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Marketing is an essential part of any business or brand and one of the latest methods to grow an email list is Solo Ads, But what are solo ads?What’s the point of doing something extraordinary and not reaching out to people with it? This is where Solo Ads come to help!

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We personally use Udimi for all our solo ad purchases!

Businesses the world over spend millions upon millions just to get their product, their service, and their brand in front of customers and its not just on SEO for Google!.

With everything being digitized, most of the marketing campaigns that were once done using physical props (such as brochures, posters and billboards) have been converging towards online marketing. 

You’re probably aware of all the usual suspects: Facebook ads, Google adwords, banner ads, and so on. But one lesser known form of digital advertising that can drive loyal, targeted traffic to your offer is the solo ad. Make sure you check out our Udimi review here.

What Are Solo Ads?

It might be worthwhile to think of them as “list jacking”. To put it simply, solo ads are advertisements that are sent directly to an already existing email list.

That is, instead of spending time narrowing a perfect audience for a Facebook ad or wasting money on Google PPC to identify what keywords really drive traffic, you just send out an email to a group of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.

Solo ads are an excellent strategy to get started in the world of online marketing because they eliminate so much of the guesswork and let you focus solely on customer acquisition.

Okay… So, Whose Email List Do I Use for My Solo Ads?

The big question you’ve probably got at this point is where does this long list of well-targeted, highly relevant email subscribers come from? I said that solo ads were a great start for internet marketers, but now you’re worried that you’ve got to spend years building your list before you can see any return on investment.

Not so fast. Instead of building a list for your solo ad, you are basically renting someone else’s.

Just like an advertiser might pay for an endorsement from a popular radio host or YouTube personality, you are going to be paying a well-established expert in your niche to put your product or brand front and center in front of their loyal audience through a well-crafted email.

Who Benefits From Solo Ads?

Not every marketing technique works for everyone. There are always some techniques that are well suited for a specific type of products, services, and campaigns.

Here are some of the situations that solo ads work best for:

Marketers with a Low Budget

Solo ads are a good place to start for brands and businesses without too much to invest in a marketing campaign. Renting subscriber lists is not very expensive compared to other advertising strategies. So, if you are low on budget, this is an effective way to spread a word about your brand or business.

Niches with A Lot of Competition

There is often fierce competition between brands that sell similar products or services. If you’re in a niche that has tough competition in organic search engine traffic or a high cost-per-click in Adwords, you can opt for solo ads as a way to “jump the line” so to speak.

Rather than spending months building up your SEO and generating content, you just have to rent the subscriber list and you are good to go.

Products That are Just Launching

For those who are about to launch their brands or products, solo ads are one of the best ways to quickly spread the word. You can think of solo ads as a form of influencer marketing. One email gets your product in front of highly targeted audiences that are loyal to the sender.

How Do I Create Effective Solo Ads?

If you think that solo ads are right for you, the next step is to create an effective one. Although the influencer you are working with might write all of the copy, it is also just as common for the advertiser to provide the email, at least as a starting place. Here are a few tips to writing killer solo ads.

Use a Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is extremely important when writing any email. Just like we judge a book by its cover (even though we aren’t supposed to!), readers use the subject line to decide whether to open an email or ignore it.

A catchy subject line is a must when it comes to solo ads. The shorter, the better. The subject line must be concise, soft, sweet and appealing at the same time. Think about what your offer is and how you could entice readers to want to know more with just a few words.

Use Sales Basics

When it comes to sales copy, there are a few pretty standard elements that you always need to include.

First, identify the audience’s pain points by really twisting the knife on whatever problem it is that your product solves for them. Next, show what’s lacking in their current solution by pointing out the holes or failures in typical ways to relieve their unique pain points. Finally, make an offer that shows the readers how your service solves their problem better than the other guys.

Use An Appropriate Voice and Style

The other thing to keep in mind, however, is that no two audiences are alike. So, while you should include the above elements in your email copy, you’ve also got to tailor the voice to the people you are writing for.

Who is your audience and what persuades them? Busy working moms, for example, might be looking for a sympathetic tone from someone who relates to their daily struggle. An email promoting an information product to budding internet marketers, on the other hand, might need to be more inspirational in nature.

Do I Need My Own Email Software?

To run solo ads you do not need your own email software. Everything is handled from the solo ad platform itself and it is up to the seller to ensure its setup correctly.

When you use a platform such as Udimi, all you need to have is your own email copy ready to go and your links. That's all. They make it really simple to start your first solo.

How Do I Get Started With Solo Ads?

One place to not get started is with cheap ads. You can probably buy 10,000 emails for $5 on Fiverr, but aren’t likely to see any return on your investment. Cheap solo ad providers have often built their “lists” by scraping emails. Audiences haven’t opted-in, have no buyer intent, and are likely to see your email as just another piece of spam crowding their inbox.

But if you are ready to spend a bit of money to get your offer in front of real traffic with buyer intent, the first step is obviously finding the right list to rent. One way to do this is to scour the internet for influencers in your niche and pitch the idea to them directly.

Where To Buy Solo Ads?

We prefer to use Udimi for all of our solo ad purchases since its easy to use and pretty honest. However, there are also plenty of solo ad agencies out there, such as 10DollarSoloAds and RealBuyerClicks, that have a streamlined process for getting your brand in front of top quality audiences.

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However you acquire your solo ads, remember that you can use them not just to sell products, but to build your own list. Drive traffic to a squeeze page that will help you double your return on investment by not only selling your offer but also building a list to which you can retarget future offers and you are sure to find solo ads worth the money.

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    I always use Udimi to buy Solo Ads.
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    • I agree! Most the sellers I have dealt with on there have been great. Get lots of optins. Glad you liked the article!

  • hellooo thank you for your informations. I am on the begining and I would like to sell tours in Italy. so I don’t know if solo ads can be good for travel industry? do you have some informations about solo ads and travel? thank you so much for your answer. a big big hello from sneza and from ETERNAL CITY, ROME 🙂

    • Hi there Sneza,

      If you check out Udimi ($5 credit if you click the link in the article) you can actually browse the sellers before you buy. They will tell you what niche their email list is made from so you can check before you buy.

  • Michael you’re done, very useful article! The main thing is that at Udimi you can choose trusted sellers who work with your niche and thus get the maximum conversion. And in case of questions, you can always contact support where you will be helped. I have been using Udimi for several years now and have made good money.

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    and look for Facebook Group: Solo Ads Testimonials (some sellers leave testimonials for each other, so do your homework).

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