Expert Secrets Book Review, Do you want to step up your strategies and build up your personal brand? Well if that’s so, there is literally no better way than learning and implementing strategies discussed in expert secrets which in case you don’t know is a book from Russell Brunson. Let’s look more into Expert Secrets Book Review.

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell is an entrepreneur who has started multiple successful online businesses, including Clickfunnels, which is now $100 million company.

In this book, Russell discusses various methods of building your own personal brand and how it can benefit you and your businesses in the long run. He also discusses the strategies to build authority and loyal audience who won’t just listen to you but will make purchase decisions based on your recommendations.

What Is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets Book Review is a new book from Russell Brunson and can be considered as a follow-up of his best-selling book – Dotcom secrets.

This book was published back in the year 2017 and had 265 pages covering multiple sections and strategies.

It’s all about creating your branding and building up a massive loyal audience. Russell not only discusses the importance of branding and audience but also addresses the ways you can do so. Furthermore, you won’t just learn implementable strategies, but you will have plenty of examples and stories of how he created the loyal followers that helped him in making his core business – Clickfunnels, a massive success.

As of now, this book has 170+ reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars. I think that he speaks the volume of this book, the content quality, the implementable strategies, and the examples that Russell tries to share with his audience.

Do note that this book is aimed at those individuals who are involved in any of these two types of businesses. The first is, you have your products or services that you want to promote or sell to your customers. Your product or service can be an online course, software, web application, book, etc.

The second is, you are in affiliate marketing business that is, you generate revenue by promoting others’ products or services.

What’s Inside The Expert Secrets Book?

The whole book is divided into three separate sections that guide you through three distinct topics. These three sections are as follows:

  1. Creating your mass movement.
  2. Creating belief.
  3. Selling with authenticity.

#1: Creating your mass movement

The first section is all about learning the methods of creating your mass movement. According to Russell, there are three essential and pervasive things in any mass movement:

  1. Every mass movement has a leader with a charismatic character.
  2. Each leader focused on a cause that was way bigger than their personal identities, i.e., they fought for the future.
  3. They offered their followers and new generation a better opportunity, livelihood, and life.

One of the fundamental requirements of becoming a leader, an authority is finding a market of your interest. The three main markets you must choose from our relationship, wealth, and health. Now you need to understand that all these three markets are diverse and have hundreds of submarkets within themselves. For example, under wealth niche, you can include sub-niches like bitcoin, Internet marketing, stock market, banking, personal saving, etc.

What Russell tries to explain in this first section is the fact that even though these serve niches are targeted to one a specific group of community, they are still super competitive, and it will take years of hard work to be recognized as an authority.

So, you can either spend years trying to understand the market, adapting yourself to the changes, learning as many new things as possible just to stand out among the crowd or you can drill down one level deeper to find sub-sub-niches or markets.

For example, Internet marketing is still a diverse field, and it includes subtopics such as affiliate marketing, promotional strategies, email marketing, ClickBank marketing, marketing automation, etc.

The benefit of targeting an audience in a topic a specific niche is that you won’t have too much competition. Furthermore, it will be easy for you to build up authority without spending years on learning, adapting, and building relationships with other entrepreneurs.

Once you have a basic grasp of the strategies and the steps discussed in this section, you can move on to the second strategy on building up a charismatic character.

Later in this section, Russell discusses some tips on creating a personality that other people would want to follow, interact, and become. He shows you some implementable strategies to become a more persuasive and at the same time and entertaining person.

Once you have learned the basics of a charismatic personality, you will find it quite easy for you to create funnels that your audience will love to join.

#2: Creating a Belief

This section is all about understanding your audience, there needs, and turning them into your customers. The first thing you will learn in this section is “the Domino” aka “one thing” that according to Russell is something that you as a marketer, an authority will have to make your followers believe in something that will knock down all their objections.

Once you can find that “one thing” that your audience needs, it will change the landscape of your business. Don’t worry, Russell discusses various methods to help you understand what your audience wants from you.

#3: The stack

The final section is all about the implementations. You will get the strategies and methods to implement the knowledge you have gained in the first two sections.

The main topic that Russell discusses in this section is a stack slide which, according to him, will help to improve the overall value off your product.

He then goes on discussing how crucial it is to your marketing, especially when you implement the strategies in your webinars or sales funnels. He also shares some tips on how to effectively build your stack slide and then make it into an irresistible offer.

Final Verdict: Expert Secrets Review

There is our Expert Secrets Book Review. For $13.56 (or free plus shipping if you click a button in this post), you get to learn some life-changing strategies that you can implement in your day-to-day life and can see amazing improvements in not only your personal but also your business life.

The topics discussed in this book are advanced and is something that will take some time and lots of hard work.

What I really liked about this book is the live examples that Russell has shared with his readers. He doesn’t only walk you through the steps and various strategies but also shows you live examples of how he implemented the same strategy in his business and in his personal life that resulted in a massive success of click funnels and all his other businesses. We hope you enjoyed our Expert Secrets Book Review! Don’t forget to check out Dotcom Secrets!