Network Marketing Course

Network Marketing Course: What One Should You Take?

Over the years there has been lots of different network marketing course come and go, but what ones are worth your time. In this day and age there are so many different ‘gurus’ who claim to have results.

In this post we go over what to look for when selecting network marketing training, as well as what courses we suggest you take if you’re in this industry for the long term.

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What Network Marketing Course Do You Recommend?

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Our top pick right now is Stephen Larsen’s Secret MLM Hacks. If you don’t know who Stephen Larsen used to be the lead sales funnel builder at the company Clickfunnels. He left to create his own home business shortly after and within 13 months won the 2 comma club award (the 2 comma club award is where you earn over $1,000,000 in a sales funnel)

If there is anyone out there you should be listening to right now it’s Stephen. In his course Secret MLM Hacks he shows you methods the top network marketers are using to recruit people to their network and his exact system blueprint. You can check out his free webinar here and see if its right for you.

Things To Look For When Selecting An MLM Training Course

When it comes to mlm training, there are many things you should look for to tell if the course trainer is actually legit.

Are They A Real Person?

This may seem like a really basic thing but are they actually a real person or an avatar. Someone who is invested heavily into their business and brand is going to be everywhere. It is worth doing a quick search to check if they are a real person. Basic I know, but trust me, there are LOTS of fakes out there looking to make a quick buck!

Are They Active On Social Media?

This goes hand in hand with are they are real person. Are they active on social media still? If they are successful and their business is thriving, they will be showing their results, life, strategies and tips on social media. Usually they will be hanging out in their facebook group. These are free to join most of the time so it’s worthwhile going in there and having a look at what people are saying.

Do They Have A Big Facebook Group?

People tend to follow success. A big and active group where people are trying to scrape up every little bit of knowledge is a good indication they are legit.

What Are Their Students Saying?

What are the results of the students, are they the same as the claims that are made on the sales pages? Check the group and see what kind of questions they are asking.

Is The Course Evergreen?

This is a MAJOR thing when taking any course not just a network marketing course. You want something that is EVERGREEN! Now what does this mean. It means that what you’re learning is going to be relevant years down the road.

There is NO point wasting 30 days learning about something that isn’t going to be around in 6 months time. That is the ultimate definition of wasting time, and your life!

Should You Learn Marketing Skills?

Yes! If you’re an entrepreneur (and i’ll assume you are since you’re reading this) then marketing is an essential skill that you need to learn. You need to be able to not only market your products, but market yourself.

List Of Marketing Courses

Here is a list of marketing courses in general that we suggest you take a look at. These aren’t just a network marketing course, these are marketing courses in general that will help you get your products in front of lots of people.

A must have to any network marketing journey is an automation system in place. These will help you!

Books To Help Your Network Marketing Course

Here is a few books that we suggest you read to compliment your network marketing course. These will help you become an expert in the field your in, research and funnel hack your competition, and generate more sales using automation.

Network Marketing Course Conclusion

I hope this has helped you when it comes to picking a network marketing course. We know it can be daunting when you’re getting started but trust me, it’s easy once you get the hang of it. Make sure you check out secret MLM hacks free webinar and have a notepad handy. Write down every little nugget that you see and implement it into your business.

Have anything you would like to add or are you stuck? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you and about your journey!

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