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can't find your business on google

Can’t Find Your Business On Google?

When you create a Google My-Business listing, information about your enterprise may materialize in all the Google properties, including Google Maps and Google Search. In some cases, the information may not show up.

This is why SEO and Social Media Marketing are so important. These all need to be correct to make sure you get noticed.

The following are reasons why your business information may fail to materialize on the giant search engine even after creation of a business listing:

The business is not verified yet

The information that you provide to Google about your enterprise is ineligible to appear on the search engine unless and until your business is appropriately verified.

Your business appears on Maps, but sometimes fails to appear in Google search results

There will always be variation in the placement of information about your enterprise in search results. However, if you want it to appear in the first page, make sure the information is not only correct, but also up-to-date and complete.

The business information was added or edited in the recent past

Google search results are primarily based on algorithms that consider a wide range of factors. When changes are made to the business information, the balance is slightly shifted. Changes may appear after 72 hours.

However, potential buyers can still find your enterprise after the editing and additions if they look for it on Google Maps.

Information about your business contravenes guidelines set by Google

The leading internet search engine has set strict rules to guide the addition or removal of information on business listings. If you follow the guidelines, you won’t encounter common problems such as inadvertent changes to business information or complete removal of the information.

If you violate any of the regulations, the search engine will automatically send you a message through the Google My-Business dashboard to inform you of the suspension or disabling of info about your business.

If you adhere to all the regulations, your business information will be posted live if you get in touch with the search engine’s administrators.

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