Interfunnels Review: Why We Rated It So Low!

Recently I was approached by a company to review a new funnel building software called Interfunnels. 

Initially I had high hopes that there was another competitor to Systeme IO and Clickfunnels so I was excited to try it out. Back in the day creating landing pages, sales funnels and opt in pages was a hard task. You could spend hours or days creating a page or editing a template and today that simply isn’t the case! 

Unless you’re using Interfunnels!

There are lots of things I don’t like about the software, so bad in fact that I don’t want affiliate commission from it! I’ll be straight up. If you want a cheap funnel builder, then the best you are going to get around that price range is​ Systeme IO

If you want to read on why I have rated Interfunnels poorly then read on in our Interfunnels Review.

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What Is Interfunnels?

Interfunnels is a funnel building software that is touted as easy to use and a feature rich suite to build you sales pages, landing pages, product pages, squeeze pages, opt in pages and more.

You can can also manage your list, create training programs for your members as well as a discussion forum to talk to members with. Yes, a forum module in 2019. A photo is worth a 1000 words. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard.

interfunnels dashboard

This should give you an idea on the functions. It honestly looks like some software from 2007 that has been revamped for some reason.

What Are The Pros Of Interfunnels?

I was struggling to find some positives, however one thing I did like it the amount of payment gateways that it integrates with. However other than if you really HAD to sell a product and use that payment gateway, I can’t find many other positives of this software.

payment gateways interfunnels

Would you use Interfunnels over Clickfunnels or Builderall? Nope. They both offer much more functionality and are more designed for the modern web. The only difference being that Interfunnels has a Membership system and Builderall doesn't (This will be changing in the May launch of Builderall 3.0 however)

What Are The Cons Of Interfunnels?

There are many. Starting from the user interface, the software is super hard to navigate. It doesn’t flow nicely. The design of the software is sloppy at best.

Now usually this won’t be an issue, however its poor attention to detail that follows through the rest of the website. For example check out the alt text of the image below.

poor alt text

This makes me question what the rest of the website is built like, such as the security of my customers and their credit card information. These are real concerns you need to think about when dealing with customers. Having a database stolen with their credit card information is on you as a business!

What Is Building A Page Like?

So far this Interfunnels Review seems like i’m just nitpicking Interfunnels, and while that may be true, in all honesty you could still use Interfunnels if you really wanted to (if you didn’t care about your customers). But once you get to build an actual page this is where it’s just no intuitive at all.

When you go to build a funnel, you are greeted with this screen

interfunnels first funnel screen

Unlike most builders, you select your sequence first. From here you select your funnel steps. After that your page is generated. From here you need to pick a template.

interfunnel templates review

Now the templates included are all very dated and I would be surprised if they converted well. The date on some of them is 2014 so it seems like it was being developed around then.

interfunnels template screenshot

After you have selected your template, you can move onto the Interfunnels Pagebuilder. This is where again, it is really dated. Now while it is more up to date than something like Profitbuilder, Compared to ClickFunnels and Builderall it is dated.

interfunnels screenshot builder

Not only was it broken for our review, but with other software is drag and drop, this, well its click and select. With Interfunnels you need to click to load an element, and then wait for the element screen to load for 3 - 5 seconds. This is really slow and if your time is valuable, this is really the nail in the coffin!

How Much Does Interfunnels Cost?

At the time of this Interfunnels Review, Interfunnels costs $23 USD per month. However it is stated the price will be rising soon. Considering Builderall is only $49 USD per month and has way more features, That is the much better option. If you cant afford $49, you can’t afford to be in business!

So Is Interfunnels Worth It?

No, It’s my job to provide you with an honest, unbiased Interfunnels review. Unfortunately  the software is too dated, the steps to create a funnel are backwards and it doesn’t bring anything new to the funnel marketplace.

I can’t sit here and tell you to buy this software because honestly, it would be throwing time and money away. The price may look attractive but for only $49 USD, Builderall is the much better option if you really are strapped for cash!

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