Freelancer Secrets Review, What is it? What if there was a step-by-step guide to help you create a successful and immensely profitable online business? A guide which helps you understand the ins and outs of freelancing business without wasting any of the time?

Well, that’s precisely what you get in Freelancers Secrets by Julie Stoian and today I’m going to review it.

What Freelancer Secrets Is All About?

In short, it’s a new monthly training series conducted by Julie Stoian.

This course includes proposal secrets, influence masterclass, weekly Q&A calls with Julie Stoian and access to a private Facebook community.

Apart from them, you also get access to four bonus masterclass.

  • Starting from Zero Series.
  • Build Your Financial Foundation Course.
  • No Story/results/expertise Workshop.
  • Service Provider Masterclass.

Who is Julie Stoian?

She is a successful internet marketer, influencer and marketing coach. Currently, she is VP of Marketing and Executive Partner at ClickFunnels

Before starting this course, she was pregnant, divorced, had no insurance, no retirement plans, and worst of all was unemployed.

So one can say all sort of problems surrounded her and she had only one way to come out of it and that was her business.

So she dedicated her time and energy into her business but got little to no success. And that’s when she found out a few freelancer secrets that literally became the launching pad for her successful internet marketing.

Proposal Secrets

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to drive sales is to offer freebies to your customers. That’s what Proposal secrets all about. It helps you understand the process required to organize your intensive offer so that you can have confidence both in your results and your prices!

You get access to dozens of pre-designed, conversion-optimized, easy to edit funnel templates. To use it all you have to do is edit the preset texts and brand images. Once you have done that, you can use this final template to drive in more subscribers and sales.

You have sales scripts finalize your deals with your clients in just 15 minutes. This script has everything from what to say to your client – to – how to present your deal in front of the client. Furthermore, you learn from real-world life examples of “sales pitch and presentation”, so when it’s your time you don’t mess up the deal.

But that’s not the end, in this course, you also get to learn the closing strategies and access to swap files to create your own proposals.

Influence Masterclass

This course is designed specifically to help marketers understand the difference between user profiles, pages, and groups.

You also get to learn how to generate leads from organic traffic (that is targeted visitors coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) without spending any money on advertisements.

Influence Masterclass gives you an overview of how Facebook algorithms actually work does helping you maximize your ads are page posts visibility, engagement and audience reach. Most importantly, you get to learn all these things following real-world examples.

If you want to understand the secret of generating leads from Facebook, then you must take this course.

Weekly question-and-answer call with Julie

As a newbie internet marketer myself, I think it’s the most important complement of freelancers secrets.

Are you a blogger, freelancer or an online marketer who has purchased dozens of course on marketing and sales just to know that there won’t be anyone to answer any of your queries? I definitely am!

It’s quite obvious for anyone to have questions after going through any course but it feels like being cheated when there is no one to answer to your questions, especially when you have spent hundreds of dollars on that “PREMIUM” course.

Thankfully that’s not the case with freelancers secrets.

Private Facebook community

You get access to a private Facebook community where you have the freedom to ask unlimited questions and get answers to all of them from seasoned marketers and influencers.

You can also discuss your journey with fellow marketers and get feedback from them and I personally believe this environment helped newbie like me to better understand my readers and improve my business.

Live coaching

There’s one thing which I learned the hard way and that was not hiring enough people in my agency. You have to understand that as a business you are supposed to get a diverse client base. Some of your clients will have great patience, understanding, will talk to you in a soft tone and some of them won’t have any patience, or they might be rude and that’s absolutely fine because no one is made equally.

So as an individual it’s impossible for anyone to handle such a diverse client base and to fulfill all their requirements.

This is something you get to understand in this live coaching session. You will learn how to improve your business and scale your staff. You will get to know various digital marketing strategies which you can implement to drive in more traffic conversions and sales. Furthermore, you will learn how to be more productive and how to balance your personal and your business like (which I personally believe is quite important for married marketers).

Other exclusive bonus

Starting from zero

If you are a newbie with zero understanding of internet marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. then this course is a perfect launchpad for you.

This course is designed specifically to help individuals gain some sort of skills so that they can start driving in sales by doing either freelancing job or by implying internet marketing.

Build your financial foundation

This course consists of four modules that allow you to better manage your money and finances. One of the key elements of a company’s success is good financial management. If you don’t know or don’t want to understand the ins and outs, your total turnover and profits, you will never know if your business is growing or declining.

Your other bonus modules to which you get access with freelancer secrets are as follows:

  • No Story, No Results, No Expertise Workshop
  • Service Provider Webinar

Freelancer Secrets Review: Final Thoughts

Frankly speaking, when anyone starts their “online money making” journey, most of them struggle for years. This is where freelancer secrets can be a real deal.

Freelancer secrets is basically a mastermind with Julie Stoian to help any beginner to kick-start their online journey. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any prior commitment. For just $1 you get access to this course for 2-weeks period. If after 2-weeks you feel this course can help you succeed you can subscribe to $49 monthly package or their annual package.

What did you think of our Freelancer Secrets Review? Leave a comment below we would love to hear from you.