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Why Your Business Needs Online Presence

It is very important for your local business to have presence online, given that we are currently living in the digital age. Having a website, social media accounts, an electronic commerce platform or all three of them can help reap great benefits for your business. Even when your enterprise conducts little or absolutely no business online, both existing and prospective customers expect to see your company online. If they fail to see the business online, you may lose the opportunity of enhancing your client base and spreading the good word about your business.

The following are reasons why your local business needs to have presence online:

SEO and Marketing helps to attract potential customers

Today, anyone who needs information about a business will, in all likelihood, try to get the information by conducting research online. Whether the individual is specifically digging for information about your organisation or is simply looking for any business that offers services and/ or products that your enterprise also offers, having a presence online will undoubtedly give your business a competitive edge over other businesses. Prospective customers won’t have to try so hard to find you, and you should not compel them to do so. They should get all the information needed by conducting a simple search on Google.

For instance, your enterprise sells a variety of sea foods, wine and meat. A prospective customer has an unplanned get-together and requires some shrimp and a few bottles of good wine. She makes use of her laptop to search for the words “best sea food and good wine in New York City”. Fortunately, your business website comes up in the Google search results. She takes time to browse your website and finally gets convinced that your business can provide exactly what she needs. In this case, having an online presence would have effortless earned you a new customer.


The internet is always awake, and every online portal offers your enterprise a virtual twenty-four hour showroom. It allows customers to carry out research about your business and the products and services on offer outside business hours, and from the comfort of their homes. Customers can place orders whenever they are interested in making purchases, rather than wait until your store opens in the morning.

Showcase services and products

The internet offers your business a great platform to freely advertise services or products. It has made it extremely easy to let everyone know the services and goods on offer, whether it’s through albums on your Facebook page consisting of photos of the latest products, or testimonials from satisfied clients.

Potential customers can get to see what your enterprise is all about with a few clicks. This is something that they can do outside business hours. In other words, having presence online can be an extension of your business brand that remains awake all the time.

Market your brand with ease

Social media channels and websites are exceptional marketing tools. Additionally, they are among the most affordable ways of spreading information about businesses to millions of people. It is very important for your business to embrace online marketing because of the huge influence it has on consumer behavior. As a matter of fact, most consumers despise businesses that have weak or absolutely no online presence.

You can overcome geographical barriers using internet marketing. With a few strokes, people who live and work in different countries across the world can learn about your business and even purchase goods or services from you. The ability to share information on social networks, customers can spread the good news to all their associates and friends. Online marketing offers you the opportunity of marketing your business in exciting and innovative ways.

Build relationships with existing and potential customers without difficulty

Social media helps to build relationships among people and businesses as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other social media channels can give your business a voice. The channels can make a business not only human, but also relatable. Both current and prospective customers can effectively and efficiently interact with your business at a level that is more personal. Additionally, they give you a chance of knowing your customers’ desires.

Nearly everyone and every business have presence on social media. If your business has no presence on Facebook, Twitter or other reputable social networks, then you are missing a great opportunity to meet and interact with your target market.

Social media is among the easiest and most effective ways of attracting the interest of customers and other stakeholders to your business and to create valuable relationships with people.

Giving your local business online presence is not only about creating a website with phone numbers, addresses and a description of your enterprise. It involves the establishment of a virtual version of the business, complete with an informative website and social media accounts.

We live in the information age where people look for information about businesses, products and services online rather than turn hundreds of pages of phonebooks. If you chose to ignore this important marketing platform, then you are undoubtedly turning away existing and potential customers.

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