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Bots are computer programs with which you usually interact through written or spoken language. They are intended to make your life a little easier.  

They take mundane tasks off your plate, such as reminding you to take an umbrella if it's going to rain or to call your mom on her birthday. They can also take over other needlessly frustrating things like booking travel, remembering to pay your bills or other communications they used to be relegated to annoying automated phone operators.

You may soon find that you're chatting with bots more often than your best friends, but this can be considered a blessing in disguise, especially for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Not only these tools can save us precious time, but by taking advantage of their ability to provide an automated response to any query can prove to be quite beneficial for any online business.

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What is Opesta?

Even if you are a newbie to Internet marketing, you know that after SEM it was all about email marketing. Everyone, from published magazines to entrepreneurs were talking about email marketing and how effective it was compared to other promotional strategies.

Then came the webinars and push notifications. All of these marketing strategies have been effective and are still successfully implemented by most Internet marketers, but they all lack one essential feature: automation.

The next trend will undoubtedly be Facebook-specific bots and chatbots capable of interacting with customers and giving them a personalized response without any human intervention. And that leads to the question of what Opesta is.

Opesta is a Facebook marketing automation platform created by Ethan Sigmon.

It is quite similar to its competitors such as ChatFuel and ManyChat, but thanks to its powerful features and truly automated response system, it outperforms them all.

Now you might have a question, what are chatbots?

Well, these are applications that enable you to leverage the power of Facebook's platform to create your own subscriber list and automatically communicate with your customers or potential audience.

Tapping into the true potential of the Facebook platform seems to be quite complicated and, to some extent, it is quite true. But, fortunately, Opesta makes it all very easy by allowing you to create chatbots without the need for programming knowledge. And to your delight, these chatbots have an almost 80% opening rate.

Now, if you have been an email marketing fan and have bragged about your 20% and 30% opening rate, I don't think you need a calculator to realize the discrepancy in the potential of both marketing techniques.

So, does that mean it's time for you to throw away your subscriber list? No, absolutely not. Instead, you can create a personalized campaign using both Opesta and your favorite email marketing automation platform. The use of these two marketing techniques will certainly give a boost to your promotional campaigns - which means more customers and more sales.

How Opesta works?

Like any email marketing tool you might have used, Opesta connects with the people on your list by implementing distribution and automation.

Automation is essential to create message flows that are then delivered to the appropriate audience. If the public or potential customer takes action, then that makes them a lead. Remember that every automated campaign has three essential elements: the trigger, the content, and the goals.

On the other hand, in broadcasting, you send individual messages to your audience. Not only does it take longer, but the success and opening rates are also very low.

In broadcasting, there are three essential steps. The first is to create a broadcast that is essentially the type of message you want to convey to your audience. The second step is to focus on the type of audience you think you can convert as a subscriber or as a customer. The last step is a special broadcast, which is nothing more than retargeting.

Essential features of Opesta

Opesta is a feature-rich Facebook automation platform, and most of its features are quite unique compared to its closest competitors. Here are some of the essential features that make Opesta stand out in the crowd.

Ability to store data with custom fields

Facebook, as a social media giant, has tons of data about its users, and you have the freedom to be creative and pursue all sorts of opportunities. However, sometimes, Facebook does not have all the information on a specific user, and in such cases, you can use Opesta's unique chatbot customization feature. This function allows you to save the user's response in a custom field, then use this custom field to populate your bot's response when deemed necessary automatically. 

Pixel-based tracking

Pixel-based tracking is essential for marketers who want to access information beyond the click and open rates. If you are interested in knowing what strategies worked and what didn't work and how a conversion goal was achieved, then you really need to implement pixel-based tracking.

Fortunately, the Opesta is one of only a handful of platforms that come with integrated support for it. Not only can you specify custom rules to define what constitutes conversion and what does not, but you also can even specify different actions by assigning custom tags and sequences.

Access to all the features

Unlike most other applications which restrict its users on lower plans to access most of the essential features, Opesta only implements limitations on usage without limiting any access to any of its core features.

It means, no matter on what plan you are, you will have 100% access to all the features of Opesta platform. The only limitation that you will have to manage will be regarding the number of subscribers and the number of Facebook pages that you can manage.

Opesta Pricing

Opesta has three different pricing plans and no matter to which plan you subscribe; you will get access to all its features but with limitations on the usage.

Here’s a basic list of all the features you get on this platform:

  • Ability to manage Facebook pages.
  • Subscriber management.
  • Broadcast.
  • User-defined campaigns.
  • Sequences
  • Subscriber dashboard

In addition to these essential features, you have access to other features such as button, comment, keyword, checkbox, and tag trigger.

If you choose to subscribe to the basic package, you will be limited to two Facebook pages and 5000 subscribers. For the basic package, you will have to invest $49 per month without any limitation on campaigns, sequences, and broadcasts.

The essential package will cost you $99 per month and will allow you to manage 4 Facebook pages and 15,000 subscribers.

The high-volume plan will cost you $149 per month, allowing you to manage an unlimited number of Facebook pages while restricting you to a maximum of 30,000 subscribers.

The best part is that you have 14 days to try one of these three plans without any limitation on core features or functionalities.

Opesta Review Conclusion

If you haven't already tried Facebook chatbot, you are certainly missing the biggest marketing opportunity of 2019.

Opening and conversion rates will be high, but it all depends on how you optimize your workflow. If you combine it with your existing email marketing strategies, then you will certainly see improvements in the overall outcome of your campaign.

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