network marketing tips for beginners

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners (Plus A FREE MLM Training Webinar!)

Network marketing tips for beginners, what is it? Most people when they get started often struggle once they have finished spamming their family and friends with an offer. In this guide we will be going over some handy network marketing tips for beginners. 

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What Is Network Marketing?

Network marketing or MLM marketing is a form of selling products to different levels in kind of a pyramid structure. Kind of like an how affiliate marketing and tier 2 commissions work. Network marketing works in the way where you sell a product, and then if someone also wants to sell it, they buy from you. Making you kind of a supplier of the product. 

There are many different ways you can promote. But the way I like to think of it is like of like affiliate marketing. Mostly when it comes to us doing Network Marketing, we are doing affiliate marketing and talking Tier 1 and Tier 2 affiliates. Where the Tier 2 affiliates will make money for you at Tier 1.

Mistakes Beginners Make

When it comes to MLM and network marketing, this is the first time people sell products. I would avoid these methods at all costs. While they might get you a sales or 2, its really not worth the effort and tarnishing your name from the start. Let's go over some of the common mistakes new marketers make. 

Spamming Facebook

This is one of the first things people do. They get a sales copy from whoever they signed up under, join every group related to their industry, and then start spamming. Not only does this look bad on the product you're trying to promote, chances are you're just rehashing old stuff others would have already posted in the group. 

The same thing goes for shilling products to family and friends for the sake of profit. Unless you genuinely think they need the product and it would be of benefit to them, don't shill products to them. 

Sending Unsolicited Emails

Don't get me wrong, email marketing is POWERFUL, but you need a high quality audience. If you're sending your offer to just everyone and anyone, it reflects bad on you and your company. 

Doing It For The Money Only

If you're just doing things for the money, and you have no interest or care about the product, then simply find something you can get behind. It sounds cheesy, but if you have no heart for something, then it does show and your results will reflect this. 

6 Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

Now you know what to avoid, lets look at the top network marketing tips for beginners. While this is just a general guideline, we actually have a Webinar that goes more in depth. You can get instant access here.

Your Drive Will Determine Your Own Results

What we mean by this, is how much you earn is going to be directly related to how much effort you put into the industry. It's not like a normal 9 - 5 job where you get paid no matter how much effort you put in. If you care, put in the effort to grow, you will get better results. This is the biggest network marketing tips for beginners!

Learn Everything About Your Industry And Competition

This goes for any new business. But if you want to sell a product, you really need to be educated and up to par on that product. You want people to see you as an authority or expert on that product. Once people see you have a passion and are an expert in your field, they will be more likely to spend money with you. 

Get Into The Public Eye

You are not going to be able to sit on the back burner and make any serious money in the shadows. You are going to have to put yourself out there and in front of people. This might be hard for some people to do, don't worry, even I was in the same boat when I was getting started, but amazing things happen once you come out of your comfort zone!

Build A Personal Brand And Group

This is a big one that people overlook and it ties into the previous tip. But start to build your brand. Right now, Facebook groups are HUGE. Start a Facebook group and start adding VALUE about your industry. Don't make this group about selling, make it about information, people to share their experiences and use your offer to compliment the existing conversations.

Manage Your Time

This comes back to a previous tip but you need to manage your time correctly. There isn't going to be anyone to tell you when to start and stop work. You need to be discipline in how you use your time. We suggest using a daily planner to help you plan your tasks for each day. This is a major hurdle for anyone with a home based business and is one of our best network marketing tips for beginners.

This is something that may be hard to get into at first, but you need to stick with it for a few weeks. And then it will just come natural that you need to work. Try not to get side tracked!

Avoid The Shiny Balls

Network marketing tips for beginners or success for beginners. This is HUGE. For any business you need to stay FOCUSED on your long term goals. Avoiding shiny balls and finding the next best thing is only going to cause you more trouble. Pick one thing, stick with it, make it work. 

Patience is key for any business and things will not happen over night. If you look up to someone and want results like them, then surround yourself with them, learn from them, even funnel hack them. They have done the hard work. Model yourself after them. 


Well I hope you have found my write up on network marketing tips for beginners helpful and informative. If you want to learn more and take a network marketing course, then make sure you click below and checkout the FREE webinar. This is packed full of useful information that will help kickstart your journey! Want to read more? Check out the new Network Marketing Secrets book! Also, check out Secret MLM Hacks!

Have anything else you want us to cover or are you stuck? Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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