QUICK NOTE: Network Marketing Secrets is a free paperback book AND a free instant download of the Network Marketing Secrets PDF book. You get both.So get your highlighter out.If you are a network marketer and you want to find a way to grow your business online—without bugging your friends and family—then you should get this book.I love books like this because they get to the point. They are “fluff-free,” unlike unpolished podcasts, videos, or even blog posts that tend to ramble off-script.

Books typically go through a rigorous process of brainstorming, outlining, writing, rewriting, deleting, editing, illustrating, and publishing.On average, it takes about 4+ months to write a 140-page business book, which you then get to read/learn in only 4 hours! Kind of amazing if you stop to think about it.And Network Marketing Secrets isn’t just months worth of writing. It’s 20 years worth of the author, Russell Brunson’s, marketing experience.

His marketing expertise includes networking marketing, which is where he got his start and soon worked his way to number #1 in sales. The same marketing secrets that made him #1 at his network marketing company in the past get revealed in this book.

Network Marketing Secrets Review, what is it? Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels® (Clickfunnels is a $100 million company), the author of Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets, is back with a bang. His third book, Network Marketing Secrets, is out, and it is already in the bestseller’s list. Traditional network marketers who are yet to use the internet effectively to succeed in their MLM business will find this book as their Bible. As the name suggests, it has all the “secrets” to use online sales funnels successfully. 


Discussing Different Strategies

Readers will discover unique strategies to market their network successfully. Russell discusses three “lost funnels” that network marketers should keep in mind when they enter the MLM business.

Three Lost Funnels Network Marketing Secrets Review

Funnel 1

The first funnel, also called the 3-way call funnel, focuses on communication with potential customers. Russell thoroughly elaborates how sharing messages and preferences without making cold calls can change your fortune in an MLM business. Whether you are a new marketer or an experienced one, cold calls will mostly land negative responses, and it will affect your business significantly. On the contrary, sharing messages will let customers know about the products or services even if they don’t want it. The more you try, the better the chances you create to build a strong customer base.

Funnel 2

This is known as the home party funnel, where you need to convert your targets to potential customers. Increasing sales is the mantra of this funnel.

Funnel 3

Since MLM businesses work on a successful downline, the third funnel or hotel meeting funnel focuses on the different ways to create an online business meeting. This will build a better downline that increases the chances to earn a more significant amount through the team you develop.

What  Else You Will Learn From Network Marketing Secrets

Internet marketers who are enthusiastic about making it big in the MLM industry should read this book to uncover many success tips.

  1. Learn how to make 1-800 phone calls.
  2. Discover numerous ways on how to attract visitors and potential customers. Russell Brunson is a successful network marketer, and in this book, he has not only shared the tips to improve your MLM business but also explained how he survived in this industry.
  3. He has pointed out the mistakes that marketers make when they enter this business. This will allow newcomers to develop a strategy where they can avoid these blunders.
  4. Many marketers have issues with the NFL club, but the reasons are not always clear to everyone. This book attempts to unravel those reasons so that you are aware of what you can expect.
  5. Russell Brunson has also discussed the mistakes that marketers most often commit while signing up for various marketing companies.
  6. With clone wars often creating a bottleneck in the MLM industry, this book teaches readers how to overcome that problem. This will allow marketers to avoid such bottlenecks before running into them.
  7. The author has given several tips on different ways to make money by selling products through MLM programs. Many marketers who are attracted by the alluring success of the MLM industry often fail to sell products initially. Apart from selling products, you will also need to create a growing marketing business. This book will help readers to develop their downline successfully so that they can improve their earnings quickly.

Why You Should Take This Book Seriously

One of the reasons why this book is a gem from Russell Brunson is it is easy to understand. The problems discussed in the book are very practical, something that marketers usually face daily. So, even if you don’t have any marketing experience, you can read the suggestions and tips from the book to start your MLM business.

Network Marketing Secrets is for those who are new to the MLM business structure and also for the veterans. They will have the basic background knowledge of how to become successful in this industry, and if their strategies are on the right track. Sometimes network marketing can take time to flourish, but if you read this book, you will be able to bypass the bottlenecks that usually restrict the success of the marketer. The information you get from this book is immense. If you can implement the tips in your business, there is no stopping you from becoming successful in a few years.

What I really like about this book is the fact that it’s free and you end up paying only the shipping charges. So basically, anyone who is looking for an all-in-one solution to get into online business, marketing, promotion, network marketing secrets is undoubtedly a perfect option for you. Not only is it easy on your wallet but it also gives you tremendous value for literally nothing.

There are so many guides and courses from some real Internet marketing gurus and some self-proclaimed marketing ninjas that cost from a few hundred dollars to even thousands of dollars. You really don’t need to invest any money on those courses, especially when you have so many free tutorials and guides on YouTube and Google. And then if you really want some implementable strategies from one of the leading Internet marketers, Russell Brunson, you can get this book.

Apart from that, what really makes this book stand out in the crowd is it’s easy to implement strategies. Unlike most of the e-books and courses which claim to help you make a certain amount of money within certain days, Network Marketing Secrets shows you the real truth. You will learn that Internet marketing is achievable, but it is not easy. You will get to know the strategies, but then you will also be warned of the investments that you will have to make in order to succeed in online marketing.

Network Marketing Secrets Review Conclusion

That’s it for our Network Marketing Secrets Review. You get incredible support from professionals. Unlike most other books where you are left hanging without any assistance with network marketing secrets, you get very responsive email support. The not only email support team is professional, but there are incredibly helpful in case you are facing any issues with any strategy discussed in the book. Make sure you also check out Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.