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Market Hero Review: Should You Buy? (Plus A 14 Day Free Trial!)

Alex Becker is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs out there, so it’s no wonder his Market Hero autoresponder software is so popular.

Market Hero was created so that internet marketers can have everything they need in one place, rather than having data scattered across different applications. It gives you the ability to store and segment email lists, track sales, learn more about internet marketing, and of course auto respond to emails and social media messages.

In this Market Hero Review, we’ll take a look at whether the software can really help you achieve the ‘explosive growth’ it promises.


Since writing this review, a number of people have come forward unhappy with the service and the products promoted by Market Hero. We have tried to reach out to them however we never got a response back. Because of the lack of support we have adjusted our review score. If you're looking for our top pick now, it is Active Campaign.  

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What is Market Hero?

Put simply, Market Hero is an autoresponder. But when you look at everything Market Hero includes, and what it can teach you about sales, advertising and email marketing, it’s actually so much more than a standard autoresponder.

market hero website screenshot

A new look and function to Online Marketing with Marketing Hero.  This revolutionary system will allow you to evaluate and understand every lead you have in your system.  You can segregate all the buyers. This software will sort the tire kickers, from the hot buying leads and the leads that are warm.  There are funnels that can be made within the software. And, it truly is a revolutionary marketing tool.

This tool was the vision of Alex Becker.  He is a self-made millionaire with ideas. Alex got his first brand Source Wave to change his life from a small one-man business to the developer and designer of some of the most used SEO software out there today.  He has these ideas to change the way we do business. And, he finds Saas developers to produce software to improve the way businesses do business.

That's where Market Hero was formed. As Alex Becker was building and growing he realized that there wasn't one software that would allow you to analyze how your leads were growing.  Keeping track of the funnels. And what funnel to send each person too was a complicated mess. The funnel industry was growing. And, marketers took advantage of the funnel software. Lets dig in more to the Market Hero Review.

Who is Market Hero for?

Market Hero is for anyone who runs (or is hoping to run) a lot of their business online. Building a list of leads is essential for internet marketing, and Market Hero can help you grow and store your contact list, and send out emails and messages that convert contacts to customers.

One thing to note about Market Hero though, is that it’s best suited for those who are already making money online. If you’re just starting out and you’re not yet making a profit, it’s worth waiting to invest in Market Hero until your business is a little bigger.

Market Hero VS Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email autoresponders (mostly because of the free plan) out there, so a common question people have is ‘What can Market Hero do that MailChimp can’t?’.

The answer is quite simply, a lot. But here’s a breakdown of what Market Hero offers that you won’t get with a MailChimp subscription:

  • Facebook messenger autoresponder – social media marketing is just as important as email marketing nowadays. So Market Hero focuses on keeping in contact with customers on different platforms.

  • Customer lifetime value calculator – Market Hero tells you exactly how valuable a customer is to your business. For example if there are customers who never open your emails and never buy your products, Market Hero will lank them as less valuable.

  • Fluid tag based contact segmentation – you can split your contacts up into lists based on different elements like gender, value, age etc.

  • Shopify integration and analysis – you can link your Market Hero account with your Shopify and track your customers through their journey. What products do they buy? What links do they click in your emails?

Market Hero Review Pros

Hopefully you now know a little more about Market Hero and what it can offer your business. But now it’s time to delve a little deeper into this Market Hero review. Here’s everything you need to know about the software – the good and the bad (this is an honest Market Hero review, so if we find any flaws, you can bet we’ll include them).

Market Hero can calculate customer value

Not every customer is worth the same to your business. You might have some really loyal customers, who are always buying your products or services, and you might have some customers who just aren’t that interested in your brand.

Market Hero’s customer LTV calculator allows you to sort through customers based on how valuable they are to your business.

You can segment your customers

Being able to segment your customers is one of the most useful features this software offers. You can sort your contacts by a range of different factors, so you can easily create targeted campaigns.

Your leads are safe

There’s a lot of paranoia going around about where to store leads. Are they safe? Are they at risk of a data breach? If I host them with a third party company what’s to stop them selling the leads on?

You don’t need to worry about any of this with Market Hero. They have strict data management policies. In fact, it’s in their contract that they can’t use or sell your contacts. For them to do so would be 100% illegal. Market Hero also has a high security system in place to prevent any data breaches. This is a major thing for our Market Hero Review.

There’s a lot of free training on offer

Once you’ve signed up to Market Hero, there’s a whole range of different training on offer. You can learn more about email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, and sales.

