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SAM Funnel Secret Affiliate Machine: Get It Here!

What is the SAM Funnel? It seem as though any Clickfunnels page you go to right now, everyone is talking about the Secret Affiliate Machine. But what is it, How does it work, Does it work, Is it legit? Short answer, Yes it does! But don't just take our word for it, read on and check out some testimonials.



Since the writing of this article, Clickfunnels has taken a strong stance again funnels that promise making an income from the affiliate program and BiB schemes of this style.

We know this was a gateway for lots of new people getting into affiliate marketing, we we suggest taking the Legendary Marketer Business Challenger! It will teach you to make your own profitable online business

Let’s take a look deeper. If you simply just want to get it for yourself, just click the link below and follow the instructions! The video covers pretty much everything!

secret affiliate machine funnel screenshot

The SAM Funnel (Short for The Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel) is a BIB system that allows you to recruit Clickfunnels affiliates into your network. They in turn can download your exact SAM Funnel from you and setup their own system the same way. This makes it easy for people to get into the Clickfunnels network and get started in affiliate marketing.

How To Get The SAM Funnel

To get the secret affiliate machine simply click here and follow the directions. They have made it really easy to get started with a helpful video.

You do need to have a Clickfunnels account but you get this once you go to the page and sign up. They really have made it dead simple to get into affiliate marketing.

Are There Email Swipe Files?

As Russell Brunson said, FUNNEL HACK! Everyones swipe files are available. If you want them simply sign up to the machine and copy them from us!

You can then put these straight into Clickfunnels or into other software like Active Campaign. While Active campaign is cheaper to get setup, it is more difficult. We suggest just using the Eitson suite if you're starting out for faster results and less down time!

How Can I Promote My Machine?

The most popular way is using the traffic method that is part of the machine. So simply signup up and follow the training. But say you want to boost your traffic more so SAM. Let's check out some other traffic options you can use.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are going to be the easiest and quickest way you can build up your subscribers. This is as simple as using a platform such as the one built into the Secret Affiliate Machine funnel or Udimi. Personally, we suggest testing as many Solo Ads sellers as you can. 

Social Media

Social media is a great place to pick up leads. There are thousands of biz op, mlm groups etc that are hungry for your offer. Tell them the benefits of why they should sign up and show them some of your personal results!

Paid Ads

This can be good but you need to build what is called a bridge page. Most paid ad providers such as Google, Facebook etc wont allow you to directly promote something of this nature. Especially where income claims are made!

Of course these are just a few examples on how to promote your sam funnel. Generally most people use the built in traffic source. Stick with what works but also do your own testing!

How Much Does This Cost?

The funnel is 100% free for you to use however you need to have the $97 per month Clickfunnels plan. You get this when you sign up and start using the SAM funnel. You do get a 2 week free trial. So you can easily sign up 4 people within that time. 

But this cost is easily offset once you start to recruit new users. All you need is 4 affiliates and then you have covered your monthly cost! How cool is that!

I Need Help With The Secret Affiliate Machine

The creator of the SAM Funnel has his own facebook group that you’re able to join and get support for the funnel. Most of the Clickfunnels groups will also be able to help you. You can join the group here.

Can I Actually Make Money With The SAM Funnel?

Yes you can. There are hundreds of people getting Clickfunnels trials right now using this system. There is no better Secret Affiliate Machine Review than what we have right here. Real life testimonials. Here are some testimonials of people using the system right now to get trials and in turn, earn Clickfunnels affiliate commission!

sam funnel results
secret affiliate machine testimonial 1
secret affiliate machine testimonial 2
Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 6.55.52 pm

As always, results may vary, not typical yadda yadda yadda. Results are only going to be a direct result of the effort you put into running your affiliate business. You may make less, you may make more.

But all in all, these kind of reviews people are giving make it worth the squeeze!

What Else Is On Offer?

One of the other offers is to a traffic provider, Traffic For Me. This is to help you get started with driving traffic to your offer. While we don’t have experience with traffic for me, we do use Solo Ads from Udimi. Solo ads are where most people are getting traffic for this funnel.

The good thing about this is you can also get affiliate commission from promoting your solo ads platform of choice. This is kind of a double whamy for getting sign ups!

Who Created This Viral SAM Funnel?

Jordan Mederish is the person behind the Secret Affiliate Machine. He decided to let other affiliates use and create their own versions of the funnel. You might ask why did he do it? Well it’s simple. To build trust and rapport. Think about how many people in the community are talking about him and his name.

You can’t buy that kind of exposure and he pretty much got it for free due to the success people are having with this BIB system.

Can I Get Training?

The Secret Affiliate Machine is so simple to use, nearly all the training is built into the videos that are apart of the machine. They make it easy for anyone to get into affiliate marketing quickly. This truely is a turn key system for someone of any skill level!

Is It Illegal?


Is Promoting Clickfunnels Like This Unethical?

It depends, there has been some crazy claims using this. Now while the owner of it has written “How I make over $50,000 in passive income plus got my dream car paid for..and how you can copy me right now.”, other people have used that same line too. Now for them, it’s simply not true at all.

Now I’m not for lying when it comes to promoting a product. Making claims that aren’t true is bad because people WILL find out you’re lying and it WILL tarnish your reputation. Don't go around claiming you are the one who made 50k on social media when someone asks for your results. Just be honest with it. what it is and how to use it, and you will be fine!

SAM Funnel Conclusion: Is The Secrets Affiliate Machine Worth It?

If you’re just getting started as a Clickfunnels Affiliate marketer, Then yeah I think it’s a great place to start. It’s hot right now. Do I think it will last forever, In its current form, no I don't.

BUT!!!! what lots of people are overlooking is the ability to apply this to ANY other software that allows multi tier affiliates. This same principle can be used in other markets.

So signup, get some affiliates, and use that money you earn to reinvest to making more funnels! I hope you enjoyed our secret affiliate machine review!

If you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing then check out our blog post.

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