Today I’ll be doing a DotCom Secrets Review by Russell Brunson which is the underground playbook for growing your company online.

Now for those who don’t know who Russell Brunson is, he is the founder of a company called Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder software that allows you to build webpages, sales funnels, and thank you pages, manage your email marketing campaign, etc.

So, this book – DotCom Secrets ties in with this company (Clickfunnels) quite well because as it guides you through the steps to build sales funnels correctly.

Personally, I feel it’s more of the funnel Bible. Let’s dig into my DotCom Secrets Review. 

DotCom Secrets Overview

This book teaches you everything you need to know about building different types of sales funnels as well as other essential pages. It also has some strategies on how to get traffic to your phone calls, how to move customers along your sales funnels quickly and how to get them to go from not knowing who you are to be a high-value client.

There are two things I need to make you aware of before you purchase this book.

You must have something to sell

Firstly, this book is mainly aimed towards those that have some sort of product or service that they sell online. If you make money online through blogging, through affiliate marketing or partnerships, it’s going to be a little bit harder for you to implement the strategies discussed in this book.

Most of the marketing methods and tips shared in it are aimed at those with an actual physical product or some sort of online service or software.

Lots of information

The second important point to note in the DotCom Secrets Review is that it’s quite an advanced book and so if you’re new to the online world and just learning all marketing methods and promotional techniques, this book will probably be a little bit too much for you.

The book goes too in-depth about everything discussed in it. For example, how to generate sales online or moving people through sales portals. Building your email list, building up conversion-optimized sales pages, A/B testing, all the different types of funnels, and so much more. The information in this book can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the multi-verse of online marketing.

However, I’d still recommend you purchase it because you are going to have to learn all these kinds of stuff anyway to be successful online.

Pros And Cons

Just be aware that it might be a little bit much for those that are entirely new to the world of digital marketing.

Personally, I like books like DotCom Secrets because they are very practical. They give you the actual tools and information that you need to get started straight away.

Yes, it does sometimes become monotonous as you have to read through the theory and learn why the methods discussed in the book works, but, in the end, what matters is quality information.

Furthermore, DotCom Secrets also discussed why Russel Brunson does certain things, and you do get access to his custom-built sales funnels. He gives you loads of different types of safe sales funnels for different scenarios.

He also gives you custom-built and CTR optimized email templates that you can copy straight from the book and put into work straight away. And if you have difficulty in building certain sites and sales funnels, then you can use ClickFunnles and conveniently enough it will help you create any type of site with drag and drop page builder.

Furthermore, you don’t have a need to design and graphics or designs for your sales pages. You don’t need to have any programming or designing skills to use Clickfunnels®, and it is made to do just that.

If you sell anything online, product, service, software, just anything, all you need to have is this book, and then you will have to understand its principles. The principles discussed in this book are fundamental to digital marketing, to increase in sales, conversions, to build an e-mail list, to generate traffic. It’s everything you need to know to grow your business online.

Do note that, this book is perfect for those who have something to sell online.

What Does DotCom Secrets Teach You?

If you generate your income online in a little bit of a different way such as blogging, offline marketing, paid partnerships (affiliate programs) or YouTube, then most of the information shared in this book isn’t going to be relevant for you. Despite that, there are a lot of contents in this book that will still give you a basic understanding of the digital marketing world.

This book mainly has five different sections, and they all cover the distinct topics:

Ladder And Funnels

This section teaches you the importance of ladder in marketing. It’s basically an introduction to upsell and methods.

For example, if you are in SEO agency and the client approaches you for on-site optimization. Then you as a business will not only offer them with on-site optimization but will also recommend them tips to improve their websites design, build new backlinks, improve their overall sites speed, etc.

This not only improves your chances to generate more revenue from a single client but in a way, also helps your client to get a better position on SERPs.

Your Communication

This section is all about communication, confidence, and interaction. Russell Brunson discusses about a personality that makes someone in front of you more comfortable. He talks of a character with whom someone can relate to. It’s important because only when you are able to convey your message properly to your customers, you will be able to sell them your products.

Leading Your Customers To The Sale

This section discusses various types of funnels and the proper method to use them. Russell Brunson discusses strategies to create a converting sales funnel and shares some implementable strategy to manage them properly.

Funnels And Scripts

This is a section where you will get access to the email scripts that you can then use in your email marketing campaigns to promote your products or services or promote someone’s else products and services to generate affiliate revenue.


This section is all about Clickfunnels®. As I have already discussed, Clickfunnels® is an online tool that helps you to create and manage sales funnels (and various types of pages) without writing a single line of code or having any designing skills.

Final Verdict: DotCom Secrets Review

We hope you have enjoyed our DotCom Secrets Review. If you want the book free, simply click on the button below. It is worth the read. Also, make sure you check out the other book Expert Secrets (Also free).