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SEO Agency in Singapore? (The Truth!)

Its clear that there are a lot of SEO agencies in Singapore, but how do you tell the difference between a good and bad SEO Agency?

Here’s the deal

Not all SEO’s are equal. And heres why.

Lots of SEO companies don’t actually do SEO!


Are you sure?

YES! Not all agencies are created equal, and that goes for the skill and talent of the people running them. We have noticed a trend of digital agencies who have REALLY good sales people that will sell you SEO as a product, and then outsource your company to a white label SEO. Why do they do this? Cost. They will offer you SEO at a really cheap rate and then out source the entire job.

Is this a bad thing? Well it depends. Most people get into the SEO industry to make a quick buck, and these are the companies that you WILL (or have been) burn you. So how can you spot these companies. Here are a few warning signs

They are running PAID ads to get SEO leads

Nothing throws a red flag more than a SEO Agency who is running PAID ads to get ORGANIC SEO clients. We see this time and time again. Now, while its not true all agencies that run paid ads to get SEO clients are bad, it should be a consideration when looking for a quality SEO agency. Paid ads are great; but the agency you choose should have some form of SEO ranking.

Inability to explain clearly exactly what they are going to do

As with most professionals, they should have a clear vision of what they are going to do with your website. My suggestion is ask for detailed information on how exactly they are going to rank your site. If you are worried about some of the responses to questions, then ask a neutral professional in a facebook group (you can even contact us if you wish – we are just happy to help!)

Whitelabel SEO isn’t all that bad. There are some REALLY good vendors out that, however since you are just being sold SEO on the premise its that company is actually doing the work we find that untrustworthy.

You’re just saying this as you’re trying to sell me your service

I can see why you might think that however I actually help HUNDREDS of other SEO’s and agencies myself (I actually mod an SEO Facebook group with 20,000 members). There are some people out there who don’t know the first thing about SEO taking on clients. This scares me because SEO, if done incorrectly your site can actually get banned from Google. If your main source of income and people finding you is Google, then disappearing one day would be a terrible thing to happen.

No matter if you’re a business owner looking for an SEO agency, or a SEO guru and have questions, then feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to help and want to see quality work.

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Michael Pedrotti has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals. Having been in the Marketing and SEO industry for 10 years, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.