So, you have seen Clickfunnels but you’re not 100% sure on the price or features? Never fear, we have put together a list of the best Clickfunnels Alternatives! Below you will be able to find the differences between all the different funnel platforms.

For just over the past 5 years, Clickfunnels® has been on the leading edge of teaching those in the industry of internet marketing how to manage and sell their products better. Since 2014 many of the other competitors have been playing catch up to try and match the powerhouse. Now that they have been closing the gap, it’s about time we shed some light on these Clickfunnels Competitors and talk about what they bring to the table.


Why Choose A Clickfunnels® Competitor?

Looking around you will see a bunch of alternatives out there in the market for landing page software, ecommerce, hosting options, page builders and many many more. But why would you use and pick any of these over Clickfunnels®? Basically it comes down to a few factors such as features, price or how you feel using the software. Clickfunnels® did, and still does offer a great service, however there is only so many different templates you can use before you start looking like every other website out there. Templates are a big thing people look at because they generally want a website up and running FAST.

Your customers don’t want to see the same old sales pages they have become used too and can see you’re selling to them from a mile away. You need something new, fresh and compelling to drive stronger sales and create that engagement your business deserves.

What works for one business might not work for the next but generally speaking, Clickfunnels® is still going to be the best for most businesses.

We will mention below the pros and cons of the Clickfunnels® Alternatives, but first, we will give you a proper baseline on what  Clickfunnels has to offer, not only to your business but to your wallet. Right now you can get some AMAZING Clickfunnels bonuses, so make sure you check them out. 

Clickfunnels® Pros

  • One click checkout pages
  • Email marketing management
  • Split testing tools
  • Countless templates/ options
  • Drop and drag page builders
  • Extremely customisable
  • Continuous updates
  • Free trial

Clickfunnels® Cons

  • High entry level pricing
  • Generic sales packages
  • 24/7 tech support is not available
  • Somewhat of a steep learning curve for new website managers
  • Limited pages for standard plan

Now that we have listed both the Pros and Cons of Clickfunnels® it will be easier to understand how its competitors compare.

If you still haven’t used Clickfunnels® before, You can get a 14 Day Clickfunnels® Free Trial by clicking the button above. We suggest that you at least give it a try. 14 days is more than enough time to see if you want to use a particular software or not!


Builderall states that their goal was to “generate real online results for companies all over the world”. Started in 2011 they claim to have more than 500,000 websites published and more than 100 million emails sent. If true, that’s some impressive claims for a company that only started 8 years ago from scratch.

Offering a completely digital online business builder and marketing platform Builderall has set their sights on competing directly with Clickfunnels® for their clients and market share. We recommend you check out their website if you really want to go into detail about what and how they bring their product to market but for now we’re just going to talk about the experience from our end.

With the choice of 3 different plans, Web Presence, Digital marketing and Builderall Business, each costing $9.90, $29.90 and $69.90 USD a month respectively. Each price point offers a respectable amount of features for the cost, most notably the ‘Pixel Perfect Builder’, ‘Premium Local Hosting’ and ‘Third Party Integrations’.  

While it does bring many other benefits it happily shares with you on their plans page. This is a great cheaper alternative to Clickfunnels® you should try out. You can sign up for a free account here to test it out. It also has disadvantages that we will list below for you to compare to the others.

Builderall Pros

  • A much cheaper Clickfunnels® alternative
  • Unlimited pages and subdomains
  • Inbuilt SSL
  • Third party integrations
  • Over 1000 templates
  • Great support

Builderall Cons

  • Very hands on
  • Slight coding issues (Builderall 3.0 is coming very soon however!)
  • Not that useful after you have setup a website
  • Tools feel inconsistent and clunky

Overall Builderall is a great way to get your ‘million dollar idea’ off the ground for minimal costs.

We highly rate this as one of the Clickfunnels® competitors because of how hard they are working on upgrading this systems, the price point, and how much they care about their customers. The support is great too on Facebook and via their ticket system. We have a full write up of Clickfunnels® vs Builderall here.


Just like a lot of the others on this list Ontraport has a trial period of 14 days with their ‘Basic’ package. Offering from the start many services ranging from business process automation to email marketing. At $79 per month for the basic package the price is justifiable for what you get and offers very competitive features, however it does seem to offer just not enough of its possible features until a larger pay gap to its next option. That being the plus version which seems to be the perfect option for those looking at properly getting started and having it done the right way from the start.

One of the best features offered by Ontraport isn’t actually one designed to help you sell yourself/business but rather its access to their API’s that show exactly how well their product is working (Like a CRM). This creates a strong understanding for you to see where a product might be failing where it be a undesirable landing page or the product itself in the current market.

If you enjoy getting into the specifics of what each Clickfunnels® alternatives offer then we highly recommend checking out their Pricing page where it goes into incredible detail in every area of what they offer at what price point. You can read our full write up of Clickfunnels® vs Ontraport here. 

Ontraport Pros

  • Very Specific payment options
  • Strong automation process
  • Prefect for larger business’
  • Not just a Clickfunnels® competitor

Ontraport Cons

  • Expensive for first timers
  • Not the best for specific sales functions
  • Basic options is nearly too basic


Leadpages is another direct Clickfunnels Alternative with its primary feature being to create the best landing pages possible. While offering competitive pricing with a decent product, it has been found to be lacking in its total features. With this in mind it is still preferable for those just starting out as it covers hosting options as well as templates and landing pages.

The template quality does represent the price with its pages just not looking up to scratch. When compared with something like Ontraport that has great default landing pages, you can see the difference, but when your spending under 6 times less per month, its a feature willing to be looked over.

