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Russell Brunson Net Worth, How Much Is He Worth? Russell Brunson is a businessman who has been around for many years. However, it has been within the last two years that he has become a household name, mainly because of one insanely popular product, Clickfunnels. This has led many people to question Russell Brunson Net Worth.

To get a good idea of what his net worth is, we'll discuss the products he created. We'll also provide you with a little bit of background on who he is. With that said, read on to find out what Russell Brunson's net worth is.

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Who Is Russell Brunson?

who is russell brunson

As previously mentioned, he is an entrepreneur who has created several products, with one of them being Clickfunnels, a software that creates funnel pages. Russell Brunson is the co-founder of Etison, which was founded back in 2014 and has quickly grown since then. Prior to founding Clickfunnels, he released other products, and before that he was involved with a number of MLM companies, where he achieved a lot of success.

Besides that, he has extensive sales experience. In fact, while he was in college, he got involved in internet marketing and marketed many types of products. This includes everything from DVDs to supplements to books to coaching and much more. Look look into Russell Brunson Net Worth.

What Is Russell Brunson Net Worth?

russell brunson net worth

It's important to note that nobody really knows how much Russell Brunson is exactly worth, but it's safe to say it is very high. Remember, he has done very well in previous ventures, such as Click Funnels, eBooks and his mastermind program. Many of his ventures have done exceptionally well, and have added to his net worth as time went by.

With that said, it's safe to say Russell Brunson Net Worth is around $40 million. Bear in mind that this is as of now and as Clickfunnels continues to grow, so will his overall net worth. Also, he might have other projects in the pipeline, and if those potential projects do very well (if there are projects he's working on), then that will add a significant amount to his net worth. For now, we are saying he's worth around $40 million.

What Products Has Russell Brunson Created?

Russell Brunson Net Worth has been involved in many ventures. However, the top three areas he has done exceptionally well in are Clickfunnels, Books and a Program. Below is a more in-depth explanation of those three ventures:


clickfunnels by russell brunson

Perhaps the most well-known product/service Russell Brunson has created is Clickfunnels. As previously mentioned, it is software that creates funnel pages, and it costs a fee. People pay at least $97 per month to use Clickfunnels. As of the time of this writing, that is the cheapest price people can buy Clickfunnels for.

It's worth pointing out that it is a global product that is used by tens of thousands of people around the world. Clickfunnels is quickly generating between $20 million to $40 million or more every single year. It's safe to say that the bulk of Brunson's net worth is a result of Clickfunnels, and he probably pockets around $10 million per year from it.

Bear in mind that there are around 80,000 members using Clickfunnels. If you multiplied that number by the cheapest package's price, it's easy to see that it all adds up to millions of dollars. Nobody can be sure how much Brunson pays to operate Clickfunnels, but even after operational costs and overheads, he is probably still quickly making millions.


russell brunson books

Brunson has written many Books, with one being a book about how people can make a few tweaks to their website, which in turn can help them earn more money. The book is titled 108 Proven Split Test Winners. The book has done very well and continues to sell a lot.

Another book is called Funnel Hackers Cookbook, which is a guide about building funnels. Funnels are important, and all businesses can likely benefit from using funnels. This book has made it easy for anyone to learn how to build funnels that work.

Other books include DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Marketing Secrets, Lead Funnels and many more.

It's worth pointing out that these Books are probably self-published and he earns quite a bit of revenue from them. In fact, the books are generally free plus shipping, and it's estimated he sold around 100,000 copies, and that is for each book. Generally speaking, he has earned around $800K from his books.

All of those books are popular, and they continue to sell copies. Bear in mind that those books do very well because they contain a lot of useful information. If people want to purchase those books, they can do so via his official website.

Mastermind Program

russell brunson inner circle

Brunson also has a mastermind program is exceptionally profitable, and his program is called Inner Circle Life. However, he limits the number of people who can join the program. In total, 100 people take part in the mastermind and they each pay around $25,000 per year, which adds a lot to Russell Brunson Net Worth overall. In the program, people receive personal coaching from Brunson, and this would mean before expenses he would take in over $2.2 million.

As you can see, the mastermind program has the potential for high-profit margins. If he were to take in half of the amount he charges, that would mean he earns around $1.1 million per year from the program, which has been going on for at least the last three years. If you do the quick math, it means he has earned over $3 million from his program alone over the course of three years.

Those are the three areas of business he has done well at. There are many other ventures he has been involved in, which he has had tremendous success with too. It's no secret why he is so successful, as his products are useful and widely used by people from around the world. 

Russell Brunson Net Worth: Conclusion

As you can see, Russell Brunson has an impressive portfolio of products that business owners and individuals around the world use regularly. It's no wonder why his net worth is quite high and why it will likely increase.

Russell, if you're reading this. Let's do an interview!

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