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You tried hard to drive results to your MLM business, but nothing seems to work. Your typical MLM strategy isn't driving any conversion, and every day, your business is making a massive loss. Do you want to change this? Yes? You are in the right place.

Today word-of-mouth alone isn't enough to help you succeed in a cut-throat business environment. Today's marketing and promotional strategies demand creativity. You need to think out-of-the-box and connect with like-minded people in every possible way.

And that's precisely what you get to learn in Stephen Larsen's Secret MLM Hacks course. Let's take a closer look in this Secret MLM Hacks review!

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Who Is Stephen Larsen?

He was known as the top sales funnel builder at Russell Brunson's Clickfunnels. He built more than 500 sales funnels for the company and its founder Russell. His hard work, creativity in MLM is well known in the network marketing community. He is undoubtedly a vital force behind the rise of Clickfunnels from zero to a $100 million company in less than three years.

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Stephen Larsen left click funnels in 2018 on "pretty" good terms to work on his own project and probably his first venture built for individuals in the network marketing community.

What is MLM?

Before we get to the meat and bones of this Secret MLM Hacks review, we need to know what MLM means. MLM stands mainly for multilevel marketing and is commonly known as referral marketing or pyramid selling. Another term for this is network marketing.

Companies employing MLM strategy to drive their sales from non-salaried individuals who sell products on their behalf and generate earnings from pyramid-shaped commission system.

According to a report in 2017 (United States) alone, the direct sales industry accounted for $34 billion in retail sales.

Multinational companies like Herbalife, Amway have achieved billions of dollars in revenue and have created a global empire based on MLM.

In your neighborhood, you probably have a neighbor who never misses a chance to promote some cosmetic or herbal tea, that's my friend called MLM, and that's how integrated it has become.

Review of Secret MLM Hacks

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First and foremost, who is this course for? This course is meant for everyone. No matter if you are just a blogger, freelancer, an Internet marketer or an MLM company.

If you want to learn the secrets behind the success of businesses generating five-figure and six-figure annual revenue, then you must take this course.

Steve Larsen had packed in everything he learned from the top Internet marketers back when he was a full-time employee at Clickfunnels, into this course.

You will be surprised to know that Steve was offered not by one, two, but six different marketing agencies to make this system exclusive to their organization. He wasn't only being paid handsomely but was also offered an ownership stake in those agencies. But, Steve declined all those offers as he wanted this course to be publicly accessible.

This course will walk you through various "exclusive" marketing plans with working actionable steps to help you take your MLM business to the next level.

These are the same strategies that are implemented by only a handful of businesses - the same businesses that are generating millions in revenues every single year. All these marketing plans are easy to implement, but rarely anyone is implementing them and thus giving you a better opportunity to build your business on their shortcoming.

Remember this isn't just another course promising you the riches from a small to zero investment. No, it's not that.

This course needs dedication and implementation. You may fail, but if you continue trying, you will definitely succeed.

Today this course is creating MLM success stories worldwide, and you should definitely be a part of. Let's move on with the Secret MLM Hacks review.

What's Included In Secret MLM Hacks

It wouldn't be a Secret MLM Hacks review if we didn't cover what is included in the course. This course has in total of five modules, and each of them covers a specific part essential to being successful in MLM.

Module 1 – How To Get Paid To Prospect

Module 2 – How To Auto-Close

Module 3 – How To Manage A Happy Downline

Module 4 – How To Get Known For Your Product

Module 5 – How To Automate Product Sales

Apart from these five modules, you get access to "Proven Secrets to Double Your Recruiting in Any MLM Business" workbook.

In this workbook, you will learn the quickest paths to success, how to create your own marketing strategy, outpacing your upline, and step by step checklist section. The best part is, the physical book will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Are There Any Bonuses?

Unlike other courses where you learn how to create funnels, MLM course gives you access to pre-built sales as well as recruiting funnel templates.

These are not your average templates which you can literally download from the so-called professional marketing websites.

These are the same templates for which marketing agencies pay Steve hundreds and thousands of bucks. All you have to do is join this course, download these templates, and implement them into your MLM business.

Some of the essential templates included in this course are:

  • Publishing
  • Auto recruiting
  • Downline Member Area
  • Product sales, etc.

As I already told you, Steve was the lead funnel builder at Clickfunnels. He has brought together his years of experience in building funnels into this course and is giving you access to actual, working templates. 

Important note: You don't need to have a subscription with Clickfunnels to implement the strategies discussed in this course. But, if you want to use the pre-built templates included in this course, then you will need to have an account with Clickfunnels (it can be any plan).

Secret MLM Hacks Review: Final Verdict

It doesn't matter if you are a professional Internet marketer with years of experience under your belt or a newbie blogger who started just last year; you will find this course valuable.

The strategies discussed in this course doesn't require you to be a tech nerd. As already said, Steve Larsen doesn't only explain his strategies but also walks you through them. This means all you have to do is follow the instructions, and you will be able to implement his marketing strategies in your MLM business.

If you want your business to succeed and want to generate revenue as a successful network marketing professional, then this course is built for you. If you enjoyed this Secret MLM Hacks Review, then leave us a comment below. Make sure you check out the free webinar too!

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