Well, today I have yet another book by Russell Brunson (the founder of Clickfunnels) – 108 Proven Split Test Winners.

Russell definitely has incredible marketing knowledge, having successfully built a business of $5.5 million a month and have been in the online marketing business for over a decade now.

When I learned that he had published a new book on his most insightful tests and experiences, based on the data he had collected with millions of dollars spent on tests, I knew I had to get this book.

The reason why it’s simple. It manages one of the most powerful landing pages and funnels creation software available, which means it can monitor the date from thousands of landing pages, including its own that have already succeeded.


What Are 108 Proven Winners Of Split Tests?

108 Russell Brunson’s Proven Split Test Winners is a book full of useful wisdom. Have you ever created several pages or websites to discover that people only buy one?

You may notice that people only subscribe to a certain mailing list? Find out how different styles or layout choices can be a problem, but that’s EXACTLY what the 108 Proven Split Test Winners covers.

It takes a lot of work to guess from page creation and can save you a TON of time in testing and creating your site. Here are some of the 108 proven covers from the winners of the Split Test.

What Is A Split Test?

A split test is a form of A/B test where you take a variable such as a word, sentence, color or style and test it against a variation. You can do this by sending equal traffic to a website and showing a variation to each new user. Software such as Clickfunnels integrates this function.

The only problem is that doing a split test not only takes time; but it also costs you MONEY. This is where Book 108 Proven Split Test Winners comes in. Since there are already so many proven winners, time and again, this takes all the guessing work out of it.

This way, your website, sales page, video sales letter, etc. will convert higher, faster and bring you more money faster!

What the 108 proven winners of the divisional test will teach you

“Buy Now” vs. “Free Trial” – One of them will give you a 158.6% increase in conversions.

Did you know that? – Putting the “Add to Cart” button in the wrong place on your website or funnel can increase sales by up to 38%.

An animated or static title – one of them DROP your conversions by 29% – DO NOT USE THE FALSE! When do you present your order form? If you screw up, you could lose up to 44% of your sales. You want to know how?

Should you give your product a 7- or 30-day trial? – One of them will give you a 110% increase in conversions – do you know which one?

Did you know a bonus stack will improve conversions?

Long copy from the video sales letter – there is finally a definitive winner, and you may be shocked by the winner. But you’ll be even more shocked when your sales increase by 33% by choosing the right one! Not all free trials are created equal – Should you get a credit card or not? One option increased the number of paying customers by 50%. Do you want 50% more customers?

These are just a few examples of what you will learn. Of course, this book is full of 108 Split Test Winners! It is a must for anyone looking to increase conversions on their website.

What Is 108 Split Test Winners?

In the book – the 108 Proven Split Test Winners you will find various tests performed by Russell in his company click funnels which is basically an online application business which quickly reached to an amazing level of revenue.

Just by reading this book, you will learn various ways to significantly improve the results of your landing pages mainly in terms of conversion rate. Moreover, you get to learn the strategies and methods from one of the most trusted marketing expert with years of experience in online marketing and who knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sales funnels and online promotion.

Just imagine the amount of money and hard work you will be able to save by learning the strategies discussed in this book. The best part is you don’t have to invest any money in trial and error because that’s already done by Russell. You only need to implement the strategies that really work.

If you are one of the individuals who is reading this review, I am guessing that you don’t have a budget to invest on experimentations, and performing AB testing on your sales pages, and that’s exactly why you must give a try to this 108 Proven Split Test Winners book.

Why would any marketer or business owner would want to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on just testing the conversion rate of his or her website when you can literally get every information related to AB testing and optimization from this book. One important thing that really makes this book stand out among the crowd is how well structured its content is. Everything is well-written and is easy to follow. You won’t find any readers, nor you will have to purchase any additional product or service to implement most of its strategies.

108 Proven Split Test Winners Conclusion

If you choose to join the Russell Brunson’s email list, you will have instant access to a digital version of this e-book, and you won’t have to pay a dime for it. You can carry this digital version (which is a PDF file) in your smartphone or laptop and read the book whenever you want to.

If you want to have a hard copy of this book, then you will have to pay just for the shipping fee; the book itself is absolutely free.

I don’t think there is any other guide or book that will give you more information on conversion optimization than What Is 108 Split Test Winners. If you’re looking for other books to help you in your marketing journey, then check out Expert Secret, DotCom Secrets and Marketing Secrets Black Book, also by Russell Brunson.