Keeping up with the competition Leadpages offers a free trial of their product but this time at all price points from standard to advanced. It would be highly recommended to at least check out what they have to offer here especially if you are a first time user of any of the products. We have a full write up of Clickfunnels vs Leadpages you can read here.

Leadpages Pros

  • One of the cheapest on the market
  • A large variety of template options
  • Unlimited pop-up and traffic leads
  • Facebook/ Instagram Builder

Leadpages Cons

  • Not at pleasing to look at
  • Fewer total features
  • Limited custom options
  • No API options

Thrive Themes

Or more specifically, Thrive Themes is another alternative that is designed for people who want more control. While different in many ways from most on this list, it offers a very wide variety of options when it comes to features. Especially for the price ( $228 Per Year) which for what you get is really worth it. With this membership you gain access to such features as, Thrive:

  • Leads,
  • Widgets,
  • Architect,
  • Optimise,
  • Comments and
  • Themes.

All of which offer countless time saving modules that both look sharp and are practical for most business platforms.

Depending on the way in which you intend to set up your online business will determine if the next few points help or go against your preferences. Both thrive themes and architect can only be setup through a wordpress account set up through your own domain server that you pay for on top of the fees for thrive. This does make it plug and play as far as plugins go but does create that extra step to deal with.

The good news is it works flawlessly with every and all SEO technique used and allows full integration of all other plugins. This leads us onto the pros and cons:

Thrive Pros

  • Works only with wordpress
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Flexible page management
  • Easy to learn and install

Thrive Cons

  • You have to host yourself
  • SSL not included
  • Not a direct competitor with clickfunnels®


This drag and drop builder has been designed with one thought in mind. Keeping it simple. While still holding a sleek and current design Simvoly is meant to be used for those who don’t intend on coding or custom designing their website. This does mean you are limited to what templates they offer it targets a gap in the market for those who just want a easy to use funnels website.

Another large part of Simvoly is its ability to do A/B split testing. Which is huge in understanding your client base down to the specific wording and determining what phrase works better. We have found if you have a specific product and already have a decent flow of potential customers coming to your website then hands down Simvoly is one of the better options. Only recommended in such a way as due to its lack of functionality in working with common SEO services to help rank the website.

Their services do start at $12 USD per month be we’d admit it’s a useless package until you start paying for the $24 a month option (If you pay all at once). With this including features such as bump options, unlimited pages and multiple admins for the site.

Simvoly Pros

  • Detailed A/B Split Testing
  • Competitive Pricing
  • New user friendly
  • Extra services for those who want to let others do the work
  • Huge Template options

Simvoly Cons

  • Slightly simplistic
  • Decoy pricing
  • Limited online tutorials


Just like thrive themes, OptimizePress is a wordpress plugin only. Where you need to deal with your own hosting and SSL certificates so you are able to properly use this alternative. This come with a lot of the benefits and drawbacks mentioned earlier so we won’t bore you with the same information.

It comes with both a theme and visual builder so it takes the hard part out of starting the initial website and encourages you to use its features right out the gate. Such as its webinar and event sign up pages, membership portals and sales pages. Focusing on the membership portals for a second, it’s important to point out that OptimizePress takes lead from the rest in this area and really shows the industry how it should be done. So if your business model focuses mainly on creating memberships then this is highly recommended.

OptimizePress Pros

  • Membership Portals
  • Easy WordPress Plugin
  • Website Builder

OptimizePress Cons

  • Slower than average loading pages
  • Limited pricing structure
  • Expensive to begin ($97 to get started)


Set in google as an “E-mail marketing company” Infusionsoft turned over $100 Million in 2017 alone. With a super clean website to help you start straight away with a demo its user/ admin friendly navigation makes it easy to keep your vision clear and focus on what’s important. With a high price its product packs a punch with how much it really offers even without an extensive features page.

Starting at $199 for the ‘Basic’ option each month, Infusionsoft offers unlimited landing pages, automated marketing and a customer relations management system as a standard. One thing to note is there is a hefty ‘One time starting fee’ that you MUST pay at the start to get it all going. While it really does make it easy to get started, it would be nice not to have to spend and extra minimum of $499!

Infusionsoft Pros

  • Fast loading pages
  • Many unlimited options
  • Very Personalised
  • Built in shop
  • Quality support
  • All in one

Infusionsoft Cons

  • Almost sneaky kickstart extra costs
  • Limited 3rd party options
  • Very Expensive with all options

Need A Cheaper Clickfunnels®?

If you’re looking for a cheaper Clickfunnels Alternative then the best option for this is going to be Builderall. But don’t let the price of Builderall fool you. It is PACKED full of features, thousands of templates and the Facebook support is also great. It’s also worth mentioning that in June, Builderall 3.0 is being released with some major features coming.

Final Verdict: What Clickfunnels Alternatives Should I Pick?

So now you have seen a list of Clickfunnels Alternatives, what should you pick? Really this comes down to what your goals are. Quite honestly we still use Clickfunnels for most of our landing pages, in fact, two of our editors are also Clickfunnels Dream Car winners. That is how much we believe in the software. For this reason alone, I suggest that you check them out again, or at least get a free trial and use it for yourself.

If you really don’t want to use it, we suggest using Systeme io. These guys are quickly coming up to be the strongest Clickfunnels® alternatives over everyone else. Their developers care about the software, are quick to help their users, AND Builderall 3.0 is coming.

They also have a crazy amount of templates to choose from where you can simply click and edit with their pixel-perfect builder.