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Clickfunnels VS Shopify

Clickfunnels VS Shopify: What Is Better For Selling?

Clickfunnels VS Shopify. Starting and maintaining a profitable online business in today's marketing era is not easy.  You might have had success in past, but there's no guarantee that you will be successful this time. We all can understand this feeling, and it happens with all of us.

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Setting the benchmark for sales funnel builders with its training, ease of use and community, Clickfunnels takes the win, although it can get pricey if you're just starting out.

  • Easy to use
  • Great community support
  • Everything you need to sell
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Shopify is perfect for multiple products, however it doesn't have the testing ability that Clickfunnels has. It's just 'good enough'

  • Lots of plugins
  • Support and a mobile app
  • Cheap pricing to get started

You need to understand that e-commerce space is always evolving and there's always new things to test out and new strategies to implement.

And this brings us to two widely popular platforms, Clickfunnels, and Shopify.

Lately, there has been a debate going on among Internet marketers on which platform is better for e-commerce, Shopify or Clickfunnels.

Both of them have a solid reputation among internet marketers and drop shippers, respectively. But if you are asked to choose one of them, which one will you choose?

I can understand it can be confusing. After all, both of them offers a unique set of features, which makes them widely popular in their respective areas. Undoubtedly, both of these platforms have helped countless marketers and online businesses generate millions in revenue.

And in today's Clickfunnels VS Shopify comparison, I will discuss their features, usability, pros and cons to help you make a better decision.

What Is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a powerful online sales funnel builder, which helps you generate conversion optimized funnels for your business.

Created by Russell Brunson, today this $100 million company is helping thousands of Internet marketers, professional bloggers and businesses generate leads without worrying about search engine optimization.

What makes clickfunnels really unique is its ability to integrate with multiple other applications. For example, it can integrate with Twilio, which helps you to automate text messaging from within your dashboard (obviously you will need to have a subscription with Twilio).

Similarly, you can integrate it with PayPal, Stripe, Salesforce, WordPress and many other applications.

No matter what type of business you are in, if you want to sell it online, Clickfunnels can help you. Lets look deeper in Clickfunnels VS Shopify.

What Is Shopify?

You have great products, and you want to sell them online. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to create a website which has integrated support for multiple payment systems, has SSL encryption, is fast and is optimized to offer better usability. Now, you are worried that your dream will never come true.

Well, that's not true!

Welcome to Shopify. It's a cloud-based e-commerce platform which empowers you with world-class infrastructure, speed and conversion optimized ecommerce templates, integrated support for multiple payment systems, robust content management system, and easy to use inventory system to help you manage your products.

It really doesn't matter whether you are a full stack web developer or a newbie who doesn't even know what apache is; Shopify is built for everyone.  As of now, Shopify can integrate with more than 70 payment gateways ( Worldwide) And has in buildability to present your content in 50 different languages.

What really makes Shopify stand out among other e-commerce platforms is its flexibility. You can extend its functionality with various add-ons and extensions. You can build your own custom designs and install them on your Shopify store, and the list goes on.

What Are The Differences?

I'm going to compare both of these platforms on five essential features which I think are essential for any online business and see what separates Clickfunnels VS Shopify.

A/B split test

A/B  split test is essential for every online business as it helps the webmaster to understand user activity on the website. With appropriate information, you can now redesign various elements of your site to improve click and conversion rates.

A/B testing is an integral part of Clickfunnels but is something you only be able to find in Shopify.

Prebuilt designs

not everyone is a programmer or a designer, so it's quite useful and user-friendly if platforms provide with pre-built templates.

Both platforms come with dozens of free and easy to customize designs. Browse through the inventory of templates and choose the one which satisfies your needs.

Now, simply click on various elements of the template to customize them and matches your branding. Once you're satisfied with your redesign, you can save it and apply it on your live website.

Payment gateway integration

Both platform support multiple different payment gateways. As of now, Shopify supports 70 payment processors, while Clickfunnels supports all major gateways, including stripe, PayPal, authorize, etc. (Total 13).

Remember to add support for any payment gateway on your site you must first have a verified account with them.


Automation in online marketing refers to automated email response, text messages, funnels, etc.

Although Shopify doesn't have any integrated support for automation, you can always use a third-party extension to implement it. For example, you can install the free MailChimp's app from the app store to add email subscription form onto your site.

Now whenever any user or visitor subscribes to your mailing list, they will automatically receive a discount coupon code ( If you choose to do so). Similarly, if any of your subscribers, unsubscribes from your list they will receive an email with a custom message.

Automation is something which is the core of Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels has inbuilt support for an automated response via text messages and emails. The whole funnel management is on their own completely automated.

Clickfunnels VS Shopify Pricing

Both Shopify and Clickfunnels offer 14 days free trial. The trial period gives you complete access to all the features of the platform. If after 14 days you feel that the platform is suitable for you, you can choose to upgrade to any of the premium subscription plans.

One of the vital difference between Clickfunnels VS Shopify pricing plans is that Shopify charges transaction fees on every sale in addition to their monthly charges. Clickfunnels has no such fees on the platform.

Currently, Shopify offers three monthly subscription plans. The first plan is the basic, and it starts at $29 per month. If you choose to subscribe to this plan, you will have to pay 2% transaction fees on every sale you make.

The second plan is "regular" which is suitable for businesses which are noticing growth. If you subscribe to this plan, you will have to pay a 1% transaction fee.

The third plan is called "advanced" and has a transaction fee of 0.5%. It's the only plan which supports third-party calculated shipping rates.

Coming to the Clickfunnels, they offer two premium plans to which you can subscribe monthly or yearly.

The first plan is called "Clickfunnels", and its monthly fee is $97. Next plan is called "Etison suite", and its monthly payment is $297.

One key difference between both these plans is that with Etison suite you get access to "Actionetics" and "backpack" while with the basic plan you don't have access to them.

Actionetics is click funnels in-house email automation service which empowers you with every feature you will ever need to create a successful email marketing campaign. It gives you access to various advanced features such as autoresponders, ability to send emails based on locations, ability to track open and click rates, and much more.

The backpack is also an in-house service which lets marketers start their affiliate program.

Final Verdict

Shopify is undoubtedly one among the most significant and most user-friendly e-commerce platform. It has every feature which you as a marketer, the entrepreneur will ever need to create a successful online business.

But its strict e-commerce, whereas Clickfunnels doesn't only offers you with e-commerce features but also gives you complete control over email marketing and gives you the freedom to start your athlete program.

So out of Clickfunnels VS Shopify, In my personal opinion, Clickfunnels is a winner.

Clickfunnels VS Shopify: What Is Better For Selling?

Clickfunnels VS Shopify. Starting and maintaining a profitable online business in today's marketing era is not easy.  You might have had success in past, b

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