All right, I believe now you are convinced that by using sales funnels you can actually improve your online business’s performance, but there is one simple problem. You have no idea where to start! 

You don’t really know what contributes to a perfect sales funnel and the process of creating a conversion-optimized funnel for your business.

Let’s move onto the Funnel Hackers CookBook Review.

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Overview

Funnel hackers cookbook is another book from Russell Brunson who in case you don’t know is the founder of click funnels and various other online marketing courses and books. The main objective of this book is to help you understand the process of building conversion-optimized sales funnels and the process of duplicating your competitors’ sales funnels and implementing their strategies in creating your own ultimate funnels. At the end, you will have a funnel far better than your competitors, and that will help you generate massive profit online.

Today in this review I’m going to provide you with an honest and in-depth analysis of this book and will also give you an overview of what you’re going to get in it if you choose to purchase it.

And in case you don’t know yet, this book is also available in .pdf format which makes it quite easy for you to carry it along with you.

What is funnel hackers cookbook?

The funnel hackers cookbook is basically a digital product that gives you an impression of the real cookbook. The only difference you will find is that they won’t be any ingredients to make real food; instead, this book will help you understand the ingredients necessary to make up a conversion-optimized funnel.

Now for those who aren’t familiar with the term sales funnel, it’s necessarily a sales page that is designed to help you build an email list.  The email addresses in this email list will eventually become your potential prospects. 

Anyways, in the funnel hackers cookbook, you will learn various implementable strategies to harness the power of click funnels fully. Click funnels is an online application founded by Russell Brunson that helps you create awesome sales pages, thank you pages, manage email marketing, etc. without writing a single line of code. Furthermore, you don’t even need to have any knowledge of designing. Click funnels comes pre-loaded with hundreds of design elements necessary for creating any conversion optimized funnels. 

If you have landed on the homepage, then you will probably see a red button with the message “download the free funnel cookbook now.” If you will click on this button and enter your email address, you will get instant access to three 40-50mins long videos.

In these three videos, Russell explains everything you will ever need to know about funnels. The importance of this video is even more for those individuals who have just subscribed to Clickfunnels® and want to know more about its features.

The three videos discuss three different topics, and they are as follows: 

1. Funnel strategy:

In this video, Russell discusses the importance of funnel in general and why it’s essential for you as an online business owner to have proper funnels in place. He also goes on to explain how funnels can actually help to improve your businesses profit dramatically. 

2. Page recipes:

Here Russell explains the feature and importance of every component available in Clickfunnels®.

Not only does he talk about the design and the importance of quality content, but he also talks about user interaction. You as a marketer must understand that no one wants to visit a site which has confusing content to structure and doesn’t convey the real message at the very start.

Russell explains how you can use the integrated features of click funnels to create conversion as well as user optimized sales pages. He also discusses the right color scheme, personal branding, as well as the importance of having an introduction video.

3. Funnel recipes:

In this final video, he discusses how to bring together all the components to create a fully functional, conversion-optimized funnel to generate more sales and more revenue. He further tells you about 22 funnel types and how you can get them.

The best part is that all these prebuilt funnels can be used without any limitations. You are free to use them on as many sites as many pages as you want. Furthermore, you can even customize them to your or your brand’s needs.

Important note: as you might have already guessed, this book is all about funnels and click funnels. Most of the strategies, methods, and the steps discussed in this book won’t be of any help to you if you don’t have an active subscription with click funnels. Furthermore, the prebuilt, custom-designed templates which are provided to you by Russell can only be used on click funnels platform. I think it’s the only drawback of this book. 

How much does funnel hackers cookbook cost?

You might be amazed to know that this book costs $0. Now let me make it very clear that the cost of this book is$0 if you choose to download the digital version. If you want to have a physical copy, then again, the cost is absolutely “free”, but you will have to pay for the shipping charges. The shipping charges is $19.95 for US citizens and for anyone else it’s $38.95.

I feel that it’s a fair price considering the content quality and the in-depth information you are going to get with this book.

Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review Conclusion

I really don’t know how much more you want for $0. I mean for literally nothing you are getting so much information, so many strategies and access to professionally built templates.

Obviously, if you want to have a physical copy of this book, you will have to pay for the delivery charges. Russell isn’t charging for the book itself; he is just charging you for the delivery.

Moreover, the real value of this book should not be just by its thickness. If you are ready to work hard, if you are ready to adapt to the ever-changing marketing world and if you’re prepared to implement the strategies discussed in this book, no one will be able to stop your business from growing and making six figures by the end of the year. Liked our Funnel Hackers Cookbook Review? Maybe also check out Expert Secrets or Dotcom Secrets.