The information you’ll find in the Market Hero training is from one of the knowledgeable and successful people in the marketing industry – Alex Becker himself. This free training is all you need to grow your business and increase your profit. And this is information that you’d pay hundreds (maybe even thousands) for if you were to take a course.

You can always get live support

Nothing is more frustrating than having to spend hours on the phone to support. Market Hero offers live support so that, if at any time, day or night, you’re having trouble with the software or you’re not sure how to do something, you can always get help.

Market Hero rewards loyalty

If you like Market Hero, and you stick with it for a while, you’ll reap the benefits (and not just because your business will be more profitable and productive). They give out gifts like more training courses, books, or even gift cards to long-standing members.

You can create funnels

Sales funnels are all the rage because they really do work. Market Hero incorporates sales funnels into the software, so you can easily set and up and test out different funnels.

You can split test

Split testing is a great way to test out what works and what doesn’t. You can easily set up split tests with Market Hero, and work out the best way to convert leads to sales.

Market Hero Review Cons

It’s a little complicated

The Market Hero interface isn’t laid out in a very simple manner. In fact, it’s all a bit busy. While this is simply because it has so much to offer, it doesn’t make it particularly beginner-friendly.

That being said, there are tutorial videos and you can easily learn how to use the software as long as you set aside time to sit down and learn. ALSO, they have a free training that you can get here

It’s a bit pricey

Market Hero gets more expensive the more leads you have, and it can be quite a big monthly expense. (But if your email campaign is set-up correctly, this isn't really an issue!)

Alex Becker has always been open about his belief that in order to make money online, you first need to put money in. Market Hero is supposed to be an investment. It might be costly, but the idea is that it will help you make more money in the long run.

No Verification

When you add new emails, there is no way to verify your emails before you send them. We suggest using an email verifier such as to clean your list before you upload your list. 

Market Hero Pricing

Market Hero pricing is pretty good and scales like most other auto responder email software out there. While the higher end does cost more, We feel it is worth it for the quality and improvements being made to the software.

Market Hero pricing starts at $19 Per month for 1000 email subscribers and goes up to $950 Per month for their 100,000 subscriber top plan. They also have the ability to handle a custom size email list. It is also worth mentioning that you can also get a 15% discount for paying annually.

The Goal of Market Hero

The development of Market Hero was a brainchild of Alex Becker.  However, it would take top-level engineers, customer-centric team members, and e-mail marketing networks to develop this idea into reality.  The goal was to create an email analytics system that could assist in the metrics. This would offer amazing growth opportunities for businesses.  

In short, it would allow the business owners with a simple glance and a few screen clicks to see what was producing sales and what was not. Working with funnels and tweaking within a few runs.  What was available currently, the market had outgrown. So, rather than having to use various tools that still required a lot of manual teardowns to see how things went, he made Market Hero.

Market Hero is a must for any person that is serious with their online email marketing skills and working in funnels.  Things like selling courses or even products use these types of funnels. The way it works is that it puts a bit of code or a pixel similar to Facebook on the products or pages in the funnel.  

This pixel will then track the movements and purchases of that particular product. It will fire just like any pixel telling the software if someone put that product in the cart and at what phase that customer left the cart or if they purchased.  This helps to understand your conversion rate as well as what that lead cost you and the value over time of that lead.

Market Hero Analyzes Leads

It is simple math, it cost you something to get that lead or customer.  This could be ads ran, SEO work done and funnel costs. Add in the overhead costs, but in simple math 1 lead cost X.  If you sell X one thing then that lead cost you X-the overhead. However, if you upsell and resell to that lead, the value of that lead will go up.  So that $10 lead might turn into big money. That's where Market Hero comes to play. Market Hero can help you see the value of that client for the life of that client.  

market hero tracking dashboard

Market Hero Free Trial

If you’re not sure about whether Market Hero is for you, you can always try it out for 14 days. Their 14 day free trial gives you enough time to try out the software, see what you think, and if you don’t like it, just cancel your membership and you won’t be charged anything. If you have made it this far into our Market Hero Review, Click below and just pickup the free trial and training!

Market Hero Review - Final Thoughts

When it comes down to is, Market Hero is the last autoresponder that most businesses need. While it might not be for you if you are on a shoestring budget or you aren’t ready to invest the time into learning how to use all of its functionality, it is a solid choice for any entrepreneur with a serious interest in building a list to explode their marketing potential.

We hope you have enjoyed our Market Hero Review. Do you think we missed anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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