have your own way you rank your videos? We would LOVE to hear about it. Leave a comment below!

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