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Information about Your Business in Google Knowledge Panel

Whenever someone searches for an enterprise on Google, he/she sees information about it in a box that pops up on one side of the search results. The box that appears is what is referred to as the knowledge panel. Information that appears in the box can enable that potential customer to discover and get in touch with your business. This is one of the things that we look at when setting up your site for SEO for the first time.

Information contained in the Google Knowledge-Graph is what powers Knowledge Panels.

For some categories of business, information displayed in the box may be unique to that particular business type. Hotel listings, for instance, display facilities like swimming pools, wi-fi, concierge services and other facilities offered. It’s important to note that if you run or own a hotel, there are attributes that you can include or change.

How to make your Business appear in knowledge panel

Just like the case is with search results, the appearance of business information in the panel depends on various factors. They include; relevance, prominence of the enterprise as well as distance. Verification of a business provides no guarantee of its appearance in the box.

It’s impossible to pay for or make requests for better ranking of your business on Google My Business, Search or Maps. The search algorithm details are classified to ensure that the ranking system remains fair for everyone.

Social Profile for Your Local Business

Whenever potential customers look for your business on the giant internet search engine, they come across links to your social profiles alongside other pieces of info about your enterprise in the box/ knowledge panel. Google collects information about businesses from a wide range of sources. It may include links to your social profiles to give prospective customers comprehensive info about your business.

The information about the social profiles of organizations is added on to listings automatically if the businesses are eligible.

There are three main factors that determine the appearance of links in business listings:


Do not use different names to represent your organization in your social profiles and business listing.

Structured data

Consider using social profile mark-up on the official website to indicate the specific social profile links that you want to appear in the listing.


Make use of the verification process of the social media site to verify your profile. Taking this important action enables Google to establish that the profile is run by an official representative or owner of the organization. It’s important to note that some social networking sites have elaborate verification processes while others don’t have any.

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