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Do you want targeted traffic without investing in SEO?

Do you want to build a massive, converting email list?

Well, if you are an Internet marketer, it's your dream, and you've worked every day to make that dream come true.

The most cost-effective way (only when you know how to optimize your ads) to generate targeted traffic to your product, service or sales page is to use services like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Quora ads, etc.

But today I have something new for you. Today I want to introduce you to a new platform called Udimi, and in this Udimi Review, I'm going to discuss with you all about its features, advantages and also some drawbacks.

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What Is Udimi?

It's a marketplace that brings together Internet marketers who need targeted traffic and sellers who could provide you with real targeted website visitors (commonly referred to as solo ad sellers).

udimi solo ads screenshot

The registration is absolutely free, and you can use this platform without any prior commitment. All you have to do is provide them with a legitimate email address and your name. Your account will be ready in a minute, and you can then browse this marketplace and find the best sellers of solo ads for your next project. Let's go deeper into the Udimi Review!

What Makes Udimi Different From other Solo Ad Marketplaces?

What really makes udimi so different and effective from other marketplace is the fact that every solo ad that you will purchase on this platform will be delivered to you. If you are unsatisfied, you also have the option to create a dispute with the seller. Joining this platform as a buyer is easy, but joining it as a seller involves rigorous testing to ensure a healthy and competitive environment.

Udimi has these two different policies to protect buyers from fraudulent sellers:

All worthless and BOT generated clicks are automatically filtered out, and you won't have to pay a penny for such clicks.

If the seller fails to provide you targeted traffic and clicks, then your account will be refunded with the exact amount with which you made the purchase.

What Exactly Are Solo Ads?

As an Internet marketer, you may or may not have heard of this term before, but that's absolutely fine. We actually did a full write up on what are solo ads here.

A solo ad is mainly an email ad that you buy from the seller who has this mailing list. So, when you purchase a solo ad, the mailing list owner will create a new campaign to send an email with your ad.

A successful solo ad means that the mailing lists' subscriber will click on the link (which is your ad) and do some activities on your website or on the sales page, such as buying your service, subscribing to your list, etc.

Are Solo Ads Good?

When it comes to this type of advertising, what's really great about it is that it's much cheaper than other services like Facebook, Adword, Youtube, etc. Moreover, as a buyer, you have significantly fewer restrictions on what you can promote and what not. For instance, if you can talk it out with buyer, he or she can even allow you to clocked links, etc.

Hopefully, that was easy to understand.

So, everything seems to be so easy and fun, right?

Well, what I talked about is the easy part; the tricky part is to test several sellers to filter out only those whose service gives you a better conversion.

How Do I Know What Solo Sellers Are Legit?

Unfortunately, we cant do a Udimi Review on every seller, the only way to do so is by testing them individually. Obviously, you can check various statistics related to individual vendors like the upvotes, rating with sales, etc. But still the click-through rate is correlated to the interests of the subscriber, and there is no way you can get this information from Udimi. So, the only option left is to test top sellers individually.

Thankfully, Udimi's user-friendly interface is super easy to use, and they have various methods and policies to protect buyers from fraudulent vendors.

How Do I Use Udimi?

Below I have listed a few steps you'll have to follow to purchase a solo ad:

1. Create a free account at Udimi here.

2. After registration, you can browse the marketplace. You can use the filters provided by the platform to sort out vendors based on their pricing, minimum targeted traffic, upvotes, turn around time, etc.

3. For better click rates, I will suggest you to use sales and rating filter to sort out the vendors in ascending order. From here, you will have a good glimpse of the top vendors and their performance along with their customer reviews. All these details will help you take a better decision.

4. Once you have selected your vendor, click on the slider change the number of clicks you want from the solo ads seller. Then you will have to specify the date and the URL to which the clicks will be delivered.

5. Click on add to cart button and finalize your order by confirming the payment. Once you have placed your order, you will have access to a vital statistic, and that is the ability to track the performance of your past ads sellers.

Pros And Cons

For this Udimi Review, let's take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of the platform.


One of the most significant advantages of using Udimi is that it connects buyers with only registered sellers. Now as I have already told you every seller has to pass rigorous tests to confirm the quality of their mailing list and it's something which makes Udimi Superior to almost every other marketplaces.

One another fabulous advantage is complete buyer protection, and personally, I feel it is something very similar to Paypal buyer protection policies. Udimi ensures that buyers receive only legit clicks and automatically filters out BOT clicks. Furthermore, if the seller receives any negative feedback from any of its clients, those feedbacks won't be deleted under any circumstances.

This not only gives buyers valuable information on the seller but also proves why Udimi is the best marketplace for solo ads.


In order to assess traffic filters, you will need to pay an extra fee for every order you place.

The quality of sellers is definitely better than other marketplaces, but most of the sellers here will only accept ads "make money online" niche.

Verdict: Udimi Review

So what is the conclusion of our Udimi Review. If you need targeted traffic to your website without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on search engine optimization and backlinks, etc. then Udimi is undoubtedly a perfect marketplace for you.

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  • Udimi is a safe place to buy and sell advertising. Udimi ensures buyers will receive quality clicks from sellers.

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